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Grand ceremony for Firaz Dağ and three martyrs

A grand ceremony was held in the Martyr Xebat Martyrs Cemetery for YPG Press member Firaz Dağ and three of his comrades who were martyred in the Operation Cizire Storm and the Operation to Liberate Raqqa.

Thousands of citizens from Dêrik received the bodies of YPG Press member Mehmet Aksoy (Fîraz Dağ), who was following the Raqqa Operation, and YPG fighters Ibrahim Akîl (Egîd Cûdî), Devran Biler (Dilgeş Zana) and Qayîm Hesen (Şiyar Til Koçer), who were martyred in the Operation Cizire Storm and Operation to Liberate Raqqa, from the Dêrik Hospital and took off towards the Martyr Xebat Derîk Martyrs Cemetery with a convoy of thousands of vehicles.

As per Fîraz Dağ’s will, his coffin was draped with a PKK flag, and the three martyrs had YPG flags draped on their coffins. Êzidî people in the Newroz Camp along the way greeted the convoy by chanting slogans expressing their loyalty to the martyrs.

The ceremony started with a minute’s silence, then YPG Commander Mihedîn Xeyrîkî gave a speech and offered his condolences to the families of the martyrs: “With the Rojava Revolution and the revolution expanding into Northern Syrian territory, thousands of young people joined the revolution and defended the oppressed peoples. And with the resistance and principles displayed by the YPG and YPJ, many yougn Europeans joined the military ranks. We repeat our promise here once more and say that we will continue our struggle until all the persecuted peoples are free.”

Later, the Democratic Northern Syrian Federation Constituent Assembly Co-chair Hediye Yusuf gave a speech and pointed out the struggle of Firaz Dağ: “Firaz’s purpose wasn’t just to defend the revolution and the people, but to achieve the reality of the revolution for the whole world. With his beautiful spirit, with great morale, he dedicated his life to the Northern Syrian Revolution. With his camera and his writing, he let the whole world know the reality of the revolution. And in the end, he was martyred in this path.”

Zana Cudî spoke in the name of the YPG General Press Centre and said: “Our Comrade Firaz was an example of sacrifice, and he created a new, free and dignified life for us on the Northern Syrian lands. We promise that we will continue on Firaz’s path and will carry his camera, gun and pen forward.”

After the speeches, Dêrik Martyrs Families Council Administrator Hesen Ebid read the martyrdom documents and handed the documents to the comrades of the martyrs.

The ceremony concluded with the burial of 3 YPG martyrs accompanied by slogans. Firaz Dağ’s body was taken to the Dêrik Wetenî Hospital’s morgue. Martyr Firaz’s body will be sent to Bashurê (Southern) Kurdistan through the Semelka Border Gate in the coming days, later to be taken to his family’s hometown.


Firaz Dağ’s body bid farewell en route to London

YPG/YPJ fighters bid farewell to YPG Press member Mehmet Aksoy (Firaz Dağ) and sent his body through the Semalka Border Gate. Firaz Dağ will cross into Bashurê Kurdistan from there and will be sent off to London afterwards.

YPG fighter and YPG Press Bureau Member Firaz Dağ had been martyred while following the war in Raqqa on September 26.

A ceremony for Dağ and 3 YPG fighters was held two days ago in the Martyr Xebat Martyrs Cemetery in Dêrik, Qamishlo Canton. Today, dozens of YPG and YPJ fighters bid farewell to Firaz Dağ from the Semalka Border Gate. Firaz Dağ will be taken to Bashurê (Southern) Kurdistan and then to British capital London where his family lives, and he will be buried there.

YPG/YPJ fighters held a military ceremony before sending their comrade off. In the speeches given there by his comrades, Firaz Dağ’s role in the press and his efforts were pointed out and the fighters stressed that they will be loyal to his memory.

After the ceremony, Firaz Dağ’s body was taken to the Semelka Border Gate to be sent into Bashurê Kurdistan.

Mehmet Aksoy (Firaz Dağ) was born in a small village in the Elbistan district of Maraş in Bakurê (Northern) Kurdistan. He immigrated to the UK as a child along with his family.

When several YPG Press Bureau members lost their lives in an aerial attack by the invading, fascist and colonialist Turkish army on the Qereçox Mountain in Dêrik, Firaz Dağ decided to go to Rojava to fill the void that had been created and to follow the path of the martyred journalists.

