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The honourable child of his country, Martyr Fîraz Dağ

“The system that oppresses us is global. The system that oppresses us is united and in solidarity with each other. So we need to be in solidarity with each other against the same system that oppresses us”, said Fîraz, calling for greater solidarity.

YPG Press Office released the following statement announcing the martyrdom of Fîraz Dağ (Mehmet Aksoy), founder and editor-in-chief of Kurdish Question, in YPG ranks.

The martyr is the reason for a rose to blossom in the midst of vineyards made from ashes. The martyr is a bright dawn to the skies of thirsty and exhausted geography; so that rain falls, so that life will blossom again. This is the story of Kurdistan and its martyrs. The martyrs are the greatest living thing of a people who turned from the gloomy sleep and stepped into the struggle for freedom. The martyr is the hope of awakening, struggle, self-sacrifice and success. The Kurdish people, who were on the way to dying out with the attacks of the invading barbarians, found their hope of life and freedom in the personality of the martyrs.

Fîraz Dağ (Mehmet Aksoy) was from the Elbistan district of Northern Kurdistan in Maraş province. He grew up London after his family’s migration to Europe. Since the early years of his youth, he has never been separated from the path of anti-capitalist, democracy and human rights struggle as part of the rightful struggle of the Kurdish people. Especially after the Şengal massacre on August 3, 2014, he ceaselessly carried out work and gave all his effort to inform and organize the Kurdish community and many others.

He is the founder and editor-in-chief of Kurdish Question, which examines the problems of the Kurdish people and other ethnic groups, and has managed the virtual platform for a long time. He completed university education on film making and took his place in many literary organizations. He produced pieces in cinema, literature and other fields of art with a series of short films, poems, and poetry. He wrote evaluations and managed the internet platform Kurdish Question, where he gave a lot of space to explain and advocate the Kurdish Freedom Movement, the Rojava revolution and the women’s struggle to the international community.

“The system that oppresses us is global. The system that oppresses us is united and in solidarity with each other. So we need to be in solidarity with each other against the same system that oppresses us”, said Martyr Fîraz, calling for greater solidarity among oppressed nations.

With a heart beating with the passion of freedom for his people, Comrade Fîraz felt the longing for freedom in Kurdistan, and while his patriotism lived at the deepest level, he kept this spirit alive and never let go of his identity. He became the loud and clear voice of his people when they were massacred in Kurdistan, because he wanted the whole world to find out about these atrocities. When Kobanê was attacked by Daesh gangs in 2014, he led the Kurdish people in London’s streets and train stations with great determination and willpower. He believed strongly that the YPJ and the free women of Rojava was a beacon and model to the Middle East, and told, through his words, about their revolution.

Comrade Fîraz came to the conclusion that the freedom and hope of a free life were under the philosophy of the Freedom Movement and Leader Apo. He was in search of the free life and found it in Leader Apo’s ideas. Although Fîraz grew up in England, one of the centres of the capital system, nothing but revolutionary life could satisfy him. So, on his way to the source of free ideas, he came to his country. Comrade Fîraz, who could not accept for himself a life in the midst of Modern Slavery, headed to Rojava in order to record the Kurdistan Revolution into history with a pen and camera.

He felt the need to show greater action for the social and political revolution in Rojava, the need to respond greatly to the invader and reactionary attacks. Because of this, he could not be satisfied with his studies abroad, he directed his feet to his country. After the air attacks on the mountain of Qereçox on April 25, 2017, by the occupying Turkish state, he became clear on this point and made the decision to go there. YPG press members were martyred in the Qereçox mountain, Fîraz immediately took his place in the YPG press centre in order to take on the role of these friends and become a voice to the people and comrades, in order to tell the world about the injustice. Comrade Fîraz left a picture of a treasure to humanity and the freedom fighters through his military uniform, his weapon and camera on his shoulders, a picture that will remain in the hearts of his comrades at all times.

