Turkish strikes kill two children from one family

The Turkish occupying forces killed two children from the same family in their strikes on the Manbij village Sebwêran on Tuesday night.



Turkish warplanes struck the village Sebwêran in western Manbij, leading to the killing of six civilians and many civilian injuries in the region.

The two children from the Ehmed Reşid Bîş Elo family which were killed in the strikes include their son Şehîd and daughter Emîne.

The Turkish army began striking and shelling villages in western Manbij on Sunday. The Manbij Military Council (MMC) has responded to the attacks, called ‘cowardly’ by the council, whilst calling out to the international coalition to fulfill the promise of the protection of the region.

The MMC stated that the SDF/YPG forces would be deployed to the region after withdrawing from Manbij to join the Raqqa campaign in order to defend Manbij from Turkish attacks if attacks continued.



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