Firaz Dağ was a YPG fighter known for his efforts in the press and his sacrifices.


The honourable child of his country, Martyr Fîraz Dağ

“The system that oppresses us is global. The system that oppresses us is united and in solidarity with each other. So we need to be in solidarity with each other against the same system that oppresses us”, said Fîraz, calling for greater solidarity.

YPG Press Office released the following statement announcing the martyrdom of Fîraz Dağ (Mehmet Aksoy), founder and editor-in-chief of Kurdish Question, in YPG ranks.

The martyr is the reason for a rose to blossom in the midst of vineyards made from ashes. The martyr is a bright dawn to the skies of thirsty and exhausted geography; so that rain falls, so that life will blossom again. This is the story of Kurdistan and its martyrs. The martyrs are the greatest living thing of a people who turned from the gloomy sleep and stepped into the struggle for freedom. The martyr is the hope of awakening, struggle, self-sacrifice and success. The Kurdish people, who were on the way to dying out with the attacks of the invading barbarians, found their hope of life and freedom in the personality of the martyrs.

Fîraz Dağ (Mehmet Aksoy) was from the Elbistan district of Northern Kurdistan in Maraş province. He grew up London after his family’s migration to Europe. Since the early years of his youth, he has never been separated from the path of anti-capitalist, democracy and human rights struggle as part of the rightful struggle of the Kurdish people. Especially after the Şengal massacre on August 3, 2014, he ceaselessly carried out work and gave all his effort to inform and organize the Kurdish community and many others.

He is the founder and editor-in-chief of Kurdish Question, which examines the problems of the Kurdish people and other ethnic groups, and has managed the virtual platform for a long time. He completed university education on film making and took his place in many literary organizations. He produced pieces in cinema, literature and other fields of art with a series of short films, poems, and poetry. He wrote evaluations and managed the internet platform Kurdish Question, where he gave a lot of space to explain and advocate the Kurdish Freedom Movement, the Rojava revolution and the women’s struggle to the international community.

“The system that oppresses us is global. The system that oppresses us is united and in solidarity with each other. So we need to be in solidarity with each other against the same system that oppresses us”, said Martyr Fîraz, calling for greater solidarity among oppressed nations.

With a heart beating with the passion of freedom for his people, Comrade Fîraz felt the longing for freedom in Kurdistan, and while his patriotism lived at the deepest level, he kept this spirit alive and never let go of his identity. He became the loud and clear voice of his people when they were massacred in Kurdistan, because he wanted the whole world to find out about these atrocities. When Kobanê was attacked by Daesh gangs in 2014, he led the Kurdish people in London’s streets and train stations with great determination and willpower. He believed strongly that the YPJ and the free women of Rojava was a beacon and model to the Middle East, and told, through his words, about their revolution.

Comrade Fîraz came to the conclusion that the freedom and hope of a free life were under the philosophy of the Freedom Movement and Leader Apo. He was in search of the free life and found it in Leader Apo’s ideas. Although Fîraz grew up in England, one of the centres of the capital system, nothing but revolutionary life could satisfy him. So, on his way to the source of free ideas, he came to his country. Comrade Fîraz, who could not accept for himself a life in the midst of Modern Slavery, headed to Rojava in order to record the Kurdistan Revolution into history with a pen and camera.

He felt the need to show greater action for the social and political revolution in Rojava, the need to respond greatly to the invader and reactionary attacks. Because of this, he could not be satisfied with his studies abroad, he directed his feet to his country. After the air attacks on the mountain of Qereçox on April 25, 2017, by the occupying Turkish state, he became clear on this point and made the decision to go there. YPG press members were martyred in the Qereçox mountain, Fîraz immediately took his place in the YPG press centre in order to take on the role of these friends and become a voice to the people and comrades, in order to tell the world about the injustice. Comrade Fîraz left a picture of a treasure to humanity and the freedom fighters through his military uniform, his weapon and camera on his shoulders, a picture that will remain in the hearts of his comrades at all times.

Comrade Fîraz was carrying out all his work in English in order to introduce the whole world to the truths of the revolution and make the occupation and exploitation of the Kurdish people visible. Comrade Martyr Fîraz worked day and night to record the lives of the fighters from the human, social, democratic, cultural and moral aspects. Finally, in order to watch his comrades in the battle against Daesh reactionism and share it with the whole world, he participated in the operations of Raqqa and Deir Ez-Zor and recorded the struggle moment by moment.

