500 hundred Yezidis reach Batman via Roboski

Large groups of Yezidi people have been taking refuge in North Kurdistan following the occupation of Sinjar by ISIS gangs. The Yezidis coming to North Kurdistan through the border at the village of Roboski in the Uludere district of Sırnak are being taken to other cities and districts in North Kurdistan and accommodated in places arranged by DBP municipalities.

Some 500 hundred Yezidis reached Batman yesterday from Roboski after a 27-day-long and difficult journey following the attacks of ISIS on Sinjar on 3 August. In Batman they have been housed in the Esentepe Sports Complex apartments.

The Yezidis are suffering from extreme fatigue and lack of sleep and are resting under the trees while the workers of the Batman municipality and members of the people’s assemblies prepare food for them. The health personnel of the municipality also reached the scene to check the health of the people.

Giving information about their work for the Yezidi people, DBP Batman branch co-chair Serdar Atalay said they don’t see the war victims as guests or refugees, adding that they will build a communal life step by step with and for the Yezidi people.

“We have solved the shelter and the security problems of our people who have been victimized in war, and came to Batman from Sinjar fleeing the cruelty of the barbaric ISIS gangs. Those people who were living in the villages in South Kurdistan also have been accommodated here in the villages and now are trying to adapt to their new places. We are also preparing a tent city with a capacity of 2 thousand capacity in Qorixe village” said Atalay, adding that they would continue their work to meet the needs of the Yezidi people.







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