Comrade Fîraz was carrying out all his work in English in order to introduce the whole world to the truths of the revolution and make the occupation and exploitation of the Kurdish people visible. Comrade Martyr Fîraz worked day and night to record the lives of the fighters from the human, social, democratic, cultural and moral aspects. Finally, in order to watch his comrades in the battle against Daesh reactionism and share it with the whole world, he participated in the operations of Raqqa and Deir Ez-Zor and recorded the struggle moment by moment.

On the morning of September 26, he reached martyrdom in the vicious attack of the Daesh gangs while on duty in Raqqa.

Martyr Fîraz Dağ, by taking on the free press and revolutionary art tradition of Martyr Halil Dağ comrade, successfully represented him in Rojava. In a short time he made places in the hearts of his comrades and became loved by everyone. Under all kinds of harsh conditions, for months he witnessed the emotions, excitement and joys of the fighters in the battle fronts. He was one of those who reflected the new era of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement to the world.

We will adhere to the struggle and life line of our comrades martyred at such a time; we repeat the word that we will walk and fight like them and reach victory. On the way of Comrade Fîraz; we will grow and strengthen our struggle in the free press line. As Kurdistan’s freedom fighters, we will undoubtedly triumph in our struggle. Because our life philosophy consists of struggle for the sake of a free life. It is resistance against the persecution of the cruel. As this philosophy continues to live in the minds and hearts, the tyrants will never win!

The ID information of our martyr is as following;

Nom de Guerre: Fîraz Dağ

Name Surname: Mehmet Aksoy

Mother’s Name: Zeynep

Father’s Name: Kalender

Date and Place of Birth: Malatya, 1985

Date and Place of Martyrdom: 26-09-2017 Raqqa


Mehmet Aksoy (Fîraz Dag)

Yesterday the Kurdish community here in England and across the world lost a great friend and comrade. Mehmet Aksoy (Fîraz Dag) was martyred in Raqqa during an ISIS attack whilst he was reporting from the frontline with the YPG press office.

Mehmet was a talented filmmaker and was doing incredibly valuable work with the YPG to get their message out to the wider world, producing popular photo and video stories which allowed YPG volunteers to tell their stories and their motivations behind joining the fight against ISIS.

Not only a talented artist, Mehmet was a deep thinker and revolutionary, who was truly committed to the cause. He was born in Turkish Kurdistan and moved to London around the age of ten, growing up amongst the Kurdish community here and learning about the Kurdish struggle. His ideological commitment eventually drew him to Rojava – his desire to see it and report the revolution was unstoppable. It was his calling.

Just last Friday, Mehmet produced a video for us depicting the first commune elections in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (Rojava). He was so excited to witness this historic event and show it to the world, and so optimistic about what it meant for the future.

For so many people this loss is incalculable, he was a close friend to so many and was universally loved.

Mehmet, you have joined the ranks of the immortal through your martyrdom. For you we will re-dedicate ourselves to the cause of Kurdish freedom twice, thrice, four times over. Let your life be an example to us all. Şehîd Namirin‏.

Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign

Über 90 Prozent stimmen im Referendum für die Unabhängigkeit Kurdistans!

PRESSEERKLÄRUNG: 152/2709-2017

Nach Bekanntgabe des Ergebnisses zum Unabhängigkeitsreferendum der Region Kurdistan im Irak gratuliert der stellvertretende Vorsitzende der Kurdischen Gemeinde Deutschland, Mehmet Tanriverdi, der gesamten Bevölkerung Kurdistans zu diesem fulminanten Sieg der Freiheit. Das Unabhängigkeitsreferendum war ein wichtiger und richtiger Schritt in Richtung Freiheit und bessere Zukunft für die gesamte Bevölkerung Kurdistans.

