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The Armenian Genocide began 101 years ago today

On the night of April 24, 1915, the Turkish government placed under arrest over 200 Armenian community leaders in Constantinople. Hundreds more were apprehended soon after.

Adolf Hitler is quoted as saying, eight days before invading Poland in 1939, “Who today, after all, speaks of the annihilation of the Armenians?” He was speaking of being inspired by the 1915 genocide of 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottoman Empire as he began his own systematic campaign of destruction. Today, the Armenian genocide remains fresh and relevant in the minds of Armenians around the world.

On the night of April 24, 1915, the Turkish government placed under arrest over 200 Armenian community leaders in Constantinople. Hundreds more were apprehended soon after. They were all sent to prison in the interior of Anatolia, where most were summarily executed. The Young Turk regime had long been planning the Armenian Genocide and reports of atrocities being committed against the Armenians in the eastern war zones had been filtering in during the first months of 1915. The Ministry of War had already acted on the government’s plan by disarming the Armenian recruits in the Ottoman Army, reducing them to labor battalions and working them under conditions equaling slavery. The incapacitation and methodic reduction of the Armenian male population, as well as the summary arrest and execution of the Armenian leadership marked the earliest stages of the Armenian Genocide. These acts were committed under the cover of a news blackout on account of the war and the government proceeded to implement its plans to liquidate the Armenian population with secrecy. Therefore, the Young Turks regime’s true intentions went undetected until the arrests of April 24. As the persons seized that night included the most prominent public figures of the Armenian community in the capital city of the Ottoman Empire, everyone was alerted about the dimensions of the policies being entertained and implemented by the Turkish government. Their death presaged the murder of an ancient civilization. April 24 is, therefore, commemorated as the date of the unfolding of the Armenian Genocide.

The Armenian Genocide was centrally planned and administered by the Turkish government against the entire Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire. It was carried out during W.W.I between the years 1915 and 1918. The Armenian people were subjected to deportation, expropriation, abduction, torture, massacre, and starvation. The great bulk of the Armenian population was forcibly removed from Armenia and Anatolia to Syria, where the vast majority was sent into the desert to die of thirst and hunger. Large numbers of Armenians were methodically massacred throughout the Ottoman Empire. Women and children were abducted and horribly abused. The entire wealth of the Armenian people was expropriated. After only a little more than a year of calm at the end of W.W.I, the atrocities were renewed between 1920 and 1923, and the remaining Armenians were subjected to further massacres and expulsions. In 1915, thirty-three years before UN Genocide Convention was adopted, the Armenian Genocide was condemned by the international community as a crime against humanity.

It is estimated that one and a half million Armenians perished between 1915 and 1923. There were an estimated two million Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire on the eve of W.W.I. Well over a million were deported in 1915. Hundreds of thousands were butchered outright. Many others died of starvation, exhaustion, and epidemics which ravaged the concentration camps. Among the Armenians living along the periphery of the Ottoman Empire many at first escaped the fate of their countrymen in the central provinces of Turkey. Tens of thousands in the east fled to the Russian border to lead a precarious existence as refugees. The majority of the Armenians in Constantinople, the capital city, were spared deportation. In 1918, however, the Young Turk regime took the war into the Caucasus, where approximately 1,800,000 Armenians lived under Russian dominion. Ottoman forces advancing through East Armenia and Azerbaijan here too engaged in systematic massacres. The expulsions and massacres carried by the Nationalist Turks between 1920 and 1922 added tens of thousands of more victims. By 1923 the entire landmass of Asia Minor and historic West Armenia had been expunged of its Armenian population. The destruction of the Armenian communities in this part of the world was total.

(Compiled with information provided by Armenian National Institute)



Amed Spor hat wegen dem Spiel gegen Keciörengücü von der Spor Toto 2. Liga der Roten Gruppe, durch die Eskalation im Stadion 7.500 Lira Strafe bekommen.
Beim Heimspiel durch angeblich schlechter Behandlung gegenüber der Gastmannschaft bekamen sie eine Strafe in Höhe von 8.000 Lira Strafe.
Beim gleichen Spiel bekommt Amedspor wegen seinen Fans, die „Ideologische Propaganda“betrieben hätten 3 Punkte Abzug und 40.000 Lira Strafe.



