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Erdogan’s Turkey threatens to ‚Flood Europe With Refugees‘

Here are a few reasons why we shouldn‘t listen to his threats and paying nations states, bribes to hold refugees is a bad idea.

Exposed! Turkey’s Hidden Refugee Camps!

Stilles Gedenken an die Toten im Mittelmeer


German court sentences Metin Aydın to four and a half years in prison
Metin Aydın

Germany, which consistently co-operates with Turkey, has reached another judgment that will hurt the feelings of the Kurds. Kurdish politician Metin Aydın, charged with being a director of Komalen Ciwan, has been handed a 4 and a half year prison sentence.

Metin Aydın was arrested in Switzerland in 2011 on the grounds that he was wanted in Germany and extradited the following year. Metin Aydın’s trial, which commenced in August at the Stuttgart High Court, has concluded, with Aydın being found guilty of ‚membership of a foreign terrorist organisation‘. In the judgment it was claimed 36-year-old Aydın was a leader of Komalen Ciwan who recruited for the PKK from 2008 until he was taken into custody in 2012.

Aydın: ‚I‘m happy because I have struggled for my people‘

Metin Aydın said in court that he was happy as he had been able to do something for his people, adding that he could not be tried for his struggle. He added that while in Kurdistan his village had been burnt down by troops ad that he had been arrested and tortured.

Judge claims: ‚this case is not political‘

The judge in the Stuttgart court said that it was difficult to reach a verdict, saying that it was necessary to think hard regarding countries such as Turkey where human rights violations were a part of daily life. The judge then claimed that the case against Aydın was ‚not a political trial of dissidents under surveillance on account of their political views‘. The judge added that ‚membership of a terrorist organisation‘ was an offence in Germany.

Metin Aydın was arrested in Switzerland on 20 June 2011 at the request of the German authorities. The reason given was Germany including the PKK within the scope of article 129, known as the ‚anti-terror‘ law. He was held in solitary confinement in Switzerland for 16 months solely on the grounds that ‚extradition procedures are being carried out‘. Aydın went on hunger strike for 54 days in protest at his extradition, almost dying as a result. German police accepted Metin Aydın shackled to his bed in November 2012 after a journey that lasted several hours.

Metin Aydın, who has lived in Europe for several years, had an elder brother who previously died in the ranks of the freedom struggle in Kurdistan.


Antifa Gençlik 1992

Arrested Activist are FREE! Re: Police Brutality against Embassy Occupation

Arrested Activist are FREE! Re: Police Brutality against Embassy
Occupation – update by Miloud Lahmar

Unite against Colonial Injustice! …. Stop Police Brutality!

We remain in Solidarity with the activists and to all those who have
contributed to make the protest possible. Power to the People!

We in Jena express our Solidarity with the Refugees and all the Protesters
in Berlin and with every Refugee getting persecuted in the world, Berlin
is just the beginning, more to come, Refugees went out to the streets and
they’re not coming back without taking their rights back.

Flash back:
We got the information that the activists who participated in the embassy
occupation were arrested by the police.

Amongst the ones arrested (28 as we are updated) inside the embassy were
Rex Osa from the VOICE Refugee Forum as well as activists of the Caravan
for the Rights of refugees and migrants and activists of the protest tent.
The police took away two cameras from the press team of the
protestmarch/protestcamp and one tablet computer. Some persons was beaten.
The arrested were taken to cells in Tempelhofer Damm. They had to undergo
identity control. 10 of them are now together in one cell, others are
being kept in single cells.

Police also brutalized the activists protesting outside the embassy
building by using pepperspray. At least two were also arrested. Amongst
them is Mbolo Yufanyi who was brutalized outside the embassy building. His
arrest took place after he entered the building to meet the leader of the
police group to denounce the police and come out again. He had to be
treated in an ambulance car.

There was a spontaneous solidarity demonstration of more than 100 people
from the Nigerian Embassy to Oranienplatz where the protest camp is.
Police even went inside the demo in order to arrest people. There were
lots of police cars around the protest camp at Oranienplatz at the moment
soon after the protest at the emnbassy.

According to camp activists the number of persons arrested at the embassy
protest and during the demonstration is 28 altogether.

The VOICE Refugee Forum denounce the Police brutality against the Refugees
in Berlin and everywhere, this is not more than the ugly face of this
System, a system that was build on terrorizing Refugees and migrants.

The Refugees in Germany with their consistency are on the way to take back
there right, all united for the aim of living freely with dignity.