Tanriverdi kritisiert, dass der Westen mit Rücksicht auf die Türkei immer wieder den Zeitpunkt der Volksabstimmung in Frage gestellt habe, doch auf seine Gegenfrage, wann denn der richtige Zeitpunkt sei, bekäme er von den Kritikern keine Antwort. Er verweist darauf, dass das kurdische Volk nicht erst mit dem Zerfall des Osmanischen Reiches um seine Identität gekämpft habe, doch spätestens seit diesem Zeitpunkt kämpfe es um die Unabhängigkeit in Einheit und in Freiheit.

Immer wieder hat man der Bevölkerung Kurdistans die Hoffnung gegeben, dass endlich Frieden und Freiheit auch ein Teil ihres Lebens sein können, doch immer wieder wurden sie schwer enttäuscht. Nicht nur haben die Kurden als Verbündete internationaler Allianzen Saddam Hussein, Al-Qaida oder den IS bekämpft und dabei einen hohen Blutzoll gezahlt, sie haben in den von ihnen kontrollierten Regionen eine Atmosphäre des Miteinanders und der Toleranz auf der Basis der Menschenrechte geschaffen.

Der Zeitpunkt für das Unabhängigkeitsreferendum war genau richtig, denn nach all den Opfern und nach all dem Leid ist es endlich Zeit für Frieden und Freiheit.

Die Kurdische Gemeinde Deutschland freut sich über das Ergebnis und fordert nun nach dem Referendum, eine offenere Auseinandersetzung seitens der Bundesregierung mit dem demokratischen Willen des kurdischen Volkes.

Weiter fordert die Kurdische Gemeinde Deutschland von der kurdischen Regierung eine Stärkung der demokratischen Institutionen in Kurdistan. Denn, so Tanriverdi: „Unabhängigkeit und Freiheit können nur auf der Basis einer demokratischen und pluralistischen Kultur aufgebaut werden.“

Kurdische Gemeinde Deutschland e.V.

Mehmet Aksoy


In Gedenken an şehîd Mehmet Aksoy, der Gestern in Rakka gefallen ist.

Ruhe in Frieden!

Lawê hêja yê welatê xwe, şehîd Fîraz Dağ

Şehîd mizginiya şînbûna gulekî li baxekî şewitî de ye, şehîd ewrekî ronî ye li welatekî tî û westiyayî, ta ku baran bibare û jiyan carekî din destpê bike. Erê, çîroka Kurdistan û şehîdên azadiya wê wiha ye. Ji bo gelekî ku ji xewa giran ya mirinê şiyar bûye û ji bo şerê azadiyê gav avêtiye, şehîd mezintirîn nîşaneya destpêkirina jiyanê ye. Şehîd sembola şiyarbûn, têkoşîn, fedakarî û hêviya serkeftinê ye. Gelê Kurd ku di encama êrişên dijwar yên dewletên dagirker û zilmên hovane ber bi têkçûyînê ve diçû, hêviya jiyan û azadiyê di kesayeta şehîdên xwe de peyda kir.

Fîraz Dag (Mehmet Aksoy) eslê xwe ji navçeya Elbîstan ya li ser Mereş li bakurê Kurdistanê ye. Piştî koçberiya malbata wî ber Ewrupa li Londonê mezin dibe. Ji destpêka ciwantiya xwe ve xebatkarekî dijî kapîtalîzm û çalakvanê mafê mirov û mafê gelê Kurd bû. Taybet piştî komkujiya 3’ê Tebaxa 2014 li Şingalê hevalê Fîraz di agahdarkirina civaka Kurd û biyanî li derveyî welat xebatekî bê westandin dabû meşandin.

Malpera Kurdish Question (Pirsa Kurd) a ku mijarên gelê Kurd û etnîkên din dişopand ji aliyê rêheval Fîraz hatibû avakirin û birêvebirin. Li zanîngehê de derhênertî xwendibû û herwiha beşdarê dewreyên nivîs û wêje bibû. Hejmarek kurtefîlm kîşandibû, kurteçîrok çap kiribû û komek ji helbestan wergêr kiribû. Li ser malpera Kurdish Question bi giranî li ser rojeva gelê Kurd dinivîsand û nirxandin dikir.