Fact Sheet on Declared Curfews Between August 16, 2015 and April 20, 2016 and Civilians who Lost Their Lives


Between the dates August 16, 2015 and April 20, 2016 there has been 65 officially confirmed, open-ended and round-the-clock [all daylong] curfews in at least 22 districts of 7 cities in Southeastern Turkey. These cities are as follow; Diyarbakır (35 times), Şırnak (10 times) ve Mardin (11 times), Hakkâri (5 times), Muş (1 time), Elazığ (1 time) and Batman (2 times). It is estimated that, according to the 2014 population census, at least 1 million 642 thousand residents have been affected by these curfews and fundemental rights of these people such as Right to Life and Right to Health are explicitly violated. According to the statement of Ministry of Health on February 27, 2016, at least 355 thousand residents were forced to leave the cities and districts they lived in.

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over curfews.

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of this fact sheet.

As it was stated in our previous fact sheets; the datas over curfews on periodic Fact Sheets and within the Daily Reports of HRFT Documentation Center are obtained through press review, official web sites of relevant public institutions, visual records, statements of witnesses and lawyers, observation reports of political parties and civil organisations and their personal witnessings etc. And whether get investigated and become definite or remain as claims and removed from the annual report if not proved.

According to the data of HRFT Documentation Center, since August 16, 2015 (which is the date of first declared curfew) until April 20, 2016 at least 338 civilians lost their lives in regions and periods of time that curfews were officially declared. 78 are children, 69 are female and 30 are over the age 60 within these people.

It is State’s duty to enlighten all claims of violations by conducting immediate, impartial, independent and effective investigations, especially over the violations of Right to Life in districts under curfew!

It is estimated that at least 76 civilians, whose information on how they died is obtained, lost their lives due to not being allowed to reach Right to Health. Again at least 200 civilians, whose information on how they died is obtained, lost their lives while they were within the boundaries of their homes/indoor areas. 182 of these people were killed due to opened fire or hitting by a missile and 18 of them lost their lives due to the direct stress effect of curfews on their health conditions. Moreover, 147 of these people who lost their lives within the boundaries of their homes/indoor areas were only in Cizre District.

Furthermore, a subject of great concern, especially in relation to children is the possible presence of conflict waste and land mines in the neighbourhoods and districts where the conflict took place. On March 31, 2016, the day operations ended and a curfew was launched overnight in Cizre district two children at the ages of 4 and 6 and on April 13, 2016 in the İdil district a 4 -year-old boy lost their lives due to the explosion of dud they were playing with which they found on the streets. Unfortunately, there is no information available as of yet on whether preventive, protective and informative measures are to be taken or any action programmed to be instigated on the issue.

Also, there are some facts that are not included in abovementioned datas or to the list of civilians who lost their lives:

There are at least 78 bodies in Cizre and at least 15 bodies in İdil that are buried without waiting for the identification process. Detailed explanation has been made on the situation of these bodies by previous HRFT Documentation Center Fact Sheet[1] dated March 18,2016.

In Silopi district of Şırnak, a 7 months old still birth occured due to gunshot through the womb of the mother. Also, at least 11 people lost their lives by arbitrary shooting of security forces during peaceful protests against the curfews in streets/Squares close to curfew zones or by the use of chemicals such as tear gas where no operation was onging or any curfews were declared.[2]

NOTE: Within the context of this fact sheet the term ‘security forces’ is implying to ‘Police Anti-terror Combat Team, Police Special Forces, Gendarmarie Special Forces (Fatihler Unit, Efeler Unit, Dadaşlar Unit which were active units during 90s in the same region), Military Forces and Riot Polices.’ Also, there are some unofficial teams which are both by themselves and publicly defined as JITEM, Esedullah, Hançer[Dagger], Fatihler Teams etc.

As of April 20, 2016, Districts where Curfews are Ongoing:

DİYARBAKIR – Sur: The curfew, which is declared on December 11, 2015 is still ongoing on its 141th day (almost 5 months). On March 9, 2016, it has been declared that the military operations are completed, yet the curfew is only lifted partially in some neighbourhoods and streets by the statements of Sur district governorship on 13th and 16th of March.

ŞIRNAK – Center: The district-wide curfew, which is declared on March 14, 2016 at 11pm is still ongoing on its 37th day.

ŞIRNAK – Silopi: The district-wide curfew, which is declared on April 5, 2016 at 4:30am is still ongoing on its 15th day.

