Mehmet Aksoy (Fîraz Dag)

Yesterday the Kurdish community here in England and across the world lost a great friend and comrade. Mehmet Aksoy (Fîraz Dag) was martyred in Raqqa during an ISIS attack whilst he was reporting from the frontline with the YPG press office.

Mehmet was a talented filmmaker and was doing incredibly valuable work with the YPG to get their message out to the wider world, producing popular photo and video stories which allowed YPG volunteers to tell their stories and their motivations behind joining the fight against ISIS.

Not only a talented artist, Mehmet was a deep thinker and revolutionary, who was truly committed to the cause. He was born in Turkish Kurdistan and moved to London around the age of ten, growing up amongst the Kurdish community here and learning about the Kurdish struggle. His ideological commitment eventually drew him to Rojava – his desire to see it and report the revolution was unstoppable. It was his calling.

Just last Friday, Mehmet produced a video for us depicting the first commune elections in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (Rojava). He was so excited to witness this historic event and show it to the world, and so optimistic about what it meant for the future.

For so many people this loss is incalculable, he was a close friend to so many and was universally loved.

Mehmet, you have joined the ranks of the immortal through your martyrdom. For you we will re-dedicate ourselves to the cause of Kurdish freedom twice, thrice, four times over. Let your life be an example to us all. Şehîd Namirin‏.

Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign

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