“Sîstema ku me diperçiqîne cîhanî ye, pergalên ku me bindest dihêlin hevgirtî ne û bi hev re di nav hevkariyê de ne. Lewma pêwîstê em jî dijî wan sîsteman hevgirtî û hevkar bin,” şehîd Fîraz bi vê gotina xwe bang li hemû gelên bindest dikir ku yekitiya xwe ava bikin.

Fîraz ê ku dilê wî bi azadiyê re hevaheng lêdida, hesreta azadiyê li Kurdistanê hîs kiribû, welatparêzî di asta herî bilind de jiyan dikir, tevî ku li derveyî welat bû ew ruhê xwe zindî hiştibû û tucarî ji nasnameya xwe qut nedibû. Têkoşer Fîraz nasname û pêşeroja xwe di tevgera azadî û fikrên rêber Apo de dîtibû. Ew di lêgerîna jiyana azad de bû û rêber Apo rêya herî bedew nîşanê wî dabû. Fîraz di dilê sîstema kapîtal li Inglîstanê mezin bibû, çi tiştekî derveyî şoreşgertiyê nedikarî wî rizgar bike, lewma ber bi çavkaniya fikrên azad, ber bi welat hat. Ciwanê ku jiyan û kar li welatê bêgane hêjayê xwe û welatê xwe nedidît, xwest ku vê şoreşê bi qelem û dûrbîna xwe qeyd bike û bike para dîrokê.

Şoreşa civakî û siyasî ya Rojavayê Kurdistanê, di heman demê de êrişên dagirker û hêzên paşverû bersivek mezintir pêwîst dikir, ji bo vê yekê jî hevrê Fîraz xebatê li derveyî welat têrê xwe nedidît û xwest ku dakeve qada welat. Bi taybet piştî êrişa 25’ê Nîsanê 2017 ya dewleta dagirker a Tirk li ser çiyayê Qereçox biryara hatina xwe da. Li Qereçox endamên ragihandina YPG şehîd bibûn û rêheval Fîraz ji bo girtina cihê wan bi ruhekî dilxwaz bi hawara gelê xwe ve hat û di karê ragihandinê de hewl da ku bê-edaletiya der heqê gelê Kurd de bi dinyayê bide naskirin. Fîraz bi liberxwekirina cilê YPG û hilgirtina çek û kameraya xwe dîmenek xweşik ji mirovahî û azadiyê resm kiribû, dîmenekî ku heta dawiyê wê her bimîne.

Hevrê Fîraz fîlm û berhemên xwe bi zimanê Inglîzî çêdikir ta ku hemû cîhan bi rastiya Şoreşa Rojava bihese û dagirkeriya li ser civaka gelê Kurd ji dinyayê re bide naskirin. Kîşandina bi dîmen ya jiyana şervanan, aliyê wan yên însanî, civakî, demokratîk, çandî û exlaqî şev û rojên şehîd Fîraz kiribû yek. Herî dawî rêheval Fîraz berê xwe da du pêngavên dîrokî yê li Reqqa û Dêrezor, li wir jî kameraya wî kêlî bi kêliya lehengtiya şervanan û rizgariya gelê bindest teswîr dikir.

Di sihara 26’ê Îlonê de dema heval Fîraz li Reqqayê li ser xebat bû di encama êrişekî dijwar ya DAIŞ’ê gihişte şehadetê.

Şehîd Fîraz kevneşopiya çapemeniya azad a ji Xelîl Dax wergirt, di Şoreşa Rojava de bi rengekî çalak bi cîh anî. Di demekî kurt de dilê şervan û hevrêyên xwe de cih girt û ji aliyê her kesî ve hate hezkirin. Di her şert û mercên jiyanê yê herî zehmet de, di nava çeperên şervanan geriya û her kêliya hest, kelecan û hêrsa şervanan kişand kamerayê. Bû yek ji wan kesan ku, ruhê pêngava serdema nû ya têkoşîna azadiya Kurdistanê ji cîhana derve re ragihand.

