The Sniper of Kobani

Regie: Reber Dosky / Land: Niederlande / Länge: 13′

Der niederländisch-kurdische Regisseur Reber Dosky begleitet einen Scharfschützen bei der Arbeit. Als Mitglied der Peschmerga kämpft der schweigsame Mann in Kobani gegen den IS. “Wenn ich sie nicht töte, werden sie mich und meine Leute umbringen” sagt er. Die Stadt Kobani liegt in Schutt und Asche; der Scharfschütze streunt in den Ruinen herum. Von den wenigen hinterbliebenen Einwohnern der Stadt wird er mit offenen Armen empfangen.

Reber Dosky (*1975) is a Kurdish-Dutch filmmaker who studied directing at the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam. His films are short stories about human relationships, which he puts into a broader social context.

“Snipers like to be alone,” says Haron Ayaz. His is a difficult and dangerous existence. But Haron had no other option. “IS attacked our country,” he reasons. “That’s when I decided to go to Kobani to defend it.” Amid the rubble of Kobani, a city invaded and destroyed by the so-called Islamic State, Haron prowls derelict buildings. First, he finds his spot. The dusty, hollowed-out homes of Kobani are a perfect vantage point for Haron to set himself up. Once in position, he explains, „I try to guess the distance between myself and my enemy…A sniper has to be good at math.“

He must instinctively calculate the speed of the wind and the walking pace of the enemy in order to be effective. When ready, he takes his shot. Sometimes his victims are children, and this continues to haunt him. But he must carry out his duty, not only for self-preservation, but so that the next generation can have a better life. He fights so that the children can „speak their own language and live in their own culture.“

Looking through the sniper’s lens at Haron’s nomadic and deeply personal battle against IS, this film offers an elegant and poignant glimpse into the brutal realities of modern-day Syria.

Jos de Putter – Ref. 6956

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