Turkish Soldiers, Village Guards Torture PKK Fighter, Release Footage


A video showing Turkish soldiers and state-sponsored Kurdish village guards torturing and abusing Saime Avşin (Avaşin Gabar), a female Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) guerrilla, has surfaced on social media.

In the video, which has caused outrage among Kurdish and progressive Turkish circles, the injured People’s Defence Forces (HPG/PKK) militant is dragged over rocks from her hair and sworn at repeatedly.

The incident took place on 28 August in Hakkari’s Şemdinli district according to reports, but the video surfaced on Twitter yesterday after being shared by an account belonging to village guards.

The village guard recording the video is heard shouting, „I would sacrifice you for [Turkish] soldiers, you whore,“ as the woman lies motionless, flanked by soldiers.

Other voices are also heard shouting obscenities at the guerrilla as soldiers and village guards are told to search the area for other fighters.

Peoples‘ Democratic Party (HDP) Istanbul MP Filiz Kerestecioğlu condemned the video saying, „Torturing an injured woman guerrilla is a crime against humanity. Even war has laws!“

The video ends as soldiers beginning stripping the guerrilla, who is thought to be in custody now.

Another female guerrilla, Kevser Eltürk (Ekin Wan), was tortured to death and stripped after being captured alive by Turkish soldiers in August 2015. Critics have said the Turkish army is using ‚dirty war‘ tactics as part of its pyschological warfare against the Kurdish population.

There are thought to be more than 70,000 village guards employed by the Turkish state in the Kurdish region, most of them Kurds.

The PKK recently declared they would target village guards and those in collusion with the state, following several years of a de-facto ceasefire.

We are not sharing the video due to the disturbing nature of its content.

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