4 people killed, 2 others wounded by police in Gever

Policemen patrolling in an armored vehicle raked people with bullets in Amed Market in Hakkari’s Gever (Yüksekova) district center.

Four people by the names of Aydın Tümen, Serhat Buldan, Rahmi Sefalı and Nejdet İşyözü lost their lives while two others, Şemsettin Çakmakçı and Memet Ali Kaya, were wounded as a result of the armed attack.

While the wounded were rushed to Yüksekova State Hospital for treatment, the slain civilians were taken to the hospital morgue.

Both the scene of the attack and the hospital have been blockaded by police forces who have also detained some locals trying to shoot a video during and after the incident. DIHA reporter Yaşar Kaplan who also tried to cover the incident is reported to be among those detained.

Democratic Society Congress (DTK) co-chair Leyla Güven spoke to ANF on the incident and stated the followings: “The Governor has admitted that police raked the people with bullets. All of them were shot fatally in the head, as is also confirmed by witnesses. The Governor told Hakkari MP Selma Irmak that a policeman has been taken into custody after the incident. Police killed people deliberately without any discussion or quarrel taking place.”



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