Turkish hospitals treated wounded ISIS jihadists fighting in Syria

A member of the Islamic State (ISIS) said that he had received medical treatment in a Turkish private hospital, confirming such practice was very common.

Muhammad Balusha, a former Islamic State fighter who was captured by Kurdish forces in northern Syria, said that he and other ISIS members entered Turkey to be treated from wounds they had sustained during battles.

Balusha first joined the terror group in 2014 but crossed the border back in 2016 from the border town of Jarablus to receive treatment in Gaziantep alongside 15 other ISIS members.

“There were civilians too, but ISIS members stood out with their beards and clothes. It looked like the doctors and nurses were aware of the situation, and it is impossible that the state did not know,” he said.

According to reports, ISIS terror group had cooperated directly with Turkish state intelligence agencies for years on areas of “common interest”.

Al-Masdar News

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