Nusaybin children’s latest innovation: the barricade periscope

As the town of Nusaybin resists again Turkish state attacks, children have contributed a new invention to the resistance: periscopes made of PVC pipes.

In the Nusaybin district of Mardin province, town residents have built a communal resistance in their neighborhoods. The smallest members of the resistance have come up with a new invention to keep their neighborhoods safe from attacks by the armored vehicles that wait outside their barricades.

Police and soldiers may assault the neighborhood and damage homes, but the children’s inventive spirit turns even this into an opportunity. The children, salvaging PVC water drainage pipes damaged by bullets, have positioned angled mirrors in each end of the pipes, adding elbow fittings at each end to create a periscope.

The “barri-scopes” help the children to stay safe from attacks while standing watch behind the barricades.


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