On the morning of September 26, he reached martyrdom in the vicious attack of the Daesh gangs while on duty in Raqqa.

Martyr Fîraz Dağ, by taking on the free press and revolutionary art tradition of Martyr Halil Dağ comrade, successfully represented him in Rojava. In a short time he made places in the hearts of his comrades and became loved by everyone. Under all kinds of harsh conditions, for months he witnessed the emotions, excitement and joys of the fighters in the battle fronts. He was one of those who reflected the new era of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement to the world.

We will adhere to the struggle and life line of our comrades martyred at such a time; we repeat the word that we will walk and fight like them and reach victory. On the way of Comrade Fîraz; we will grow and strengthen our struggle in the free press line. As Kurdistan’s freedom fighters, we will undoubtedly triumph in our struggle. Because our life philosophy consists of struggle for the sake of a free life. It is resistance against the persecution of the cruel. As this philosophy continues to live in the minds and hearts, the tyrants will never win!

The ID information of our martyr is as following;

Nom de Guerre: Fîraz Dağ

Name Surname: Mehmet Aksoy

Mother’s Name: Zeynep

Father’s Name: Kalender

Date and Place of Birth: Malatya, 1985

Date and Place of Martyrdom: 26-09-2017 Raqqa


Mehmet Aksoy (Fîraz Dag)

Yesterday the Kurdish community here in England and across the world lost a great friend and comrade. Mehmet Aksoy (Fîraz Dag) was martyred in Raqqa during an ISIS attack whilst he was reporting from the frontline with the YPG press office.

Mehmet was a talented filmmaker and was doing incredibly valuable work with the YPG to get their message out to the wider world, producing popular photo and video stories which allowed YPG volunteers to tell their stories and their motivations behind joining the fight against ISIS.

Not only a talented artist, Mehmet was a deep thinker and revolutionary, who was truly committed to the cause. He was born in Turkish Kurdistan and moved to London around the age of ten, growing up amongst the Kurdish community here and learning about the Kurdish struggle. His ideological commitment eventually drew him to Rojava – his desire to see it and report the revolution was unstoppable. It was his calling.

Just last Friday, Mehmet produced a video for us depicting the first commune elections in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (Rojava). He was so excited to witness this historic event and show it to the world, and so optimistic about what it meant for the future.

For so many people this loss is incalculable, he was a close friend to so many and was universally loved.

Mehmet, you have joined the ranks of the immortal through your martyrdom. For you we will re-dedicate ourselves to the cause of Kurdish freedom twice, thrice, four times over. Let your life be an example to us all. Şehîd Namirin‏.

Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign

Mehmet Aksoy


In Gedenken an şehîd Mehmet Aksoy, der Gestern in Rakka gefallen ist.

Ruhe in Frieden!

Lawê hêja yê welatê xwe, şehîd Fîraz Dağ

Şehîd mizginiya şînbûna gulekî li baxekî şewitî de ye, şehîd ewrekî ronî ye li welatekî tî û westiyayî, ta ku baran bibare û jiyan carekî din destpê bike. Erê, çîroka Kurdistan û şehîdên azadiya wê wiha ye. Ji bo gelekî ku ji xewa giran ya mirinê şiyar bûye û ji bo şerê azadiyê gav avêtiye, şehîd mezintirîn nîşaneya destpêkirina jiyanê ye. Şehîd sembola şiyarbûn, têkoşîn, fedakarî û hêviya serkeftinê ye. Gelê Kurd ku di encama êrişên dijwar yên dewletên dagirker û zilmên hovane ber bi têkçûyînê ve diçû, hêviya jiyan û azadiyê di kesayeta şehîdên xwe de peyda kir.

Fîraz Dag (Mehmet Aksoy) eslê xwe ji navçeya Elbîstan ya li ser Mereş li bakurê Kurdistanê ye. Piştî koçberiya malbata wî ber Ewrupa li Londonê mezin dibe. Ji destpêka ciwantiya xwe ve xebatkarekî dijî kapîtalîzm û çalakvanê mafê mirov û mafê gelê Kurd bû. Taybet piştî komkujiya 3’ê Tebaxa 2014 li Şingalê hevalê Fîraz di agahdarkirina civaka Kurd û biyanî li derveyî welat xebatekî bê westandin dabû meşandin.