MARDİN – Nusaybin: The district-wide curfew, which is declared on March 13, 2016 at 12am is still ongoing on its 38th day.

HAKKÂRİ – Yüksekova: The district-wide curfew, which is declared on March 13, 2016 at 10pm is still ongoing on its 38th day.

Also, overnight curfews between 9:30pm and 4:30am are launched in Cizre and İdil districts


[2] These people are: 7 months old still birth of Güler Yanalak due to gunshot through the womb of mother. Şerdıl Cengiz (21-Bağlar district), Şiyar Salman (18-Bağlar district), Şiyar Baran (13-Seyrantepe district), Mizgin Koçyiğit (who thought to be Güler Eroğlu first- Dağkapı Square), Salih Baygın(70-Melik Ahmet Street), Çekwar Çubuk (16-Dağkapı Square), Hüseyin Hüseyinoğlu (22-Bağlar district) in DİYARBAKIR and Emire Gök (39-Gırnavas Mah.) and Hüseyin Ahmet(22-Işık Önder Street) in NUSAYBİN [Note: In Nusaybin, the curfew was declared first in some districts. On 4th day it was broadened to whole district.] and Mehmet Gündüz (45-Feridun district) in SİLVAN. Also, Abdulsetar Cibara(16-Qamishlo/Rojava) shot by a stray bullet through the border of Nusaybin.

Names of the People who lost Their Lives Between the dates August 16th, 2015 and April 20, 2016 within the Districts Under Curfews


Varto: 1. Rahmi Kızıltaş (36), 2. Abdullah Toprak(26), 3.-4. 2 people who are not yet identified


Silvan: 1.Serhat Bilen(25) 2.Hanife Durak(80), 3.Veysi Toraman(60) 4.Vedat Akcanım(17) 5.Deniz(17) 6.Barış Çakıcı(10) 7.Hayriye Hüdaverdi(70) 8.Ferhat Gensür(17) 9.Müslüm Tayar (22) 10.Sertip Polat(20) 11.Engin Gezici(24) 12.İsmet Gezici (55) 13.Rıdvan Us(20) 14.Yakup Sinbağ(20) 15.Latif Nangir(78)

Bismil: 1. Bilal Bozkur(19/22) 2.Abdullah Sügüci(32) 3.Doğan İnce(16) 4. Şeyhmus Düşerge(18) 5.Numan Halil Kurtiş(19) 6.Berat Güzel(12) 7.Elif Şimşek(8) 8.Agit Yıldız(22)

Sur: 1. Helin Şen(12) 2.Halil Tüzülerk(27) 3.Mehmet Demirel(yetişkin) 4.Sezgin Demirok 5.Şoreş Mutlu 6.Cüneyt Yeni 7.Aziz İlhan(47) 8.Melek Apaydın(38) 9.Rozerin Çukur(17) 10.Turgay Girçek(19) 11.Gündüz Akmeşe(28) 12. 1 male in his 80s who is not yet identified 13.Hakan Aslan 14.Murat Menekşe(13) 15.Erhan Keskin(18) 16.Casim Kaya(24) 17.Fatma Ateş(55) 18.Gülistan Aysal(21) 19.Dilber Bozkurt 20.Furkan Erkaplan 21.Muhammed Emin Erol(33)

Bağlar: 1. Özgür Çelenk(18) 2.Eyüp Çelik(24)


Yüksekova: 1. Fettah Es (adult) 2. Yakup Babat (24) 3.Mehmet Reşit Arıcı(17) 4.Naim Nuyan(29) 5.Ersin Aydın(37) 6.Yusuf Aşan(46)


