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617 children died in Turkey in 11 months

Human Rights Association (IHD) has released a report on occasion of 20 November Universal Children’s Day.

Speaking at the conference where the report was made public, IHD General President Öztürk Türkdoğan stated that 3,861 children suffered a violation of their rights and 617 others died during the 11 months of 2015. Among these, 57 lost their lives as a direct result of state violence. On the other hand, over 6 thousand children are currently jailed in Turkish prisons.

Türkdoğan underlined that children suffer violence in all spheres of life, and mainly a violation of their right to life in the first place. He remarked that international conventions on children’s rights aren‘t practiced in the Turkey, including the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.


According to the IHD report, the period between 1 January and 20 November of 2015 witnessed 3,681 violations of children’s rights in Turkey. 617 children lost their lives during the same period.

While 2 children died in prison, 14 child workers were verified to have lost their lives in work-related deaths.


In the meantime, 51 children have lost their lives in the „armed conflict atmosphere“ caused by the violence cycle created by the AKP government after 7 June.

As the refugee crisis resulted by the Middle East war claims more lives every day, a total of 105 refugee children lost their lives under heavy circumstances.

According to the report, hundreds of children died as a result of an accident and negligence during the first 11 months of 2015, which on the other hand witnessed an injury of 1,750 children due to same reasons. Besides, 74 children got wounded as a consequence of intervention on social events as police violence gets heavier across the country.


During the same period, 388 children were detained and among these, 69 were remanded in custody. In the meantime, 872 children in Amed were blacklisted by the Ministry of National Education.


IHD report also revealed that 172 children were subject to torture and ill-treatment during this year, and these include 38 under custody, 27 in prison, 4 in childcare institutions and 50 in family house and social sphere.


According to the report, out of 51 children who lost their lives in the armed conflict atmosphere, 43 died in the areas of clashes and curfews imposed by the AKP government. While separate explosions of military ammunition left 5 children dead, 3 others lost their lives in different cases, which include denial of an ambulance access, disobedience to stop warning and an armed attack against a passenger minibus.

The report underlined that the war concept initiated by the AKP government as of July 2015 has startlingly increased the figures of children’s deaths and right violations.

The report also put emphasis on the right violations suffered by children in the areas where an unlawful curfew has been put into practice in the Kurdish region.


The report also highlighted that 6,132 children aged between 12 and 17 are currently jailed in Turkish prisons. While 97,3 of these is made up by male children, 600 children are imprisoned alongside their mothers.

68,6 percent of the children aged under 18 were once again subject to arrest and penalty one year after their release.



Deeply shocked by the events in Paris. We stand in full solidarity with the people of France.

Profondément choqués par les événements à Paris. Nous sommes solidaires aux côtés des français ‪#‎Paris‬

FARQIN ( Silvan )

Gegen die Massaker der Türkei an der Bevölkerung in Nordkurdistan! In Farqin (Silvan) rollen bereits Panzer.

Ein Innenministeriumsvertreter äußerte: Wir werden 3 Stadtviertel in Farqin (Silvan) von der Landkarte tilgen!

Kein Schweigen diesem Terror und Krieg!


Die Stadt Silvan ( Kurd. Farqin ) wird von der türkischen Armee attackiert

The Plight of Farqin ( Silvan )

„Is it because we are Kurds?“

The outcry of Farqin (Silvan) and the Kurdish people in Turkey to a silent world. Listen to the full speech of this young Kurdish man. English subtitles.

Military operation started in Silvan

On the ninth day of the siege and curfew in Amed’s Silvan district, a military operation has been started against Tekel, Konak and Mescit neighborhoods.

The operation is being joined by the tanks and military vehicles that have been dispatched to the district since yesterday. The three neighborhoods are being targeted from both district centre and the rural area Gundê Cano and Hill Gaza that overlook the region under siege.

The operation with tanks and heavy artillery is also supported by special operation forces since early morning hours. There is furthermore an intense activity of helicopters over the district where special forces stationed on high buildings are opening intense fire on civilian areas.