Malpera Kurdish Question (Pirsa Kurd) a ku mijarên gelê Kurd û etnîkên din dişopand ji aliyê rêheval Fîraz hatibû avakirin û birêvebirin. Li zanîngehê de derhênertî xwendibû û herwiha beşdarê dewreyên nivîs û wêje bibû. Hejmarek kurtefîlm kîşandibû, kurteçîrok çap kiribû û komek ji helbestan wergêr kiribû. Li ser malpera Kurdish Question bi giranî li ser rojeva gelê Kurd dinivîsand û nirxandin dikir.

“Sîstema ku me diperçiqîne cîhanî ye, pergalên ku me bindest dihêlin hevgirtî ne û bi hev re di nav hevkariyê de ne. Lewma pêwîstê em jî dijî wan sîsteman hevgirtî û hevkar bin,” şehîd Fîraz bi vê gotina xwe bang li hemû gelên bindest dikir ku yekitiya xwe ava bikin.

Fîraz ê ku dilê wî bi azadiyê re hevaheng lêdida, hesreta azadiyê li Kurdistanê hîs kiribû, welatparêzî di asta herî bilind de jiyan dikir, tevî ku li derveyî welat bû ew ruhê xwe zindî hiştibû û tucarî ji nasnameya xwe qut nedibû. Têkoşer Fîraz nasname û pêşeroja xwe di tevgera azadî û fikrên rêber Apo de dîtibû. Ew di lêgerîna jiyana azad de bû û rêber Apo rêya herî bedew nîşanê wî dabû. Fîraz di dilê sîstema kapîtal li Inglîstanê mezin bibû, çi tiştekî derveyî şoreşgertiyê nedikarî wî rizgar bike, lewma ber bi çavkaniya fikrên azad, ber bi welat hat. Ciwanê ku jiyan û kar li welatê bêgane hêjayê xwe û welatê xwe nedidît, xwest ku vê şoreşê bi qelem û dûrbîna xwe qeyd bike û bike para dîrokê.

Şoreşa civakî û siyasî ya Rojavayê Kurdistanê, di heman demê de êrişên dagirker û hêzên paşverû bersivek mezintir pêwîst dikir, ji bo vê yekê jî hevrê Fîraz xebatê li derveyî welat têrê xwe nedidît û xwest ku dakeve qada welat. Bi taybet piştî êrişa 25’ê Nîsanê 2017 ya dewleta dagirker a Tirk li ser çiyayê Qereçox biryara hatina xwe da. Li Qereçox endamên ragihandina YPG şehîd bibûn û rêheval Fîraz ji bo girtina cihê wan bi ruhekî dilxwaz bi hawara gelê xwe ve hat û di karê ragihandinê de hewl da ku bê-edaletiya der heqê gelê Kurd de bi dinyayê bide naskirin. Fîraz bi liberxwekirina cilê YPG û hilgirtina çek û kameraya xwe dîmenek xweşik ji mirovahî û azadiyê resm kiribû, dîmenekî ku heta dawiyê wê her bimîne.

Hevrê Fîraz fîlm û berhemên xwe bi zimanê Inglîzî çêdikir ta ku hemû cîhan bi rastiya Şoreşa Rojava bihese û dagirkeriya li ser civaka gelê Kurd ji dinyayê re bide naskirin. Kîşandina bi dîmen ya jiyana şervanan, aliyê wan yên însanî, civakî, demokratîk, çandî û exlaqî şev û rojên şehîd Fîraz kiribû yek. Herî dawî rêheval Fîraz berê xwe da du pêngavên dîrokî yê li Reqqa û Dêrezor, li wir jî kameraya wî kêlî bi kêliya lehengtiya şervanan û rizgariya gelê bindest teswîr dikir.

Di sihara 26’ê Îlonê de dema heval Fîraz li Reqqayê li ser xebat bû di encama êrişekî dijwar ya DAIŞ’ê gihişte şehadetê.

Şehîd Fîraz kevneşopiya çapemeniya azad a ji Xelîl Dax wergirt, di Şoreşa Rojava de bi rengekî çalak bi cîh anî. Di demekî kurt de dilê şervan û hevrêyên xwe de cih girt û ji aliyê her kesî ve hate hezkirin. Di her şert û mercên jiyanê yê herî zehmet de, di nava çeperên şervanan geriya û her kêliya hest, kelecan û hêrsa şervanan kişand kamerayê. Bû yek ji wan kesan ku, ruhê pêngava serdema nû ya têkoşîna azadiya Kurdistanê ji cîhana derve re ragihand.