Cizre: 1.Cemile Çağırga (10) 2.Özgür Taşkın (18) 3.Meryem Süne(53) 4.Bünyamin İrci(14) 5.Muhammed Tahir Yaramış (35 days old) 6.Eşref Edin (56) 7.Selman Ağar (10) 8.Mehmet Emin Levent (29) 9.Osman Çağlı(18) 10.Sait Çağdavul (21) 11.Şahin Açık (74) 12.Mehmet Erdoğan (75) 13.Mehmet Sait Nayici (16) 14.Zeynep Taşkın (19) 15.Maşallah Edin (35) 16.Hacı Ata Borçin (75) 17.Gadban Bülbül (78) 18.Mehmet Dökmen (71) 19.Bahattin Sevinik (50) 20.Suphi Sarak (50) 21.İbrahim Çiçek (79) 22.Mülkiye Geçgel (48) 23.Resul Ekinci(65) 24. Hediye Şen(30) 25.Doğan Aslan(24) 26.İbrahim Akhan(15) 27.Selahattin Bozkurt(70) 28.Yılmaz Erz(42) 29.Lütfü Aksoy(25) 30.Zeynep Yılmaz(40) 31.Cahide Çıkal(35) 32.Mehmet Tekin(35) 33.Doğan İşi(18) 34.Mehmet Saçan(38) 35.Emine Duman(75) 36.Azime Aşan(59) 37.Dikran Sayaca(25) 38.Ferdi Kalkan(20) 39.Abdulmecit Yanık(27) 40.Hacı Özdal(25) 41.Miray İnce(3 months old) 42.Ramazan İnce (80) 43.Kumru Işık(85) 44.Hüseyin Ertene(16) 45.Hüseyin Selçuk(5) 46.Abdülaziz Yural(28) 47.Zeynep Demir(65) 48.Ali Tetik(34) 49.Kazım Tonğ(51) 50.Cabbar Taşkın(40) 51.Sezai Burçin(43) 52.Hediye Erden(60) 53.Besna Zırığ(50) 54.Fatma Acet(40) 55.Bişeng Goran(12) 56.Nidar Sümer(17) 57.Halis Sümer(45) 58.Osman Tekin(50) 59.Tayfur Yaşlı(19) 60.Şivan Cebrail Mungan(24) 61.Murat Ekici(22) 62.Murat Egül(24) 63.Ahmet Zırığ(35) 64.Şükrü Coşkun(20) 65.Nebi Katlav(22) 66.Ali Bağdur(25) 67.Mehmet Hacı Tongut(32) 68.Mehmet Şirin Erdinç 69.Garip Mubarız (18) 70.Veysi/Hacı Elçi(30) 71.Abdulmenaf Yılmaz(50) 72.Yakup Isırgan 73.Mehmet Şahin(77) 74.Emame Şahin (77) 75.Yusuf Akalın(12) 76.Büşra Akalın(10) 77.Veli Müjde(38) 78.Abdullah İvedi(25) 79.Hayrettin Şınık(10) 80.Mehmet Rıdvan Kaymaz(36) 81.Hüseyin Paksoy(16) 82.Mehmet Kaplan(35) 83.Serhat Altun(23) 84.Abdülhamit Poçal 85.Selman Erdoğan 86.Ahmet Tunç(50) 87.Cihan Karaman(23) 88.Rüzgar Yıldızgörer(25) 89.Selami Yılmaz(25) 90.Nusreddin Bayar(20) 91.Sultan Irmak(16) 92.Selim Turay(22) 93.Şervan Kenan Adıgüzel 94.Mehmet Özkul(23) 95.Nizar Isırgan 96.Cengiz Sansak 97.Ramazan Çömlek 98.Zerin Uca(22) 99.Sahip Edin(30’s) 100.Abdullah Gün(16) 101.Yunus Meral 102.Tahir Akdoğan(16) 103.Mevlüde Özalp 104.Fehmi Fakah Dinç(adult) 105.Fatma Demir(adult) 106.Barış Gasir(adult) 107.Sabri Sezgin(18) 108.Abdülselam Turgut(adult) 109.Mahsum Erdoğan 110.Muharrem Erbek(23) 111.Sinan Kaya(22) 112.Mehmet Kulbay(22) 113.Burhan Taşdelen 114.Aydın Erol 115.Ferhat Karaduman(16) 116.Nursel Dalmış(18) 117.Murat Şimşek(16) 118.Abbas Güllübahçe 119.Tuğba Eminoğlu 120.Erdal Şahin(29) 121.Rohat Aktaş(adult) 122.Adil Küçük(adult) 123.Mahmut Duymak(51) 124.Umut Ürek 125.Ramazan İşçi 126.Metin Karane 127.Dersim Aksoy 128.İslam Balıkesir 129.Ömer Baran(25) 130.Mustafa Gasyak(16) 131.Ali Fırat Kalkan 132.Kasım Yana(18) 133.İzzet Gündüz(adult) 134.Berjin Demirkaya 135.Sakine Şiray(adult) 136.Ekrem Sevilgen(17) 137.Serdar Özbek(32) 138.Mehmet Benzer(19) 139.Tajdin Nerse(22) 140.Mehmet Dalmış(31) 141.Mehmet Yavuzel(adult) 142.Rıdvan Ekinci 143.Bişeng Kolanç 144.Cihat Altun(22) 145.Mehmet Yılmaz(23) 146.Cüneyt Kızıltay 147.Güler Eroğlu(20) 148.Mehmet Edin 149.Star Özkül 150.Hasan Ayaz(14) 151.Yılmaz Geçim(15) 152.Mesut Özer(17) 153.Cengiz Gerem(15) 154.Derya Koç(adult) 155.Azad Yılmaz(19) 156.Hakkı Külte(13) 157.Çimen Tankan 158.İsmail Çetin 159.Murat Erdin 160.Hasan Tağ(adult) 161.Agit Küçük 162.Harun Barın 163.Hülya Aktaş(adult) 164.Cemile Erden(28) 165.Mehmet Tunç(yetişkin) 166.Orhan Tunç 167.Veysi Bademkıran(17) 168.Yasemin Çıkmaz(17) 169.İbrahim Temel 170.Yakup Yalçın 171.Felek Çağdavul 172.Fırat Malgaz 173.Yakup Dadak 174.Ramazan Aydın 175.Lokman Bilgiç 176.Hüseyin Kaya 177.M. Emin İdim(child) 178.Tahir Çiçek(child) 179.Abdullah Özgül 180.Meryem Akyol(17) 181.Ramazan Biriman 182.Hüseyin Kayaalp(16) 183.M.Ata Kalaycı 184.Güler Akıl 185.Ahmet Yılmaz 186.Hamza İdim 187.Hanife İdim 188.Tahir Çelik 189.Halil Çelik 190.Mehmet Kalaycı 191.Hacer Arslan 192.Sefa Sever 193.Murat Aslan 194.Harun Çağlı(4) 195.Ayşenur Geçit(6) Besides, there are at least 79 bodies that are buried without waiting for the identification process.

