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Arsène Tchakarian: French Resistance fighter dies aged 101
Arsène Tchakarian took part in anti-Nazi sabotage and ambushes

The last member of an immigrant group who fought the Nazis for the French Resistance has died aged 101.

Arsène Tchakarian escaped a Nazi crackdown in which 22 of the group’s fighters were shot by the German occupation forces in Paris in 1944.

He was awarded France’s highest honour.

President Emmanuel Macron tweeted that Tchakarian, an ethnic Armenian, was „a hero of the Resistance and tireless witness whose voice resonated strongly to the very end“.

Tchakarian only became a French citizen in 1958. He was granted several medals for gallantry, including the prestigious Legion of Honour in 2012.

How did he resist?

Both Tchakarian and Manouchian were communists, like many of the partisans who resisted the Nazi occupation of Europe.

The collaborationist French Vichy regime issued a „red poster“ in February 1944 after the execution of Manouchian and his comrades, intended to convince the public that the fighters were just a foreign criminal gang.
The infamous Vichy „red poster“ denouncing Manouchian’s group

Tchakarian managed to flee to Bordeaux, where he remained active in the Resistance until France was liberated in August 1944.

‚Because we loved France‘

After the war Tchakarian said the guerrillas were „not heroes“, but had „resisted because we could do it: we didn‘t have families or jobs.

„And we resisted because we loved France. It had adopted us.“

In later life he campaigned to get the Ottoman Turkish massacres of Armenians during World War One recognised internationally as genocide.

In 2014, the then French President, François Hollande, inaugurated a Missak Manouchian park in the Armenian capital Yerevan, with his Armenian counterpart at the time, Serzh Sargsyan.
In 2014 former French President Hollande (R) honoured Manouchian in Yerevan


Sehid Michael Israel Brigade

Antifascist Forces in Afrin (AFFA) is a military group of leftist revolutionaries defending Afrin and its people from the invasion of the Turkish state and its Salafist proxies.

Alongside non-affiliated individuals and members of Turkish and Kurdish communist revolutionary parties, Şehîd Michael Israel Brigade is the main component of AFFA.

Our fight against ISIS over the last 18+ months has steeled our comradeship. Having known, fought and lived with Michael Israel we decided it was fitting to name our unit after him given the context of his martyrdom: Michael was killed by Turkish airstrikes as he was fighting ISIS.

Antifascist Forces in Afrin was founded as an emergency response to Turkish president Erdogan’s heinous attempt to crush the Rojava revolution and its peoples in their most peaceful region.

Many of us are former commanders and fighters from the International Freedom Battalion and various YPG units.

After the hard-won battle to liberate Rakka from ISIS many of us had moved onto work in the civil and social side of the revolution while others went on to train newly arrived international fighters.

In that relatively peaceful period between the Rakka operation and the Battle for Afrin our faith in the Rojava revolution was compounded by the remarkable progress we witnessed in the lives of the people here.

We have now come together once again in this most crucial and decisive battle against fascist attack.

We fight mainly as our own unit in the Şehîd Michael Israel Brigade as well as in mixed assault teams with our comrades from YPG, YPJ, TIKKO, BÖG, MLSPB, TKEP-L and MKP.

We are now all fully engaged in the defence of Afrin as active units. Having already taken some wounded amongst our ranks, and due to the general logistical pressures of war, our ability to conduct and release public communications may be sporadic in the future as the battle hardens. So please be patient and share our communiques widely. While you wait on our messages please share all other pro-Afrin media.

Until now we have been disappointed at the lack of international support for Afrin. But now with protests and solidarity actions in full swing across the world it is your duty to partake in the fight for Afrin just as many leftists before us did so for Vietnam. Whilst the enemy has an armed presence in Afrin its soft underbelly is exposed to you: its international reputation, its economic ties and its political institutions. Civil and popular actions worldwide against the Turkish state can in many ways be more effective than any number of bullets we fire. This is a political fight as much it is a military battle.

Defend Afrin.
Death to Fascism.
No Pasaran.

Şehîd Michael Israel Brigade

Antifascist Forces in Afrin – AFFA.
15th February 2018

Statement from Antifascist Forces in Afrin

On the 20th January 2018, Turkish army and Islamist terrorists supported and sponsored by the Turkish state launched an invasion against Afrin, a Kurdish majority enclave situated in the northwest of Syria – ironically named “Operation Olive Branch”.