We in Jena express our Solidarity with the Refugees and all the Protesters
in Berlin and with every Refugee getting persecuted in the world, Berlin
is just the beginning, more to come, Refugees went out to the streets and
they’re not coming back without taking their rights back.

Unite against Colonial Injustice! …. Stop Police Brutality!

Miloud Lahmar – The VOICE Refugee Forum

FREE THE REFUGEES IN BERLIN – The International MIGRANTS Alliance Europe

Police Brutality against Embassy Occupation – update

The VOICE Refugee

Kein Nazi, kein Staat kann unsere Bewegung stoppen / The VOICE Refugee

Es ist zu spät für die NPD, um aufzuschreien! Protestmarsch der
Flüchtlinge wird zum Marsch für die Würde aller Unterdrückten! Von
Karawane Netwerk …

Stellungnahme zum Aufruf der NPD zur Ablenkung vom Protestmarsch nach
Berlin und von der Bewegung der Flüchtlinge in Deutschland – The VOICE
Refugee Forum

Schritt für Schritt haben wir in unserem Kampf die rassistische Propaganda
der NPD schon lange hinter uns gelassen – die Missachtung unseres
öffentlichen Raums mit der Absicht die Entschlossenheit der Bewegung der
Flüchtlinge und den Protestmarsch nach Berlin zu untergraben.
Ebenso kämpfen die Bewegung der Flüchtlinge und der Protestmarsch gegen
den Rassismus der deutschen Behörden und der Politiker, die es vorziehen
zu schweigen statt die Isolation gegen die Ausbeutung und Unterdrückung
der Flüchtlinge in den Lagern zu beenden.

Wir wollen immer wieder daran erinnern, dass die Verschleierung der
Wahrheit und die Verhinderung von Gerechtigkeit im Mordfall Oury Jalloh,
der 2005 in der Polizeistation in Dessau verbrannt wurde, unseren Kampf
gegen jegliche Form der Einschüchterung nicht stoppen konnte.

Wir sind auf dem Weg!

Mit dem Protest Marsch manifestiert sich ein neues Kapitel der
Internationalen Solidarität in unserer Würde, die allein in unserer
physischen Präsenz hier begründet ist. Wir sind die Menschen der Welt die
Isolation des kolonialen Erbes zu brechen bereit sind.
Wir werden den Kampf gegen die Faschismen der Staaten und Politiker

Keine Lager, Keine Residenzpflicht, Keine Abschiebung!

Ohne Gerechtigkeit wird es keinen Frieden geben!

Flüchtlingsprotestmarsch nach Berlin:
Ankündigung: Aktionstag des Protestmarsches am 18.09.2012 in Erfurt beim
Thüringer Landtag



No Nazi, No State can stop our Movement: Statement of The VOICE Refugee
Forum on NPD call against Refugee Protestmarch to Berlin

Statement on the NPD announcement to distract the protest march to Berlin
and refugee movement in Germany (by The VOICE Forum)

Step by Step in our fight we have long overcome the racist propaganda of
the NPD abuses of our public space with their distraction to undermine the
determination of the refugee movement and the protest march to Berlin, as
well as the refugees continue to fight the racism of the German
institutions while the politicians prefer to stay in silence than to break
the isolation against the exploitations and repression of the refugees in
the lager–camps.

We want to remind them again and again that their covering up of the truth
and justice in the case of Oury Jalloh`s murder who was burnt to death in
the police station of Dessau since 2005 never could stop our fight against
any intimidation.

On the MOVE! With the protest march we are setting a new order of
international solidarity in the dignity of our physical presence here – we
are the people of the world to break from the isolation of the colonial

We will keep the fight against the facism of the states and the
politicians until its end:


No Justice No Peace!

Refugee protest March to Berlin
Events of the Refugee Protest march in Erfurt: 18.09.2012 at the
Parliament of Thueringen >>

Illegale Abschiebung / Bundespolizei ignoriert Gericht

Die Bundespolizei schiebt einen jungen Afghanen nach Italien ab – obwohl ein Richter das per einstweiliger Verfügung untersagt hatte.

„So etwas habe ich noch nicht erlebt.“ Rechtsanwalt Carsten Kerschies ist entsetzt und sein Vertrauen in den Rechtsstaat erschüttert. Obwohl er eine einstweilige Anordnung vom Verwaltungsgericht gegen die Abschiebung seines Mandanten Mustafa Obada* nach Italien erwirkt hatte, ist Obada von der Bundespolizei am Airport Köln-Bonn in einen Abschiebeflieger nach Italien gesetzt und abgeschoben worden.