Em soz didin ku di serdemeke bi vî rengî de emê xwedî li xeta hevrêyên xwe derkevin; bi vî rengî bimeşin, têbikoşin û bi ser bikevin. Li ser rêya hevrê Fîraz; di xeta çapemeniya azad de, em ê têkoşîna xwe xurtir bikin. Em şervanên azadiyê yên Kurdistanê; di vê têkoşînê de bêguman em ê bi ser bikevin. Ji ber ku felsefeya me ya jiyanê, şerê ji bo jiyana azad e. Berxwedana li dijî zilma zalim e. Heta ku ev felsefe hebe, dê tu zalim nekarin bi ser bikevin.

Nasnameya şehîd wiha ye:

Nav û Paşnav: Fîraz Dağ
Navê Rast: Mehmet Aksoy
Navê Dayikê: Zeynep
Navê Bav: Kalender
Cihê Ji Dayikbûyînê: Malatya 1985
Cih û Dîroka Şehadetê: 26-09-2017 Reqqa


Heute jährt sich zum dritten Mal der Beginn des anhaltenden Völkermords an den Êzîden.
Bild: Straße in Shingal (Matthew Willingham, PLC)

Heute jährt sich zum dritten Mal der Beginn des anhaltenden Völkermords an den Êzîden. Wir gedenken den Getöteten, den Entführten und den Vertriebenen.

In der Nacht vom 3. August 2014 stürmte die Terrororganisation „Islamischer Staat“ das Hauptsiedlungsgebiet der Êzîden Shingal im Nordirak und verübte an der schutzlosen Bevölkerung einen Genozid.

Über 5.000 Êzîden wurden ermordet, bis zu 7.000 Frauen und Kinder verschleppt und versklavt. Rund 2.500 ÊzîdInnen befinden sich bis heute in Gefangenschaft des IS. Über 450.000 Êzîden waren gezwungen, aus ihrer Heimat zu fliehen.

Es ist ein Völkermord, der das êzîdîsche Volk gesellschaftlich und politisch an den Rand des Zusammenbruchs gedrängt hat. Die sexuelle Gewalt an êzîdîschen Frauen und Mädchen im jüngsten Alter hinterlässt eine traumatisierte Generation. In Shingal erinnern zahlreiche Massengräber an das Geschehene.
Unzählige Schicksale sind bis heute ungeklärt, abertausende Familien zerstört.


David Taylor ( Zafer Qereçox )

Latest international fighter to fall fighting ISIS with the Kurdish revolutionary forces is David Taylor from Florida, USA.

Rest in Peace

YPG international

They will never be forgotten and in our minds and hearts, our stories and our fight against the enemy,they will live forever.

Şehîd Namirin

Our USA Member of International YPG Martyr

Paolo Todd ( Kawa Amed )

To the Press and Public!

The war against DAISH ( ISIS ) represents not only a battle against terrorism, but a battle to protect human values. If there is value such as freedom, democracy, brotherhood, women’s rights, children, etc. DAISH and its supporters want to destroy them. That is why the resistance in North Syria and Rojava is growing because it fulfills the role of protecting the common values ​​of the people.

The Euphrates Gospel movement, which was started to liberate Raqqa city, the center of DAISH Terrorism, from Daish, continues. The forces of YPG and YPJ, together with the Democratic Forces of Syria, have given large losses to DAISH gangs. Through this struggle with common resistance, many heroes from different parts of the world came to the land of Rojava. Numerous revolutionary shoulders fought to protect human values ​​on their shoulders. One of them is Paolo Todd, whos code-named Kawa Amed. Todd, who joined the YPG ranks on November 4, 2016, arrived in Rijava on 15 January 2017 in the village of Little Siwêdiya, north of Reqqa.

As YPG-YPJ forces, our martyr, Paolo Todd (Kawa Amed), remembers all the martyrs of freedom and reiterates our promise of raising the struggle in their footsteps

YPG Media Center
Jan 22/2017

Rest In Peace! Paolo Todd ( Kawa Amed )
You are in our hearts eternally.
Sending our deepest condolences to the family, loved ones and whole the people of U.S.A


09.01.2013 PARIS

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