Afrin is one of the cantons of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria – commonly known as Rojava. In 2011, the people of Afrin, Kobani and Cizre region rose up in arms and declared themselves autonomous in the midst of a brutal civil war and sectarian conflicts. In the next six years, from elevating the role of women in politics and society, dismantling patriarchal and feudal cultural practices, building a political system that emphasises direct democracy, municipalism and pluralism, to creating an economic system that is based on needs, equality and sustainability, the revolutionary people of Rojava were able to initiate widespread social reforms.

One of the most despicable outcomes of the Syrian civil war was the ascension of the Islamic State (ISIS). This barbaric gang took advantage of the chaotic geopolitical situations, they were able to take over large swathes of territory. Tens of thousands of civilians lived under a regime of terror installed by the Islamist terrorist group. ISIS was seemingly unstoppable, until the battle of Kobani, where the terrorist group experienced their first major defeat at the hands of the People’s Protection Unit (YPG), Women’s Protection Unit (YPJ) and allies. From Kobani, Manbij, Raqqa, to Deir ez-Zor, the revolutionary forces of Rojava played an essential role in the defeat of ISIS.

From the beginning, the Turkish state had sought every opportunity to blackmail, blockade, sabotage and destroy the Rojava revolution. This stemmed from a long history of systemic oppression and discrimination of the Kurdish people. But it also demonstrated the resurgence of the tendencies towards fascism of the Turkish polity. Under the leadership of Erdoğan and his AK party, the Turkish state engaged in a series of mass arrests, brutal crackdowns on opposition and harsh censorship of free press under the pretence of anti-terrorism. Thousands of innocent people including democratically elected opposition representatives were thrown into jail without fair trials. Enforcement of conservative religious values and practices, including discrimination against LGBTQ communities, as well as an increasingly expansionist and neo-colonial foreign policy signal the rise of a fascist regime in Turkey.

Today in Afrin, we are witnessing another attempt by the fascistic Turkish state to attack the
revolutionary aspirations of the autonomous people of Rojava. Erdoğan has even openly called for the “Arabisation” of the overwhelmingly Kurdish region of Afrin. Facing a genocidal enemy with absolute military superiority, but with will and determination, the people of Afrin have already unflinchingly resisted the imperialist invasion for more than twenty days while the world’s governments have so far turned a blind eye.

We are a group of communists, socialists, anarchists and antifascists, hailing from different parts of the world. Despite coming from different ideological and cultural backgrounds, we are united in Rojava by the principles of solidarity, internationalism and antifascism. From Manbij to Raqqa, we have fought alongside YPG, YPJ, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and a number of Turkish revolutionary forces against the barbaric ISIS. Now in Afrin, we have once again come together to fight alongside our comrades against fascism, imperialism and terrorism.

Internationalists have shed blood for this struggle against fascism. From Şehid Ivanna Hoffman who was one of the first international women martyrs in Rojava, Şehid Michael Israel who was murdered by a Turkish airstrike in Manbij to Şehid Jac Holmes who fell in Raqqa as the capital of ISIS was liberated by the antifascist forces, we honor the martyrs by continuing their struggle.

The resistance of Afrin is one of the most critical moments in the struggle against fascism of our
time. The time to act is now.
We call for international solidarity with the struggle of Afrin.
We call on determined international revolutionaries to join our struggle.
We also call upon widespread civil actions against the Turkish state around the world.
In unity, we will be triumphant. In solidarity, we will defeat our enemies.

Şehid namirin! Bijî berxwedana Efrînê!
Death to Fascism! Death to colonialism!
Long live international solidarity!
Antifascist Forces in Afrin (AFFA)
Şehid Michael Israel Brigade
13th February 2018

Michael Israel Brigade

Protest gegen Waffenexporte / Pro-kurdische Demonstranten stören Regierungspressekonferenz
Protest bei Bundespressekonferenz

Sie skandierten „Deutsche Panzer raus aus Kurdistan“ und hielten Transparente hoch: Pro-kurdische Protestierende haben bei der Bundespressekonferenz Waffenexporte kritisiert.

Fünf teils vermummte pro-kurdische Demonstranten haben die Bundespressekonferenz in Berlin unterbrochen. Sie riefen „Deutsche Panzer raus aus Kurdistan“ und „Deutsche Waffen, deutsches Geld morden mit in aller Welt“.

Die Demonstranten hielten eine Fahne der kurdischen Miliz YPG hoch und forderten auf einem Transparent unter anderem „Waffenexport stoppen“. Nach kurzer Zeit verließen sie den Saal im Haus der Bundespressekonferenz, in dem Sprecher regelmäßig Fragen von Journalisten beantworten. Die Konferenzleitung hatte zuvor gesagt, der Sicherheitsdienst sei unterwegs und die Polizei informiert.