Em soz didin ku di serdemeke bi vî rengî de emê xwedî li xeta hevrêyên xwe derkevin; bi vî rengî bimeşin, têbikoşin û bi ser bikevin. Li ser rêya hevrê Fîraz; di xeta çapemeniya azad de, em ê têkoşîna xwe xurtir bikin. Em şervanên azadiyê yên Kurdistanê; di vê têkoşînê de bêguman em ê bi ser bikevin. Ji ber ku felsefeya me ya jiyanê, şerê ji bo jiyana azad e. Berxwedana li dijî zilma zalim e. Heta ku ev felsefe hebe, dê tu zalim nekarin bi ser bikevin.

Nasnameya şehîd wiha ye:

Nav û Paşnav: Fîraz Dağ
Navê Rast: Mehmet Aksoy
Navê Dayikê: Zeynep
Navê Bav: Kalender
Cihê Ji Dayikbûyînê: Malatya 1985
Cih û Dîroka Şehadetê: 26-09-2017 Reqqa


Fighting Breaks Out at Turkish President’s Speech in New York
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey addressed a Turkish-American group at a Marriott Marquis hotel in New York on Thursday. Credit Associated Press

Violence broke out at a New York hotel Thursday afternoon when protesters disrupted a speech by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey.

In the middle of Mr. Erdogan’s speech, delivered in Turkish, a man — one of a handful of protesters — screamed in English: “You’re a terrorist. Get out of my country!” The ballroom at the Marriott Marquis hotel in Times Square instantly erupted, with many attendees chanting Mr. Erdogan’s name to drown out the protesters.

After shouting at the Turkish president, demonstrators were punched and slapped by audience members as they were escorted out of the event. By VOICE OF AMERICA on Publish Date September 21, 2017. Photo by Voice of America.

Videos showed the protesters — one of them wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with a picture of Michael Israel, an American who was killed in a Turkish airstrike while volunteering with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, or Y.P.G. — being punched and slapped by several attendees as security personnel removed them from the room. Security also removed at least one person who had assaulted the protesters.

Meghan Bodette, who identified herself as one of six protesters (one of whom was filming), said their goal was “to call attention to the Turkish state’s war crimes and human rights abuses against the Kurdish people,” both in Turkey and in Syria.

“Erdogan should not be able to speak here unchallenged, and we challenged him because the American people need to know that a state that claims to be our ally is hindering the fight against ISIS in Syria and destroying civilian lives,” Ms. Bodette said in a Twitter message.

Halil Demir, a Turkish-American who works for a humanitarian organization, said he had been standing near the back of the room when three protesters stood up in rapid succession: a young man, a young woman and a middle-aged man. The woman held a green banner, Mr. Demir said. Ms. Bodette identified it as the flag of the Women’s Protection Units, or Y.P.J., the female counterpart to the Y.P.G.

The young man was pulled out of the room, Mr. Demir said, and the woman left on her own after being told to do so. But Mr. Demir said he saw security guards push the middle-aged man, who fell to the ground. He did not know whether the guards were part of Mr. Erdogan’s detail, the United States Secret Service or the hotel’s security team.

“The third man screamed, and people were screaming at him,” he said. “It didn’t take long. Seconds, really.”

Mr. Demir said he later saw the man on the floor, handcuffed, outside the ballroom where Mr. Erdogan was speaking at the invitation of the Turkish American National Steering Committee.

Cemil Akgun, 44, a Turkish textile producer who was in New York on a business trip, said Mr. Erdogan appeared unfazed. He resumed speaking less than two minutes later.

The New York Police Department said about five protesters were “briefly detained.” No arrests were made, and no injuries were reported.

Kathleen Duffy, a spokeswoman for Marriott International’s New York City hotels, estimated that more than 2,000 people had attended the event and said that only “a very small” number had been escorted out.