In the meantime, local people continue resisting the attacks.

Kurdish Info

HDP calls for urgent action for Silvan

The Central Executive Board of Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) has released a statement calling for urgent solidarity with Silvan district of Amed where a heavy military operation in civilian areas is going on since early this morning, on the ninth day of the curfew.

Pointing to the ongoing repression of Turkish state forces in Silvan for almost two months now, HDP recalled that the curfew currently in effect is the sixth one imposed in the district recently, and called attention to the reports of casualties as a result of today’s ongoing attacks, from both the air and the ground.

Remarking that the offensive has greatly damaged many houses and workplaces and all means of communication are restricted in Silvan, HDP statement noted that the operation in the district is being conducted with a large number of snipers, special operation and gendarme teams, soldiers, helicopters, armored vehicles, artillery weaponry and tanks that shell the neighborhoods from hills.

HDP emphasised that the state atrocity and violence in the district is getting heavier, adding that the party deputies in the district also remain under a growing threat.

HDP said the offensive is being conducted against the people that protect their will, defend their rights and fight for their legitimate and fair right for self-rule, freedom and equality. “This most democratic demand of the people cannot be suppressed by means of tanks and atrocity. The offensive in Silvan and other Kurdish towns is not a fight against terrorism but operations aiming to intimidate and suppress the people.”

Describing the silence in western Turkey as pretty concerning, HDP said the people of the country remain silent and deaf to the voices raising from Silvan and all other villages, streets and towns in the Kurdish region. HDP underlined that it is becoming more difficult and also more important every day to voice a joint call for peace and fraternity of peoples.

The Central Executive Board of HDP continued by calling upon all the peoples, democracy forces, NGOs and political parties in Turkey to make sure that a way be found out of the current situation, which -it warned- will otherwise end up in huge disasters.

“We have no time to lose as the developments are getting to a point of no return”, the HDP statement said and called everyone to step up solidarity in order for peace and justice to prevail.

The Central Executive Board of Peoples’ Democratic Party ended its statement by urging the government to stop the operations, respect the will of the Kurdish people and treat the problems on the basis of negotiations.

Kurdish Info

HPG, YJA-STAR, YBŞ forces have started an offensive to liberate Shengal this morning.

Speaking to ANF, some of the freedom fighters participating in the operation told that they are ready to pay any price for Shengal’s liberation and freedom, and vowed to resist to the end in order to clear the entire region of ISIS gangs.

Shengal freedom forces have called upon all Kurdistan youths, the Êzidî youths from Shengal in the first place, to join the ranks of resistance.



Kurden-Protest gegen Syrien-Konferenz / PRESSEMITTEILUNG

Ali Toprak, Bundesvorsitzender der Kurdischen Gemeinde Deutschlands, hat die Zusammensetzung der Wiener Konferenz über Syrien scharf kritisiert. Siebzehn Länder beraten heute in Wien über Friedenslösungen für Syrien.„Mächtige Nachbarstaaten und internationale Großmächte sitzen an einem Tisch und wollen über die Zukunft des Landes entscheiden, doch die einheimische Bevölkerung ist nicht vertreten“,kritisierte Toprak. „Dabei zählen die Kurden zu den Hauptleidtragenden des Konfliktes.“

Militärisch stellen die Truppen der kurdischen Peschmerga und die Kämpfer der YPG die einzigen nennenswertenBodentruppen in Irak und Syrien. „Unsere mutigen Frauen und Männer sind faktisch die einzige Militärmacht am Boden, die Widerstand gegen die barbarischen Truppen des IS leisten.“ Toprak findet es „bizarr“, dass siebzehn externe Nationen über eine Syrienlösung – möglicherweise über neue Grenzziehungen – unter Ausschluss der einheimischen Bevölkerung verhandeln.

Kurdische Gemeinde Deutschland e.V.

Let’s rebuild an ecological life together

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