ISIS Emir captured by YPG: Turkey satisfies all of our needs

ISIS Emir Yasin Ebdileziz Egumi was captured by YPG forces during the ISIS attack on Kobanê on June 25, and said that all critically injured gang members received treatment in Turkey, which gives logistic support to ISIS.

The Turkish state gives economic as well as military and political support to ISIS. ISIS gangs fighting against Kurds in Rojava (West Kurdistan) receive the biggest external support from Turkey, which continues to fail convincing the world that it is fighting against ISIS since its collaboration with the gangs became exposed. ISIS Emir Yasin Ebdileziz Egumi was captured by YPG forces during the ISIS attack on Kobanê on June 25, and confessed to Turkey’s military and logistic support to ISIS by saying that the group that carried out the June 25 massacre entered Kobanê from Turkey. ISIS Emir Egumi spoke to ANF, and you can find the English version of this interview translated by ANF English service below.

Can you introduce yourself? What was your position within ISIS?

I am Yasin Ebdıleziz Egumi and I am Moroccan. Recently, I was the assistant of Ebu Bettar El Mısri; the ISIS Emir in Kobanê.

Where and how was your massacre in Kobanê planned out?

We were informed one night before the attack, we were summoned to Tabqa. We had been told that we were going to attack Hesekê, but Ebu Bettar El Mısri told us in Tabqa that we were actually attacking Kobanê. El Mısri used a projector to explain us the plan and tactics of the attack.

How was it planned and implemented?

We were 82 people in total, and we formed 6 groups of 12 people each. Ebu Bettar El Mısri was among the attackers, and the first group held the checkpoint to the south of Kobanê as we had planned. The second group, led by El Mısri, attacked Mürşitpınar Border Gate with an explosive vehicle, the goal here was to hold the gate after the explosion. The third group held the road to Tel Ebyad to the east, and the fourth group attacked Miştenur Hill in order to conquer it. The fifth and sixth groups entered the town and spread around to the locations we had identified earlier. Reinforcements came from Sirîn and Cerablus to help us, and a smaller group with ammunition entered Kaniya Kurda region from Turkey.

What was the goal of this plan?

Our goal was to conquer the city and block the roads in order to prevent civilians from escaping. The prevention of civilians’ escape would also prevent the planes from intervening, but our plans failed and we were confronted. At this point, we spread around across the town and killed everyone we saw without distinguishing civilians from soldiers.

What was the reason for your attack on civilians as opposed to military forces?

In the verses from our trainings, it said “behead infidels when you see them,” and the murder of civilians that support YPG is halal because they are infidels for us. We attacked civilians in order to take revenge from them for their collaboration with infidels in Kobanê.

Do you know which countries send aid to ISIS?

Aid usually came from Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Saudi Arabia sent materials such as clothes and blankets, all food and other livelihood needs were satisfied by Turkey.

To which countries does ISIS sell oil?

We sold oil to Turkey, I know this but I am not sure how exactly the oil was sold and transported to Turkey. I also know that Turkey sent logistic support in exchange for oil.

Where does ISIS treat injured people?

Those who are critically injured are taken to Turkey, some of my friends got treated in İstanbul. We were sending those who were lightly injured to Mosul for their treatment.



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