2 people killed in state terror in Silopi


2 persons died, while many others were wounded in police attack in the Silopi district of Şırnak.

Silopi today.

Police forces sieged Zap and Avaşin neighbourhoods at around 04:00 last night in the Silopi district of Şırnak and attempted raiding houses in order to detain some young people. As people responded strongly against the police operation, and did not allow the entrance of the police forces into the neighbourhoods, clashes broke out between the youth and the security forces. Facing strong resistance against the detentions, police opened random fire on people, killing 2 persons and wounding many others. Police forces also set 6 houses on fire, and also opened fire on the ambulances that were carrying the wounded civilians to the hospital.

HDP Şırnak deputy Faysal Sarıyılız confirmed to ANF that 2 people, Hamdi Ulaş and Hıdır Tanboğa, were killed in police fire and many others were wounded.

Sarıyıldız said that over 10 wounded people were taken to the hospital and added that the police opened fire on a car which was carrying a wounded person to the hospital, and that the bullets hit the wheel of the car.

Sarıyıldız reported that clashes continue in the two neighbourhoods.

Another HDP Şırnak deputy, Ferhat Encü, reported that 6 houses were set on fire by the police, and added: “Police prevents the wounded from being taken to the hospital as well as the fire department from extinguishing the fires in the houses. Smokes have arisen above the two neighbourhoods”

Speaking to ANF, Silopi co-mayor Seyfettin Aydemir also confirmed that two persons were killed in police fire, and added that clashes continue in the two neighbourhoods as the police continue to fire bullets on people. Aydemir said together with the two HDP deputies that they have been trying to enter the neighbourhoods but could not do this: “Snipers are positioned on the roof. There is no life security here”, Aydemir added.




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