Bei der umstrittenen türkischen Militäroffensive in Nordsyrien gegen die YPG kommen Bildern zufolge auch Panzer vom Typ „Leopard 2A4″ aus deutsche Produktion zum Einsatz. Bereits am Freitag hatten pro-kurdische Demonstranten in Hamburg eine Veranstaltung mit Außenminister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) gestört.

Als Reaktion auf die Syrien-Offensive der Türkei hat die Bundesregierung die Entscheidung über eine Nachrüstung türkischer „Leopard 2″-Kampfpanzer vergangene Woche aufgeschoben. Erst eine neue Regierung, die voraussichtlich vor Ostern gebildet wird, soll darüber entscheiden.

Der Spiegel


Protest gegen Rüstungsexporte bei Veranstaltung mit Gabriel

Pro-kurdische Demonstranten haben am Freitagabend eine Veranstaltung mit Außenminister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) und dem Schriftsteller Navid Kermani in Hamburg gestört. Gleich zu Beginn der Lesung im Thalia-Theater entrollten sie auf den oberen Rängen zwei Transparente, warfen kleine Zettel herunter und riefen Parolen gegen Waffenexporte. Auf den Transparenten und Zetteln stand: «Türkei bombardiert – Deutschland kassiert» und «Solidarität mit Kurdistan». Gabriel diskutierte mit den Demonstranten und verteidigte seine Politik.

«Wir verkaufen den Türken keine Waffen», betonte er. Deutschland habe sogar die Bitte der Türkei um die Lieferung von Schutzausrüstung gegen Terroristen abgelehnt. Seit 2015 exportiere Deutschland weniger Waffen. Den derzeitigen Anstieg habe die Vorgängerregierung zu verantworten, die große Rüstungsexportprojekte vereinbart habe. Man könne sich dadurch schuldig machen, dass man Waffen liefere, aber auch dadurch, dass man keine liefere, gab der Minister zu bedenken. Ohne die Waffenlieferungen an die Peschmerga im Irak wären die Volksgruppe der Jesiden vom Islamischen Staat ausgerottet worden.

Kermani begrüßte die Demonstration. Die Frage nach den Rüstungsexporten sei völlig berechtigt. Er pflichtete jedoch Gabriel bei: «Ich glaube, dass es richtig war, sehr schnell Waffen an die Kurden zu liefern, damit sie den IS stoppen.» Gabriel zeigte sich von Kermanis Reportagebuch «Entlang den Gräben. Eine Reise durch das östliche Europa bis nach Isfahan» so beeindruckt, dass er den Autor scherzhaft als künftigen Außenminister vorschlug. Auf Nachfrage von Moderator Lothar Gorris fügte er jedoch hinzu: «Ehrlich gesagt, ich kenne keinen Minister, der gerne aufhört.»

Die Welt


Martyrs are Immortal!

Love for the people means detestation for oppression! Memorial tribute to the fallen American Martyrs of the YPG held in Austin, Texas. Şehîd Namirin. ISIS which are the enemies of the revolution in Rojava are not unlike our enemies at home, the so-called „alt-right“ are in reality neo-fascist reactionary terrorists. Solidarity with the Kurdish struggle for liberation. Long live Rob Grodt, Michael Israel, Jordan McTaggart, Paolo Todd and David Taylor who were killed in battle by the reactionary forces of ISIS and Turkey. To live on in our hearts is to never die.

source : Red Guards Austin


I wrote the lyrics to this song about a year ago, just a few days after the Islamic State suicide bombing of a socialist gathering in ‪#‎Suruc‬ preparing to head to ‪#‎Kobane‬ to help rebuild the city from the fighting against IS. With the help of Kareem Samara & Shireen – Crisis Folk, we give this front porch take of „Rojava“ today, only a few weeks since the 1st year mark of that fateful day, to remember those who fell in Suruc as well as in the battle to defend Kobane and other areas across ‪#‎Rojava‬, ‪#‎Efrin‬, ‪#‎Cizire‬ and throughout ‪#‎Kurdistan‬. „Rojava“ is sung to the tune and concept of Woody Guthrie’s song supporting the International Brigades that fought against the fascists in Spain, „Jarama Valley.“

International Brigades of Rojava North America Rojava Alliance Anarchist Rojava / Kurdistan YPG People’s Protection Units Kurdish Female Fighters/ YPJ Women’s Defense Units YPJ

Ryan Harvey


Dokumentarfilm „Den Sieg sichern“ – Die internationalen Kobane-Brigaden


Bewaffnete Linke griffen gestern Abend ( 20.07.2015 ) in Istanbul Polizeistationen und islamistische Zentren an.


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