Der 21-Jährige war Anfang des Jahres vor dem Krieg in Afghanistan über Umwege nach Hamburg geflohen und wollte sich hier fernab von Krieg, Hunger und Gewalt ein neues Leben aufbauen, wie Kerschies berichtet. Obada stellte einen Asylantrag. Obwohl eine EU-Richtlinie besagt, dass ein Freiheitsentzug unzulässig sei, nur weil sich jemand ohne Aufenthaltsstatus im Land aufhält, wurde Obada von der Ausländerbehörde wegen der Gefahr des Untertauchens mit richterlicher Duldung in Abschiebehaft gesteckt. „Flüchtlinge haben eben keine Lobby“, konstatiert Kerschies.

Als Obada die Nachricht erreichte, dass sein Asylantrag abgelehnt worden und die Abschiebung nach Italien für den nächsten Tag geplant sei, schritt Kerschies ein. Trotz der knappen Zeit, Rechtsmittel geltend zu machen, „gelang es uns im Eilverfahren die Abschiebeanordnung aussetzen zu lassen“, berichtet Kerschies. „Eben jener Erfolg wurde den Behörden und insbesondere der Bundespolizei rechtzeitig gemeldet“, sagt Kerschies.

Der Richter habe Bedenken gegen eine Abschiebung nach Italien gehabt. „Italien gilt nicht als sogenanntes sicheres Drittland in welches eine Abschiebung erfolgen darf“, sagt Kerschies. Die Bedingungen der dort ankommenden Flüchtlinge seien so katastrophal, dass viele Gerichte mittlerweile Abschiebungen nach Italien aussetzten. Italien gewährleiste keine menschenwürdige Unterbringung und die medizinische Versorgung werde Flüchtlingen vorenthalten. Ein Großteil der ankommenden Menschen sei der Obdachlosigkeit ausgesetzt.

„Die Polizisten am Flughafen weigerten sich, der richterlichen Anordnung Folge zu leisten und sorgten dafür, dass die Abschiebung wie ursprünglich geplant stattfand“, berichtet Kerschies. Es sei bisher nicht vorgekommen, „dass sich Polizeibeamte einer direkten richterlichen Anordnung so willkürlich und dreist widersetzt und sie ignoriert haben“, empört sich der Jurist.

Die Bundespolizei habe damit auch gegen das Grundprinzip der europäischen „Dublin-II-Verordnung“ verstoßen, nach der Menschen nur in Länder abgeschoben werden dürfen, in der deren Versorgung sichergestellt sei. Eine Stellungnahme der Bundespolizei-Inspektion Flughafen war am Donnerstag nicht zu bekommen.

*Name geändert


NPD ruft zu Aktionen gegen den „Refugee Protest March“ auf

Nach monatelangem Protest in zeitweise 11 deutschen Städten, laufen Flüchtlinge seit dem 8. September von Würzburg nach Berlin. Sie protestieren gegen die Residenzpflicht, die Lagerpflicht, das Arbeits- und Studienverbot und alle anderen diskriminierenden Regelungen die ihnen von Seiten des deutschen Staates auferlegt werden. Derzeit tragen sie ihren Protest in Thüringen auf die Straße.

Heute (14. September) veröffentlichte die NPD auf ihrer Internetseite die Daten des Protestmarsches und der Bundesgeschäftsführer Jens Pühse rief „die Landes- und Kreisverbände, deren Gebiet der Marsch der Asylbewerber durchquert, zum kreativen Protest auf“ (Quelle:

Wir wissen alle, wie es sich äußert, wenn Nazis „kreativen Protest“ ausüben. Gerade deshalb gilt es die Flüchtlinge auf ihrem Marsch nach Berlin zu unterstützen und auch zu schützen.

Kein Mensch ist illegal.

Mehr Infos unter: (parallel stattfindender Protest andere Daten/ Orte)

Stationen des Refugee Protestmarch:

14.09. Kleinschmalkalden
15.09. Wahlwinkel
16.09. Cobstädt
17.09. Erfurt-Gispersleben
18.09. Erfurt
19.09. Berlstedt
20.09. Teutleben
21.09. Balgstädt
22.09. Weißenfels
23.09. Markranstädt
24.09. Leipzig
25.09. Brösen
26.09. Lubast
27.09. Wittenberg
28.09. Marzahna
30.09. Buchholz
01.10. Michendorf
02.10. Potsdam
03.10. Berlin

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Göçmenlerden Merkel‘e çağrı: Kürtler değil, NPD terörist

Çok sayıdaki göçmen kuruluşu çatısı altında barındıran DEKÖP-A (Demokratik Kitle Örgütleri Platformu-Avrupa), Cumartesi günü 20. Uluslararası Kürt Kültür Festivali‘nde yaşanan şiddet olaylarından dolayı Alman polisini kınadı. Platform, göçmen cinayetlerine kapatılmayan faşist Neonazi partisi NPD yerine Kürtleri ‚terörist‘ gören Merkel hükümetini sert şekilde uyardı.

