Operation Raqqa / Tabqa


10 ISIS members captured alive during clashes near Tabqa

As YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces continue advancing towards the Tabqa Dam, 10 ISIS members were captured alive during last night’s clashes.

SDF fighters in the Operation Wrath of Euphrates continue their operation to liberate the Tabqa district and Tabqa Dam of Raqqa for the fourth day.

YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces got closer to the Tabqa Dam through the other side of the Euphrates River last night. According to reports, violent clashes took place with the ISIS groups here throughout the night.

While many ISIS members were killed or wounded, 10 members of the gangs were captured alive by the SDF.

As part of the Tabqa offensive, 8 villages and several hamlets were cleared of ISIS and liberated yesterday.

As SDF fighters continue advancing towards the Tabqa city and Tabqa Dam, sporadic clashes continue on the southern and northern sides of the dam.


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