Women from every nation on their way to liberate Raqqa


As the resistance of women saying, “Rojava revolution is a women’s revolution” against Daesh continues, women from every nation are on their way to liberate Raqqa. YPJ fighters staying focused on hope despite all inhuman attacks of Daesh gangs continue to be the color of hope.

We departed from Kobanê to Raqqa. It is possible to see every color of the revolution in territory where the sun glared down on. In each liberated area, the women wear colorful dresses and the children play happily.

Women want to be liberated

The first thing the women did in the liberated areas was to take off the black burqa. Raqqa women are seen to have same feeling as Manbij women.

Violent clashes continue from two fronts

There was an intense mobilization in Raqqa when we arrived there after three hours. Historic Raqqa phase launched by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) with support of 17 other forces is on the fourth day. SDF fighters continue to take advance from two fronts amid clashes.

Raqqa moves toward enlightenment

Raqqa means “Beauty of desert” in Arabic. Female fighters of the YPJ (Women’s Defense Units) are moving toward enlightenment and beautification. ‘Beauties of Desert’ YPJ women spread women’s colors in every area they liberate.

There are women from every nation

Like every phase, the YPJ female fighters take part in frontline in this historic Raqqa phase. There are Kurdish, Arab, Syriac, Turkmen, Armenian and British women in the ranks of the YPJ.

She came from UK for 10 days, she joins the resistance

YPJ female fighters welcomed us friendliness, they write a history with their smiley faces and heart resisting. We began to talk to them while having tea, serves always under any circumstance. Everyone tells something like we know each other for years. Zilan, who came to Rojava from UK for 10 days and then joined the resistance, told us her story.

‘I saw the essence of life in Rojava’

Zilan said she saw the essence of life in Rojava, where she came to cover news from UK and that’s why she decided to join the YPJ. Saying that the understanding of freedom in Europe is superficial and formal, Zilan stated that she saw the essence of this in Rojava.

Şilan from Kobanê: I will fight the darkness

Şilan was born in Kobanê and she fights to liberate Raqqa now. Stating that she decided to join the YPJ after the second attack on Kobanê, Şilan said, “They killed the people in front of us, this affected me very much. I consider myself lucky for taking part in Raqqa phase because I will fight the darkness.”


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