Silopi: 1. Hüseyin Güzel (70) 2.Yusuf Aybi(80) 3.Reşit Eren(17) 4.Axin Kanat(16) 5.İbrahim Bilgin(18) 6.Şiyar Özbek(25) 7.Süleyman Çoban(70) 8.Taybet İnan(57) 9.Yusuf İnan(40) 10.Ayşe Buruntekin(40) 11.Mehmet Mete Kutluk(11) 12.Ömer Sayan(70) 13.Hasan Sanır (75) 14.Salihe Şirnexi/Salih Erener(75) 15.Seyfettin Sidar(30) 16.İsmail Yevşan(55) 17.Necati Öden(18) 18.Ömer Yalman(45) 19.Ömer Maslu(70) 20.Pakize Nayır(25) 21.Sêvê Demir(41) 22.Fatma Uyar(27) 23.İslam Atak (20) 24.Hasan Yağmur(42) 25.Aydın Mete(16) 26.Yusuf Yağcı(25) 27.Şirin Altay (43) 28.Narinç Kızıl(52) 29. 1 male in his 30s who is not yet identified 30.İsa Tonguç 31.Ahmet Tonguç 32.Muhyettin Tonguç 33.Saadettin Tonguç 34.Behiye Erener(45) 35.Rahime Sanır(14) 36.Züleyha Şalk(70) 37.Esra Şalk(2)

İdil: 1. M.Sadık Bozeri(57) 2.Vedat Gürbüz(24) 3.Mazlum Kapalıgöz(17) 4.Aziz Akan(30) 5.Orhan Abay(16) 6.Sevilay Yıldız(15) 7.Fatma Eraslan(13) 8.Abdullah Ecevit(39) 9.Mete Ağırhan(15) 10.Ahmet Varlı(15) 11.Veli Aşar(18) 12.Şevki Geldisöz 13.Hacı Karakaş 14.Ramazan Gümüş(14) 15.İrfan Çağlar(24) 16.İbrahim Çelebi 17.Burhan Baydemir 18.Vahap Çıkmaz 19.Vasfi Kaya 20.Abdulselam Güler 21.Fidan Arslan 22.İsmail Gürbüz(19) 23.Hidayet Tek(4) Besides, there are at least 15 bodies that are buried without waiting for the identification process.