“It appears that it started when pro and anti demonstrators kind of clashed, and it started a little bit of a physical confrontation,” Stephen P. Davis, the Police Department’s chief spokesman, said. “But at that point, the people were separated and broken out and brought out of the venue.”

Mr. Davis cautioned that the understanding of what happened was still preliminary.

A police official, who spoke about the investigation on the condition of anonymity, said it appeared the fight had been instigated by competing protesters, not by Mr. Erdogan’s security forces, who have a history of violent run-ins in the United States.

In 2011, the security forces took part in a fight at the United Nations headquarters in New York that sent at least one officer to the hospital. Last year, they, along with police officers, clashed with demonstrators outside the Brookings Institution in Washington.

In May, during Mr. Erdogan’s last official visit to the United States, members of his security team attacked a group of peaceful protesters outside the Turkish ambassador’s residence in Washington. Nine people were hospitalized, and video showed the episode in vivid detail. Another video emerged showing Mr. Erdogan himself watching the attack from a Mercedes-Benz sedan parked a few yards away.

A grand jury in Washington indicted 15 Turkish security officials, as well as four civilians, on assault charges in August.

That attack and the subsequent charges strained the relationship between Washington and Ankara, already tested by Mr. Erdogan’s authoritarian actions in Turkey. The State Department condemned the violence and said actions intended to limit free speech would not be tolerated on American soil. Mr. Erdogan, for his part, accused American officers on the scene of bungling the situation.

After Thursday’s episode, however, Mr. Erdogan — who was in New York for United Nations General Assembly meetings — seemed unbothered. Immediately after his speech, he met with President Trump and American diplomats, and he and Mr. Trump had little but praise for each other, at least as they smiled for photographs.

“We are as close as we’ve ever been,” Mr. Trump said.

Correction: September 21, 2017

An earlier version of this article misidentified the person depicted on one of the protesters’ T-shirts. It was Michael Israel, an American who was killed while volunteering with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, not Abdullah Ocalan, the jailed leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

The New York Times

Erdogan droht Kurden im Irak / Strafmaßnahme wegen Referendum

Trotz des heftigen Widerstandes wollen die Kurden im Nordirak ein Unabhängigkeitsreferendum abhalten – sehr zum Ärger der Türkei. Staatspräsident Erdogan fürchtet, es könne Nachahmer im eigenen Land geben und droht mit Sanktionen.

Der türkische Staatspräsident Recep Tayyip Erdogan hat dem Nordirak wenige Tage vor dem geplanten Unabhängigkeitsreferendum mit Sanktionen gedroht. Das Kabinett und der Nationale Sicherheitsrat in Ankara würden am kommenden Freitag darüber beraten, ob und gegebenenfalls welche Sanktionen verhängt würden, sagte Erdogan am Rande der UN-Generalversammlung in New York. Sicherlich würden solche Strafmaßnahmen aber „keine gewöhnlichen“ sein.

Bei einem Wirtschaftsforum in New York fügte Erdogan mit Blick auf einen unabhängigen Kurdenstaat im Nordirak hinzu: „Das kann niemals passieren. Es ist nicht möglich, dass so etwas gestattet wird. Dort leben nicht nur Kurden. Dort sind Turkmenen. Dort sind Araber.“ Erdogan betonte: „Ich hoffe, dass Herr Barsani und sein Team diese falsche Entscheidung so bald wie möglich rückgängig machen.“

Kurden-Präsident Massud Barsani will am kommenden Montag trotz starker Widerstände in einem Referendum über die Unabhängigkeit der kurdischen Autonomiegebiete im Nordirak abstimmen lassen. Die Zentralregierung in Bagdad schließt ein militärisches Eingreifen nicht aus. Auch viele westliche Regierungen wie die USA und auch die Vereinten Nationen wandten sich gegen das Vorhaben, das den Kampf gegen die Terrormiliz Islamischer Staat (IS) gefährde.

