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Our USA Member of International YPG Martyr

Paolo Todd ( Kawa Amed )

To the Press and Public!

The war against DAISH ( ISIS ) represents not only a battle against terrorism, but a battle to protect human values. If there is value such as freedom, democracy, brotherhood, women’s rights, children, etc. DAISH and its supporters want to destroy them. That is why the resistance in North Syria and Rojava is growing because it fulfills the role of protecting the common values ​​of the people.

The Euphrates Gospel movement, which was started to liberate Raqqa city, the center of DAISH Terrorism, from Daish, continues. The forces of YPG and YPJ, together with the Democratic Forces of Syria, have given large losses to DAISH gangs. Through this struggle with common resistance, many heroes from different parts of the world came to the land of Rojava. Numerous revolutionary shoulders fought to protect human values ​​on their shoulders. One of them is Paolo Todd, whos code-named Kawa Amed. Todd, who joined the YPG ranks on November 4, 2016, arrived in Rijava on 15 January 2017 in the village of Little Siwêdiya, north of Reqqa.

As YPG-YPJ forces, our martyr, Paolo Todd (Kawa Amed), remembers all the martyrs of freedom and reiterates our promise of raising the struggle in their footsteps

YPG Media Center
Jan 22/2017

Rest In Peace! Paolo Todd ( Kawa Amed )
You are in our hearts eternally.
Sending our deepest condolences to the family, loved ones and whole the people of U.S.A

Flowers Of Kurdistan


09.01.2013 PARIS

The role of women in Rojava

CIZRE 2016 /with English subtitles

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