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Black Flag Down

SDF liberates cotton factory 4 km away from Raqqa

YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have cleared the cotton factory 4 km away from the ISIS stronghold Raqqa city.

The Operation Wrath of Euphrates launched by YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) for the liberation of Raqqa territory continues in the 4th day of the 4th phase.

SDF forces have today cleared the cotton factory 4 kilometers away from the Raqqa city that is now within range for them.

SDF fighters cleared a military base of ISIS yesterday. Following clashes throughout the night, they took control over the ‚Farmers Centre‘ compound, close to the military base, and a building used by the Ba‘ath regime as prison.


Die Schlacht um Mosul / 2017

Seite an Seite mit den kurdischen Kämpfern und der irakischen Armee berichtet Bernard-Henri Lévy über die Eroberung der „Hauptstadt des IS“.

Es dauerte vom 17. Oktober 2016, dem ersten Tag der Schlacht um Mosul, bis Mitte Januar, bis der Osten der Stadt endlich aus den Fängen Terrorregimes des IS befreit war – dort steht das Grab des Propheten Jonas aus dem Alten Testament, heute noch hoch verehrt von Juden, Christen und Muslimen. Zwischen diesen beiden Ereignissen kehrten Bernard-Henri Lévy und sein Team immer wieder an die Front zurück, zu den kurdischen Soldaten und auch zu den irakischen Spezial-Einheiten, der sogenannten Golden Division – sie waren dabei, bei den Momenten zwischen Sieg und Niederlage: Zwischen dem Vorrücken der Befreier und den Überraschungsangriffen der islamistischen Terroristen, der Freude der Zivilbevölkerung beim Anblick der Befreier und der Bestürzung der Christen, die nach der Vertreibung wieder zurückkehren durften, in ihre häufig vom IS-Terror geschändeten Häuser und Kirchen.

Nach seinem ersten Film Peshmerga von 2015, einer Reise entlang der 1000 Kilometer langen Front zwischen dem Gebiet der Kurden und dem IS, liefert Bernard-Henri Lévy nun in seinem zweiten Film zu diesem Thema die Fortsetzung des Kampfes gegen den Islamistischen Terror. Die Kurden erhoffen sich davon noch immer die Anerkennung der Weltgemeinschaft, auf ihrem langen Weg, einen eigenen Staat zu gründen.

/ 2. März 2017

Operation Raqqa / Tabqa

10 ISIS members captured alive during clashes near Tabqa

As YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces continue advancing towards the Tabqa Dam, 10 ISIS members were captured alive during last night’s clashes.

SDF fighters in the Operation Wrath of Euphrates continue their operation to liberate the Tabqa district and Tabqa Dam of Raqqa for the fourth day.

YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces got closer to the Tabqa Dam through the other side of the Euphrates River last night. According to reports, violent clashes took place with the ISIS groups here throughout the night.

While many ISIS members were killed or wounded, 10 members of the gangs were captured alive by the SDF.

As part of the Tabqa offensive, 8 villages and several hamlets were cleared of ISIS and liberated yesterday.

As SDF fighters continue advancing towards the Tabqa city and Tabqa Dam, sporadic clashes continue on the southern and northern sides of the dam.


Turkish strikes kill two children from one family

The Turkish occupying forces killed two children from the same family in their strikes on the Manbij village Sebwêran on Tuesday night.

Turkish warplanes struck the village Sebwêran in western Manbij, leading to the killing of six civilians and many civilian injuries in the region.

The two children from the Ehmed Reşid Bîş Elo family which were killed in the strikes include their son Şehîd and daughter Emîne.

The Turkish army began striking and shelling villages in western Manbij on Sunday. The Manbij Military Council (MMC) has responded to the attacks, called ‘cowardly’ by the council, whilst calling out to the international coalition to fulfill the promise of the protection of the region.

The MMC stated that the SDF/YPG forces would be deployed to the region after withdrawing from Manbij to join the Raqqa campaign in order to defend Manbij from Turkish attacks if attacks continued.



MMC Spokesman: Turkish attacks hinder the fight against terror

Manbij Military Council Official Spokesman Şervan Derwîş spoke to ANHA about last night’s airstrike by Turkish jets targeting the positions of Manbij Military Council fighters.

Derwîş defined the aerial attack of the Turkish army as an effort to disrupt the safe environment in the city.

Derwîş recalled that MMC and SDF combatants had liberated the city of Manbij and started its reconstruction as they on the other hand re-activated all the public services, arranged military training cycles and recorded an advance in all areas of the city.

MMC Spokesman said: „A few days ago, some enemy forces developed multiple attacks on our forces in an effort to disrupt the safe environment and security in Manbij city.”

Derwîş reported that Turkish fighter jets hit the MMC positions in the villages of Yilanli, Qurt Wêran and Şêx Nasir last night, as a result of which one Tehrîr El-Firat Brigade fighter died and 3 other combatants were wounded. He underlined that the coward bombardments of the Turkish army constituted an obstacle to the fight against terror, and that they as Manbij Military Council will develop an attitude against the Turkish army’s attacks.