Avrupa Demokratik Haklar Konfederasyonu (ADHK), Avrupa Ezilen Göçmenler Konfederasyonu (AvEG-Kon), Avrupa Türkiyeli İşçiler Konfederasyonu (ATİK) ve Almanya Kürt Dernekleri Federasyonu (YEK-KOM)‘nun bir araya gelerek oluşturduğu DEKÖP-A (Demokratik Kitle Örgütleri Platformu-Avrupa) 8 Eylül Cumartesi günü Mannheim kentinde düzenlenen 20. Uluslararası Kürt Kültür Festivali‘nde yaşanan şiddet olaylarına ilişkin açıklama yaptı.

Festivalde Alman polisinin provokatif saldırısının Almanya’da yaşayan Kürtlere yönelik Alman devletinin inkârcı yaklaşımının bir sonucu olduğuna dikkat çekilen açıklamada Alman polisinin 12 yaşındaki bir çocuğa saldırarak elindeki bayrağı “yasak” diyerek almak istediği, kitlenin buna karşı çıkmasıyla, oradaki kitleye acımasızca saldırdığı hatırlatıldı.


Polisin tüm kitlenin üstüne biber gazı sıktığı, coplarla saldırarak katılımcıları darp ettiğini belirten DEKÖP-A, „Bu saldırının amacı, sadece 12 yaşındaki bir çocuğun taşıdığı Kürt halkının sembolleri olarak benimsediği bir bayrak değil, bu yıl 20. si yapılan ve büyük bir kitleyi buluşturan festivalin kendisine duyulan tahammülsüzlüktür“ ifadesini kullandı. 40′dan fazla kuruluşun destek verdiği „Almanya Kürt kimliğini tanınsın“ kampanyasını hatırlatan DEKÖP-A, devamla şu çağrı yaptı:

„Yaşanan bu saldırı; Kürtlerin ayrı göçmen grubu olarak tanınması için yürütülen ortak kampanyanın giderek kitleler içinde kabul gördüğü ve 15 Ekim 2012 tarihinde federal parlamentoda kitleye açık yapılacak toplantıdan kısa süre önceye denk gelmesi şaşırtıcı değildir.

Kürtlerin ayrı bir göçmen grubu olarak kabul edilmeyişi, dil, kültür, isim hakkı, çeşitli kurumlarda temsil edilmemeleri gibi kısıtlamalara, Alman Anayasasına da aykırı bir durumdur. 1993`ten beri uygulanan “PKK yasağı” ile Kürtlerin örgütlenme ve politika yapma haklarının kısıtlanması, yüzbinlerce Kürdün potansiyel suçlu olarak görülmesi ve baskıya tabi tutulması, Alman devletinin demokrasiye tahammülsüzlüğünü göstermektedir.“


20. Uluslararası Kürt Kültür Festivaline yönelik gerçekleşen saldırıyı protesto eden Bizler DEKÖP-A, her türlü saldırı karşısında Kürt halkının yanında olmaya devam edeceklerini bildirdi. Hiç bir provokasyonun Kürt halkının demokratik taleplerini elde etmesini engellemeyeceğini belirten DEKÖP-A‘nın Merkel hükümetine ise şu çağrıyı yaptı:

„Son bir yıl içinde ispatlandığı gibi, göçmenleri katleden NSU faşist çetesini koruyan, kollayan Alman devleti, her gün suç işleyen ırkçı, faşist NPD’yi yasaklamazken, Almanya´da kendi kimliği ve kültürüyle yaşamak isteyen, dört parçaya bölünmüş olan anavatanları Kürdistan’da yaşayan halkın özgürleşmesini isteyen yediden yetmişe Kürt insanına terörist muamelesi yapmaktadır. “PKK yasağı” bu zihniyetin ürünüdür ve kaldırılmalıdır.

12 yaşındaki bir çocuğun elindeki bir bayraktan dolayı yüz bin kişinin bir araya geldiği ve her zaman olduğu gibi barışçıl bir şekilde kültürünü sergilemeye çalışan bir festivalin provoke edilmesi asla kabul edilemez. Böylesi bir festivale saldırmak suçtur ve saldırıyı yapan polisler, saldırı emrini verenler veya buna zemin hazırlayanlar yargılanmalıdır.“


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