„Spiel mit dem Feuer“

Barsani pocht dagegen weiter auf Zugeständnisse aus Bagdad. Er bekräftigte, es gebe für ihn bislang keine Alternative zu dem geplanten Abhalten des Referendums. Barsani hatte dem irakischen Ministerpräsidenten Haidar al-Abadi am Vortag ein Ultimatum von drei Tagen gesetzt. In dieser Zeit solle er ihm ein Angebot unterbreiten, das eine Verschiebung der Abstimmung ermöglichen würde.

Die Kurden beanspruchen auch Gebiete für sich, die nicht Teil der kurdischen Autonomieregion sind. Seit Jahren gibt es außerdem Streit um die Verteilung von Einnahmen aus dem Verkauf von Öl. Al-Abadi kündigte jedoch an, das Ergebnis des Referendums unabhängig vom Zeitpunkt der Abstimmung nicht anerkennen zu wollen. Der türkische Vize-Ministerpräsident Bekir Bozdag sagte nach Angaben der staatlichen Nachrichtenagentur Anadolu, Barsani spiele „mit dem Feuer“. „Ich sage das ganz deutlich. Das ist ein gefährlicher Weg, das ist nicht die richtige Entwicklung.“

Die Türkei unterhält zwar enge Beziehungen zur kurdischen Autonomieregierung im Nordirak, ist aber gegen einen unabhängigen Kurdenstaat. Ankara befürchtet, ein solcher könnte separatistische Tendenzen unter den Kurden in der Türkei verstärken.


Unabhängigkeitsreferendum der Kurden

Irakischer Vizepräsident will kein „zweites Israel“ dulden

Die Kurden im Irak träumen von der Unabhängigkeit, die Regierung will das mit allen Mitteln verhindern. Nun hat der Vizepräsident der Minderheit gedroht. Auch die Nachbarländer sind besorgt.

Vor dem umstrittenen Unabhängigkeitsreferendum der Kurden im Nordirak hat der irakische Vizepräsident Nuri al-Maliki der Minderheit gedroht. „Wir warnen die Unterstützer des Referendums vor den gefährlichen Auswirkungen, die diese Maßnahmen auf die Souveränität und Einheit des Iraks haben werden“, sagte er nach Angaben seines Büros bei einem Treffen mit dem US-Botschafter im Irak.

agdad werde die Schaffung eines „zweiten Israel im Nordirak“ nicht dulden. Das Referendum, das am 25. September abgehalten werden soll, sei weder im Sinne der Iraker noch der Kurden und müsse abgesagt werden.

Trotz internationaler Kritik halten die Kurden aber an den Plänen fest. Ihr Präsident Massud Barsani hatte am Freitag jede Verschiebung ausgeschlossen. Auch das Weiße Haus hatte die Pläne als „provokant und destabilisierend“ kritisiert.

Auch UN-Generalsekretär Guterres äußert sich kritisch

Die US-Regierung habe der kurdischen Regionalregierung mehrfach erklärt, dass ein Referendum „von den Bemühungen zur Zerschlagung der Terrormiliz IS und zur Stabilisierung der befreiten Gebiete ablenkt“, hieß es in einer Erklärung.

Iraks Nachbarn mit einer kurdischen Minderheit – die Türkei, der Iran und Syrien – sind angesichts der Abstimmung besorgt, dass auch die Kurden in ihren Ländern zu einem stärkeren Streben nach Unabhängigkeit ermutigt werden könnten.

So schloss der Iran, der die Kurden im Nordirak bislang als Brüder und Verbündete angesehen hatte, eine Zusammenarbeit im Falle der Unabhängigkeit aus. Das geplante Referendum sei weder legal noch vorteilhaft für die Sicherheit des Iraks und die Region. Der Iran wäre dann auch gezwungen, schärfere Grenzkontrollen einzuführen, sagte der Sekretär des nationalen Sicherheitsrats, Ali Schamchani, laut iranischer Nachrichtenagentur ISNA.