Center: 1.Bayram Tatar(16)


Nusaybin: 1.Ahmet Sönmez(50) 2.Şahin Turan(25) 3.Selamet Yeşilmen(44) 4.Abdülkadir Yılmaz(65) 5.Hasan Dal(45) 6.Musur Aslan(19) 7.Emin Öz(55) 8.Muhammed Altunkaynak(19) 9.Nurhan Kaplan(45) 10.Şerif Alpar(55) 11.Sedat Güngör(22) 12.Mehmet Emin İnan(55) 13.Cudi Teber (23) 14.Mahsum Alpdoğan(19) 15.Fehime Aktı(56) 16.Hakan Doğan(15) 17.Henüz kimliği bilinmeyen 1 kişi 18.Medeni Orak (45) 19.Rohat Karakoç 20.Hasan Korkmaz(60) 21.Mehmet Pitek(40)

Dargeçit: 1.İdris Cebe(18), 2.Takyedin Oral(adult male) 3.Necim Kılıç(67) 4.Sabahat Kılıç(28) 5.Fatma Kılıç(adult woman)

The Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (HRFT)

ARD-Korrespondent in Türkei festgesetzt

ARD-Korrespondent wird in der Türkei festgehalten

Der ARD-Fernsehkorrespondent Volker Schwenck darf nicht mehr in die Türkei. Er ist von den Behörden am Flughafen Istanbul festgesetzt worden. Bei Twitter vermutet Schwenck, dass jemand ein Problem mit seinem Beruf hat: Journalist.

Schwenck kam aus dem ARD-Büro in Kairo und wollte von Istanbul weiter in das türkisch-syrische Grenzgebiet reisen. Dort plante er Gespräche mit syrischen Flüchtlingen. Gründe für die Festsetzung wurden dem SWR-Reporter nicht genannt.

Wie er bei Twitter mitteilte, wurde ihm nur gesagt, dass es einen Vermerk zu seinem Namen gebe. Schwenck befindet sich derzeit in einem Abschieberaum am Flughafen Istanbul. Über den Vorgang sind inzwischen auch die deutsche Botschaft in der Türkei und das Auswärtige Amt informiert.


War in Kurdistan – Trailer

Im Februar hielten sich fünf Journalisten des linksradikalen Medienprojekts lower class magazine drei Wochen in Nordkurdistan (Südosten der Türkei) auf. Sie erkundeten jene Gebiete, die der türkische Staat derzeit mit einem grausamen Krieg überzieht und sprachen mit den Kämpferinnen und Kämpfern des kurdischen Widerstands sowie den Vertriebenen und unter der kollektiven Strafaktion Ankaras leidenden ZivilistInnen. Es entstanden dutzende Artikel, die auf, in den Tageszeitungen junge Welt und Neues Deutschland, in der linken Analyse&Kritik sowie beim Hate-Magazine nachzulesen sind. Ein Buch, das die Ergebnisse zusammenfasst, wird demnächst bei edition assemblage erscheinen.

Die drastische Kriegssituation in Nordkurdistan hat sich nun, eineinhalb Monate nach unserer Rückkehr weiter verschlimmert. Der türkische Staat tötet weiter. Auch Menschen, die wir bei unserem letzten Besuch kennenlernten, sind verschwunden, mussten fliehen, wurden verletzt oder verhaftet. Wir fühlen die Verpflichtung, erneut hinzufahren und zu berichten. Wir wissen, dass unsere Reichweite nicht groß genug ist, um das ohrenbetäubende Schweigen über diesen brutalen Krieg zu brechen. Aber wir wollen zumindest einen kleinen Beitrag dazu leisten, dass etwas mehr an Material auch in deutscher Sprache zugänglich ist. Eines der Erkenntnisse der Reise durch Nordkurdistan war: Die kurdische Befreiungsbewegung in Bakur kann nicht verstanden werden, ohne gleichzeitig das Autonomieprojekt in Rojava (Nordsyrien) mitzudenken, in dem mitten im Krieg eine demokratische Selbstverwaltung aufgebaut wird.

Nicht unerheblich – und viel weniger in der deutschen Linken bekannt – ist aber auch, wie sich die Kräfteverhältnisse in der kurdischen Autonomieregion im Nordirak darstellen. Also reisen wir diesmal von Nord- nach Westkurdistan und werden versuchen, von dortaus nach Rojava zu kommen.

