Dozens killed as twin explosions hit demonstrators for peace in Ankara

Two explosions have hit the area of thousands who gathered outside Ankara railway station for a peace rally organised by KESK, DİSK, TMMOB and TTB.

Reports say over 30 people have lost their lives and some a hundred have been wounded.

As the survivers and members of Health Union SES try to help the wounded and who are being rushed to hospitals, ETHA reporter Fuat Uygur at the scene said the explosions were likely caused by suicide bombers, according to initial observations.

One of the two explosions occurred during the passage of HDP demonstrators who had just started marching, and the other during the passage of pro- Partizan-Kaldıraç demonstrators.

Bodies of the casualties have been covered with the flags and banners carried by the people who would all together demand peace today against the ongoing war and conflict in the country.

In the meantime, police have fired tear gas amid the crowd at the scene where bodies of many have people have scattered around in a blood bath.



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