Auch UN-Generalsekretär Antonio Guterres hat sich kritisch über das geplante Unabhängigkeitsvotum geäußert. Ebenso wie die USA ist er der Meinung, dass das Referendum „von der Notwendigkeit eines Sieges“ über die Extremisten-Miliz ablenken würde, hieß es in einer von einem UN-Sprecher verlesenen Erklärung. Stattdessen sollen offene Fragen „durch strukturierten Dialog und konstruktive Kompromisse“ gelöst werden.

Der Spiegel

YPJ/YJŞ flags wave proudly in Raqqa as revenge for all women

Raqqa was the so-called capital of ISIS. When the YPJ took a leading position in the Operation to Liberate Raqqa, they vowed to avenge the women fell victim to massacres. Now flags of the YPJ and YJŞ are fluttering in the wind in Raqqa’s city centre.

70% of Raqqa city, which ISIS had declared the capital of its darkness, has been cleared of the ISIS gangs. The city has not been liberated entirely but flags of the Rojavan Women’s Army, the Women’s Defense Units YPJ, and the Military Force of Shengal’s Women, YJŞ (Shengal Women’s Units), have been planted and are fluttering already in Raqqa’s city centre.

The female fighters are taking revenge for the feminicide on ISIS day by day. Screams and cries for help of helpless women are no longer filling the air of Raqqa city. Now only the ululation of the female warriors reverberates in Raqqa.

When the Operation Wrath of Euphrates was freshly launched, the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) announced that this operation would be an offensive under the lead and command of the women. There was a meaning behind this. In 2014, when ISIS declared itself the „Islamic state“, it directed its attacks on the women in the first place. They targeted women in their sermons and passed dirty and rotten laws. The ISIS gangs mass raped thousands of women, massacred thousands more, abducted thousands of women and sold them as slaves. In particular during their attack on Shengal they kidnapped thousands of Êzidî women and sold them in slave markets. They sent most of those women to Raqqa. Every chunk of soil of the Raqqa city is stained with the blood of these women, who have been murdered, raped and sold. ISIS hit the women in their heart and brain. In response to that the female fighters have taken an oath to strike the heart and brain of ISIS heavily.


YPJ gave this promise to all women and initiated their struggle on this basis. After some time also the Shengal Women’s Units set off to join the operation of revenge. YJŞ fighters stated: „We, the Êzidî women, are joining the war in Raqqa to avenge all the women.“ The YPJ and YJŞ fighters have taken position at the very front lines in this battle. Thus every blow that has been dealt to the ISIS gangs, is part of the revenge taken for the women.


As for now, about 70% of Raqqa has been liberated from the ISIS gangs. The flags of the YPJ and YJŞ are fluttering freely in the wind in many places of Raqqa city. The ISIS gangs are suffering the worst imaginable death at the hands of the women, since they believe to not go to paradise if they get killed by a woman. Women are sending them directly to hell. The flags of the YPJ and YJŞ are waving proudly in the wind as the historic revenge of every single woman that has been abducted, sold and murdered.


Raqqa, which witnessed the desperate screams and cries for help of the women 4 years long, is now bearing witness to the rise of women, who have become free and are now taking their historic revenge. Screams and cries are not escaping the city any longer. But now the ululation of the women fighters is reverberating.


Faces from the Frontline Against ISIS

Born From Urgency – Faces from the Frontline Against ISIS from Joey L on Vimeo.

Amidst the chaos of the Iraq and Syrian War, independent photographer and director Joey L. embeds himself with Kurdish guerrilla organizations on the frontlines against ISIS. Without the constraints typical of our mainstream media, Joey offers a deeply personal, humanizing, and controversial view of the war.

This is a follow up to the 2015 film „Guerrilla Fighters of Kurdistan“

Guerrilla Fighters of Kurdistan from Joey L on Vimeo.

Joey L.

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