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There Is A Silent Genocide in Turkey

Der Krieg der Anderen: Warum Deutsche gegen den IS in den Kampf ziehen

Girê Spî cleansed of ISIS gangs after 16 hours of clashes

The town of Girê Spî in Rojava, West Kurdistan, has been cleansed of ISIS gangs that started an expansive aggression with Turkish state support last night.

The town of Girê Spî in Rojava, West Kurdistan, has been cleansed of ISIS gangs that started an expansive aggression with Turkish state support last night.

Gang groups got positioned in the region of Mentiqet-ul Îskan after infiltrating into the area from Turkish border. They launched an aggression on the areas of Îskan, Eyn Arûs, Watanî Hospital and Hemam Tirkman village at around 01:15 last night.

YPG/YPJ and asayish (public security) forces immediately responded to the attack and managed to encircle them a while later amid fierce clashes that lasted 16 hours.

Dozens of gang members were killed during the fighting, in the wake of which the town was entirely cleansed of the gang groups at 4 pm today afternoon.

Clashes between YPG/YPJ and ISIS gangs are ongoing in the area between Hemam Tirkman village and Ayn îsa town.

Earlier today, Press Office of People’s Defense Units (YPG) stated that ISIS gangs had carried out attacks aimed at the southern and eastern parts of Girê Spî from the directions of Turkey and Raqqa last night.

The gangs attacking from Turkey side had targeted the Girê Spî (Til Ebyad) town centre, and the villages of Nestel, Xwêra and Qenetra. Those attacking from the southern Raqqa side, on the other hand, had hit the villages of Genterî and Şergirat to the east of Ayn îsa and south of Silûk town.



Police Kill 22 Year-Old Kurdish Youth During Demo To Break Siege Of Sur

Turkish police forces attacked thousands of people in Amed (Diyarbakir) today during a protest march from Koşuyolu Park to the central Sur district to break the siege that has been ongoing for 88 days.

Many people were injured in the attack as police used plastic bullets, gas pellets and water cannons to disperse the crowd.

It has been confirmed that 22 year-old Abdullah Yılmaz whom police shot in the head in the Mevlana Halit neighborhood of Bağlar district has died. Yılmaz was rushed to a private hospital following the attack but could not be saved.

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10 consecutive explosions were heard in Sur this morning with state forces intensifying attacks against the people in the district. There are estimated to be between 1000-2000 people still living in Sur, with some 200 trapped in basements and houses.

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Trenches and barricades were put up in the district following mass arrests and killing of civilians after the June general election in Turkey. In the past few months Kurdish youths have declared the Civilian Protection Units (YPS) and YPS-Jin (Women); armed militias that are fighting within the neighbourhoods against state forces.

Kurdish Question

Warrior Women of Kurdistan

These women are sacrificing their very lives for freedom and for the entire world in fighting against ISIS. Turkey shows its gratitude by dropping bombs on them right now.

We may be the children of the lands of Amed and Cizira, Dersim and Colemerg. We may be the hearts of the lands spanning out from Qobane to Qamislo, Halabja, Hewler to Slemani, Mahabad to Urmiya and the skirts of the Zagros Mountains. We may be the daughters of the Sun, children of Kurdistan.

However,We carry the fight of the Women across the World. Thousands of us don‘t only fight ISIS. We carry on our shoulders the ideological weight of those stoned in Afghanistan or genitally mutilated in Somalia. The Women who are sexually enslaved across the world, discriminated, paid less, not represented, forcibly married, abused and victimised by domestic rape.
We are here to empower Women, break Male patriarchy, represent the silent. The sacrifices of Kurdish Women are for all of you. We are here to stay and to set precedent for the World. Embrace the Revolution.

Rojava is your home.




5-year-old Cansu Kaplan, 7-year-old Mercan Demir wounded as police open fire on Bağlar area of Diyarbakır.


12-year-old murdered by state forces in Nusaybin

State forces have launched an aggression on Dicle neighborhood of Mardin’s Nusaybin district Sunday evening.

As the Turkish state’s all-out war against Kurdish people continues across North Kurdistan, military and police forces have launched an aggression in Mardin’s Nusaybin district Sunday evening.

The aggression by armored vehicles targeted Dicle neighborhood, leaving 12-year-old Muğdat Ay dead as he played outside with his friends. 16-year-old Azad Denger got wounded in a foot.

Residents have taken the slain and wounded boys to Nusaybin State Hospital.



Erschreckende Bilder. Wir sehen hier nicht die zerstörte kurdische Stadt Kobanê in Syrien, sondern die kurdische Stadt Cizre in der Türkei. Die Nachrichtenagentur Siyasi Haber in der Türkei veröffentlichte gestern erste Bilder aus der Stadt nach 40 Tagen militärischer Ausgangssperre. Erstmals konnten unabhängige Fotografen die Stadtviertel Cudi und Nur betreten. Die ehedem intakten und dichtbewohnten Nachbarschaften sind heute nunmehr menschenleere Trümmerlandschaften.

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Turkeys Killing Kurds: Do Not Turn A Blind Eye

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