Derwîş added: „YPG forces retreated from Manbij under the supervision of the international coalition. We therefore ask the international coalition to investigate the Turkish aerial strike and to intervene for the attacks to stop.

Manbij Military Council Spokesman Şervan Derwîş remarked that they will continue to defend Manbij and retaliate against the attacks, and he once again called on the international coalition forces to act in line with international laws and in consideration of the Manbij residents‘ safety of life.


American joins Syrian Kurds in battle for Raqqa

Syria: We will down any Turkish warplane that violates our air space

The Syrian army announced that it would down any Turkish warplane that violates Syria’s air space. In its statement, the Syrian army said “We will use all of our resources to down and Turkish warplane that tries to violate Syrian air space once again.”

Turkey had recently carried out air strikes against Syrian Democratic Forces and civilian populations during its occupation operation called „Euphrates Shield.“


Islamic State executes 75 prisoners in northern Iraq

Radical group of the Islamic State (ISIS) has executed dozens of prisoners in a major detention centre in the Iraqi northwestern city of Mosul on Sunday.

“At least 75 prisoners were executed by ISIS in the Mosul Central Prison,” local media activist Abdullah al-Malla told ARA News, citing an ISIS official.

Most of the victims were young Iraqi men who have been recently arrested by ISIS militants in Mosul and other parts of Nineveh province.

“The Islamic State’s leadership has charged them with treason,” the informed source reported.

The executed civilians included at least 25 media activists.

Speaking to ARA News, Iraqi security officer Zanoun Sabaawi said that the ISIS radical group has threatened all journalists and media activists of execution if they report on local developments in areas held by the group.

“Terrorists of Daesh (ISIS) want all their violations and atrocities against the Iraqi people to go unnoticed. That’s why they try to prevent reporters from covering local news in places like Mosul,” Sabaawi said.

Mosul is the main ISIS bastion in Iraq. The group has taken over the city and other Iraqi territories in June 2014. Since then thousands of people have been arrested, tortured and executed at the hands of ISIS militants. Also, hundreds of thousands have been displaced, mostly heading to the Iraqi Kurdistan.

ARA News

U.S. Special Operations forces begin new role alongside Turkish troops in Syria

U.S. Special Operations forces have begun partnering with Turkish troops and a contingent of Syrian opposition groups for a new operation in northern Syria, defense officials said Friday.

The move comes just weeks after Turkey launched a blitz operation over the Turkish border, seizing the northern city of Jarabulus and injecting a new dynamic into the five-year-old conflict.

Pentagon spokesman Navy Capt. Jeff Davis said in a statement that the contingent of Special Operations forces assisting the Turkish and Syrian forces around the cities of Jarabulus and Al-Rai was sent at the request of the Turkish government. It is unclear how many U.S. troops have been sent to assist in the operation, though a video posted online Friday depicted about a dozen U.S. troops driving out of Al-Rai as Syrian fighters called them “pigs” and “dogs.”

“U.S. personnel operating with Turkish forces and Syrian opposition forces will provide the same train, advise and assist support they have been providing to other local partners in Syria fighting [the Islamic State],” Davis said.

The United States’ new partnership with the Turks and what the Pentagon calls the “Vetted Syrian Opposition” comes as the United States has sought to ease tensions between the Turks and U.S.-backed Kurdish forces that had been fighting the Islamic State near the Turkish-Syrian border before Turkey’s new offensive. Since the spring, U.S. Special Operations forces have been embedded with Kurdish YPG fighters and the Syrian Democratic Forces, helping the fledgling groups seize a number of key towns from the Islamic State in northeastern Syria. Turkey, however, considers the YPG an extension of the terrorist group the PKK, or Kurdistan Workers’ Party, and has made it well-known that it was uncomfortable with Kurdish forces so close to its border.

As Turkish ground forces entered Syria, the Pentagon sought to deconflict the Kurds and Turkish troops, and requested the former pull back east of the Euphrates. After small skirmishes with the Turks, the Kurds withdrew.

With U.S. forces now embedded with the Turks and still embedded with the Kurds, the Pentagon appears to have set up a line of communication between the two groups to ensure they remain focused on fighting the Islamic State and not each other.

In April, the White House authorized up to 300 Special Operations troops in Syria. According to a U.S. defense official speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss ongoing operations, the new detachment of U.S. forces with the Turks was requested by Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter and was approved by President Obama. It is unclear whether the new detachment of troops alongside the Turks will increase the overall number of Special Operations forces in Syria.

In the past, the Pentagon has insisted that the troops are not on the “front line” and have instead remained in an advisory role, helping local forces call in airstrikes and assisting them plan operations. In August, Syrian Democratic Forces backed by heavy U.S. and coalition airstrikes, took the key town of Manbij. Although no U.S. troops have been killed in Syria, several have been wounded.

The Washington Post


Man yells out to VP Biden in Ohio „Why did you tell YPG to move east of the Euphrates? My friend died in Manbij“

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