Injustice Accusation to People’s Protection Aimed to Publicizing for ISIS and Cover-up His Crimes

Our units continue freeing region of Rojava from ISIS. Beginning from freeing of Tel Hamis and Tel Brak in eastern of Qamishlo city countryside and basin of Al Khabur and Kazwan Mountain (Abdul Aziz) in western of Al Hasakah countryside to Slook town and outskirts of Tel Abyd in northern of Al Raqqah city. Beside to we freeing tens of thousands kilometers of lands, towns and villages from ISIS terrorism, with great harmony and joy of the different components people in region.

These victories are the result of our martyrs’s blood who offered for the sake of getting rid from this despicable terrorism, which was hovering over the issuance of the Syrians. However, it seems that such a great and successive victories troubling some parties. Therefore, these parties are trying hard by all unmoral means distortion victories of our units, which have achieved thanks to the sacrifices of our martyrs and cooperation of the region people, and the great cohesion shown by our people of all sects in this great national wedding in defeating terrorism. The media campaign paid the price by some of parties and authorities, which are trying to promote stories and scenarios, contradict the fact. Accusing our units of committing infringement and torturing others, and portray it as an ethnic conflict, and these accusations are rejected in toto and fabricated. The holders of these stories and scenarios want to achieve what ISIS could not achieved to broadcast dissent toxins and discord among the components of our people. In our battle with ISIS there are dozens of martyrs of Arab brothers, who mixed their blood with the blood of their brethren from Kurds, Syriac and Assyrians to defend honor, lives of citizens and to defend the values of freedom and dignity. Their graves are evidence for those who try to ignore the truth and the history that records every day with this great cohesion, and this is the secret of victory over ISIS terrorism and his inhumane oppression.

We say it openly, where were the parties who throws charges here and there against our units, from what ISIS committed of the devastation, burning and destruction in the town of Mabrokh, Al Rawya and Al Dahmaa villages and in villages of Assyrian brothers in the basin of Al Khabur? Today, after we liberated these areas, these parties come and trying hard to accuse our units by crimes and violations originally committed by ISIS. The irresponsible acts that show how this parties attempt to beautify ISIS image, commonplace his terrorism and to legitimize his stay in the region at the expense of innocent and defenseless civilians. We also reveal their duplicity in the fabrication of the bright truth and marketing of evil and terrorism.

We in People’s Protection Units are not afraid to show the facts, on contrary our doors were open to all international and global media, and they still open wide. We renew our call for those who wish to see the reality on the ground, instead of raise rumors and fabrications depending on suspicious sources that often non-existent and imaginary, and service agendas hostile to the interests of our people to get rid from ISIS terrorism, and what ISIS seeks to pass.
The terrorism against our Druze brothers in Khlib Alloza village in Idlib city is a heinous crime. Moreover, what they are exposed to in Sweida city not different to what happened in Idlib. The goal is to hit the components and veried spectra of the Syria with each other, and deepen the differences between them. We in People’s Protection Units (YPG) consider attacks and massacres on our Druze brothers directed to us, so we find ourselves interested in this, and we will work by all the ways and means to protect them and defend them and express our readiness for it now and at all times.

We appeal to our civilian brothers who suffer from ISIS terrorism in his control areas, for safety and security of their families don‘t abandon to the outside of border, but to bear towards safe areas in the interior city like Al Hasakah and Serê Kaniyê. We assure them that we will insure secure and all of their humanity needs. They can return to their villages and property when security come back to the region.

General Command of People’s Protection Units
14 June 2015

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