Police gather bullet casings after killing 12-year-old in Cizre

North Kurdistan

Witnesses of the murder by police of 12-year-old Nihat Kazanhan in Cizre spoke about the incident which they said had happened despite no tension or conflict being present in the district.

Nihat Kazanhan (12)

Kazanhan was critically wounded and died soon later after he was hit in the head by a bullet fired by police early evening.

An eyewitness told the followings as to how the incident occurred as they sat outside in Yafes neighborhood: “Police came near us in cobra and scorpion type armored vehicles and then moved to the nearby area where children were playing. They threatened the children saying that ‚We will fire bullets on you if you throw stones on us‘. Then they started to fire tear gas, soon after which we heard sounds of real bullets being fired and saw that one of the children was shot. The people around rushed him to hospital where he lost his life. He was shot in the head.”

Another witness told that: “Our house is close to the area where the incident took place. Youths always play football and spend time there. In recent days, the only thing police did was to come there and fire tear gas and bullets while no incidents nor demos, protests take place. The same thing also happened today when policemen came to the same area and shouted at the children. Soon after they started to fire tear gas on the children, we heard sounds of bullets being fired. Then we saw that one of the children was shot and lying on the ground. They killed yet another child of ours.”

Eyewitnesses also stated that policemen gathered the bullet casings at the scene after they shot the boy.

Large number of people have flocked to the hospital on hearing the news, including executives of the DBP and HDP district organizations and Co-Mayor Leyla İmret. Tension rose outside the hospital as police teams arrived there in armored vehicles.



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