Um diese Reise zu ermöglichen, bitten wir euch erneut um Unterstützung, da wir als selbstorganisiertes linksradikales Medienprojekt über ein Budget verfügen, das hart gegen Null geht. Letztes Mal kamen knapp über 2000 Euro zusammen, die für den Kauf von Schutzwesten, fast alle Flugkosten und Kosten für Essen und Unterkunft abdeckten. Außerdem konnten wir unseren Freunden, die uns regelmäßig mit ihren Ortskenntnissen und Übersetzungen weiterhelfen, eine kleine Aufwandsentschädigung zahlen.

Dieses Mal fliegen wir nur zu zweit, bleiben aber auf unbestimmte Dauer. Dazu wollen wir gerne eine Go-Pro anschaffen, um Bilder von den zerstörten und belagerten Gebieten machen zu können. Besonders dort, wo eine normale Kamera zu großen Problemen mit den ‚Sicherheits Behörden‘ führe würde. Da für unsere lokalen Freunde die Situation zu riskant geworden ist, werden wir möglicherweise auch auf die Hilfe professioneller ‚Fixer‘ und Übersetzer angewiesen sein, die natürlich auch bezahlt werden müssen.

Wir bedanken uns im Voraus bei euch für eure Unterstützung,

Redaktion des Lower Class Magazine


Research journey to Kurdistan: Back to the warzone

In February five journalists of the radical left wing media project lower class magazine traveled through northern Kurdistan (southeast of Turkey) for three weeks. They explored the areas which have been coated with a gruesome war by the Turkish state, they talked to fighters of the Kurdish resistance and to displaced civilians, suffering under the collective punishment of Ankara.
As a result, dozens of articles where published in the newspapers junge Welt and Neues Deutschland, in the leftist Analyse&Kritik as well as in Hate-Magazine. A book summing up the events will be published soon at edition assemblage.

The drastic situation of the war in northern Kurdistan has now, one and a half month after our return, become even worse. The Turkish state keeps on killing. People we have met during our last visit have disappeared, had to flee, where wounded or arrested.
We feel responsible to go back and keep on covering the war.
We know our reach isn‘t large enough to break the deafening silence over this brutal war. But we want to make our contribution to have some more material available in German language*. One of the insights of our last journey through northern Kurdistan has been: the Kurdish liberation movement in Bakur cannot be understood without considering the autonomy project in Rojava (northern Syria) in which democratic self-government is being built up in the midst of war.

Not insignificant – even though far less known among the left – is the constellation of power relationships in the Kurdish autonomy region in northern Iraq. Therefor this time we will travel from northern to western Kurdistan and are going to enter Rojava from there.

To make this trip possible we ask you again to help. We as a self-organized leftist media project have a budget close to zero. Last time we gathered a little more than 2000€ that where enough to buy a flak-vest, cover almost all flight costs, food and accommodation. Furthermore, we were able to pay our friends, who help us with their knowledge of the different places and their translation skills regularly, a small compensation.

This time it’s only two of us who will go but this time for an undetermined amount of time. We would like to buy a Go Pro to take pictures of the destroyed and besieged areas – especially where large cameras would lead to trouble with the ’security services‘. Also since it has become to dangerous for our local friends we will most likely be reliant to the help of professional ‚fixers‘ and translators who, of course, have to be payed.

Thanks a lot in advance

Editorial Staff of Lower Class Magazine

Exposed! Turkey’s Hidden Refugee Camps!



Ein Skandal der türkischen Regierung


Place: Stockholm, Sweden.
Date: 09/04/2016

Turkish National Association (TRF) Vice Chairman, Barbaros Leylani, made himself yesterday guilty for hate speech in Stockholm during a demonstration: „Death to Armenians !!“.

With government grants from the Swedish taxpayers, TRF incited against Armenians and calls for further genocide. TRF has been guilty of similar statements against other ethnic groups in the past and this shows once again that the dream of eradicating Christian Armenians are still live. Among Turkish-Swedes in Sweden. Very troubling.

Nowadays, neither Armenians, Kurds, Greeks and Syriacs etc. needs to demonstrate against the Turkish state. Turkish National Association and its supporters clearly show what they‘re made of.

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