HDP calls for urgent action for Silvan


The Central Executive Board of Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) has released a statement calling for urgent solidarity with Silvan district of Amed where a heavy military operation in civilian areas is going on since early this morning, on the ninth day of the curfew.

Pointing to the ongoing repression of Turkish state forces in Silvan for almost two months now, HDP recalled that the curfew currently in effect is the sixth one imposed in the district recently, and called attention to the reports of casualties as a result of today’s ongoing attacks, from both the air and the ground.

Remarking that the offensive has greatly damaged many houses and workplaces and all means of communication are restricted in Silvan, HDP statement noted that the operation in the district is being conducted with a large number of snipers, special operation and gendarme teams, soldiers, helicopters, armored vehicles, artillery weaponry and tanks that shell the neighborhoods from hills.

HDP emphasised that the state atrocity and violence in the district is getting heavier, adding that the party deputies in the district also remain under a growing threat.

HDP said the offensive is being conducted against the people that protect their will, defend their rights and fight for their legitimate and fair right for self-rule, freedom and equality. “This most democratic demand of the people cannot be suppressed by means of tanks and atrocity. The offensive in Silvan and other Kurdish towns is not a fight against terrorism but operations aiming to intimidate and suppress the people.”

Describing the silence in western Turkey as pretty concerning, HDP said the people of the country remain silent and deaf to the voices raising from Silvan and all other villages, streets and towns in the Kurdish region. HDP underlined that it is becoming more difficult and also more important every day to voice a joint call for peace and fraternity of peoples.

The Central Executive Board of HDP continued by calling upon all the peoples, democracy forces, NGOs and political parties in Turkey to make sure that a way be found out of the current situation, which -it warned- will otherwise end up in huge disasters.

“We have no time to lose as the developments are getting to a point of no return”, the HDP statement said and called everyone to step up solidarity in order for peace and justice to prevail.

The Central Executive Board of Peoples’ Democratic Party ended its statement by urging the government to stop the operations, respect the will of the Kurdish people and treat the problems on the basis of negotiations.

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