Is this the Special Forces Officer who Tortures and Threatens Kurds? / North Kurdistan

Images have surfaced of the man who first shared the video showing a Turkish Special Forces Officer shouting threats to Kurdish men handcuffed and faced down in a 45 second video.

In the video the face of the man who is shouting is not revealed as the video is shot from his point of view. A ring worn by the man on his right hand finger appears at the 38th second of the video and is similar to a ring worn by Celebi Delibey in a video of him instructing.

Video of torture and abuse:

Translation of video:

Video of ring:

Celebi Delibey shared the video on his Facebook page earlier today and then removed it soon after it went viral. The comments underneath the video were full of praise for him, commending him for his patriotism and treatment of Kurds.

In other photos and videos on his profile it shows that Celebi Delibey is a Special Forces Officer who calls himself ‚Crazy Celebi‘ and says of himself that ‚Executioners have an ugly stare.‘

From his profile it is also clear that Delibey is an instructor and has worked closely with the AKP government, instructing former AKP MP Hasim Kilic’s security guards on the use of motor vehicles.

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