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Horrific confessions of ISIS members

A documentary broadcast on STERK TV last night entitled ‚Gang of Degenerates‘ contained the horrific confessions of more than 20 members of ISIS regarding the inhuman methods of the organisation. The ISIS operatives were captured by Rojava public security and YPG forces. References to history were made in the documentary to Mary Shelley’s ‚Frankenstein‘, published in 1818, where a monster is constructed using remnants left on the battlefield and parts collected from slaughterhouses. It was emphasised that global forces are behind this.

Their biggest weapon is causing fear and terror

Attention was drawn in the documentary to the fact ISIS’s most effective weapon is its ability to create fear and terror by means of its methods, such as random killings regardless of gender, age, religion or ethnicity, its decapitations, rapes and burying people alive. The gangs do not feel a need to conceal what they have perpetrated, on the contrary they publish their atrocities so that more people can see them.

With whom did ISIS come to agreement regarding Sinjar?

Şêrko Xêredîn Silêman, an active member of ISIS, mentioned bargaining being carried out over Sinjar following the capture of Mosul. The striking thing is these confessions were recorded prior to the gangs‘ attacks on Sinjar. Silêman claims ISIS reached agreement with the government in South Kurdistan regarding Sinjar, saying: ‘Before they were opposed to each other, but then they came to an agreement. The Iraqi Kurdistan government and ISIS made an alliance. They Iraqi Kurdistan government said: „let’s give them Sinjar, so that they don‘t bother us and we don‘t bother them.“

Şêrko Xêredîn Silêman claims he was trained by Parastin, the intelligence organisation of South Kurdistan, and sent to Rojava to carry out joint operations.

‘They have contact points in Cizre, Adana and Urfa‘

The gang members also made revealing claims regarding Turkish support for ISIS, saying Turkey does not only provide a safe corridor, but also supplies all manner of logistical support. They said they had worked closely with Turkish intelligence and could bring weapons from Turkey whenever they wished.

Mihemed Yûsif Vazo said they had contact points in Cizre, Adana and Urfa. Another gang member, Ebdulkerîm Îbrahîm, said he had been to Turkey 3 times, bringing back weapons on each occasions.

ISIS representative works with intelligence in Adana

Yûsif Vazo explained how an ISIS representative from Rakka worked with intelligence operatives in the city of Adana to ensure a supply of arms. He added that Turkey was used as a transit point for ISIS members.

They count the rapes as ‘marriage‘!

The most lurid part of the documentary was the part in which gang members gave their ‚marriage‘ numbers in addition to their names and ISIS membership numbers. For instance, Cinêd Cemîl Silêman said his membership number was 333, while his marriage number was 583.

Mihemed Sebah Hebeş said his membership number was 500, and his marriage number was 400.

The ISIS members admitted that what they called ‚marriage‘ was in fact rape. They said that every new member of the organisation was raped. The footage of the rape would be used as blackmail in the event of the new recruit refusing to participate in actions.

20-year-old Ferhan Salim Unûf Safên said he had been abducted by Silêman Kohnê, Ebû Qûteybe and Cinêd Cemîl and suffered multiple rapes. „I fainted. When I came round they told me: ‚you are now with ISIS in Jazaa.‘ They told me to join. I said it was not possible. They did terrible thiungs to me. Things even the Americans didn‘t do in Abu Graib. Things even the Israelis haven‘t done to the Palestinians. I‘m ashamed to explain them. There were 6 or 7 of them. Their faces were covered. They ‚married me‘ about ten times!“

Ebdulkerîm Îbrahîm Bazo said ‚marriage‘ was a rule in order to be a member of the organisation. Bazo said the ‚wedding‘ was carried out like a ceremony, adding: „those who did it to me said I had gained morale and strength to fight.“

Rapes recorded for use in blackmail

Bazo added that the footage recorded was used as blackmail. He said: „Silêman Kohnê took me to a village, where my ‚marriage‘ was performed by Hecî Newaf Mele Mehmûd. They blindfolded me and carried out the wedding. About a fortnight later they came and said I had to participate in the organisation. I didn‘t want to. But they had the footage. They threatened to show it to my family.“

Ehmed Hisên explained horrifying incidents; „I‘m from the Sharbaniyan tribe in Malikiyê (Derik). Silêman Kohnê proposed that I join ISIS some time ago. But I told him I was newly married and did not want to be involved in such things. I was then abducted and drugged. When I came to I was in a room which stank terribly. They wouldn‘t let me leave the room. Five people came in and told me I should join the organisation, I refused. Then they tortured me. They extinguished cigarettes on my body. Such things were not done to Iraqis at Guantanamo. You would think I was an infidel. They blindfolded and stripped me. They ‚married‘ me 15 times. Then they washed my head and put cologne on me. They told me no one could join ISIS without being married. Then they recited very strange verses of the Quran. As they spoke I imagined images of severed heads. They spoke academic Arabic.“

‘Kill the Kurds and throw them in the Tigris‘

The confessions also illustrated the way ISIS members are indoctrinated with hostility to Kurds. One of the captured members of ISIS said that during ‚education‘ sessions Kurds were described as ‚infidels‘ and that they had been told: ‚kill the Kurds and throw them in the Tigris. They‘re not Moslem so it’s permissible to kill them.‘

Some of the ISIS members who spoke were captured during a bomb attack in Derik.

Silêman Mihemed Kohne, who was mentioned in relation to the rape incidents, was also captured and gave details of the bomb attack, intended to kill civilians, during which a nephew of a gang leader was killed. The attack was also recorded. The documentary ‚Gang of Degenerates‘ concluded that: „despite the support of global and regional powers for the murderous ISIS gangs, they have been unable to achieve strategic success against the Kurds. The brutality and wave of fear they have created has turned to ice as it struck the walls of resistance in Kurdistan,“ showing footage of the defeats suffered by the ISIS gangs in Rojava and South Kurdistan.



500 hundred Yezidis reach Batman via Roboski

Large groups of Yezidi people have been taking refuge in North Kurdistan following the occupation of Sinjar by ISIS gangs. The Yezidis coming to North Kurdistan through the border at the village of Roboski in the Uludere district of Sırnak are being taken to other cities and districts in North Kurdistan and accommodated in places arranged by DBP municipalities.

Some 500 hundred Yezidis reached Batman yesterday from Roboski after a 27-day-long and difficult journey following the attacks of ISIS on Sinjar on 3 August. In Batman they have been housed in the Esentepe Sports Complex apartments.

The Yezidis are suffering from extreme fatigue and lack of sleep and are resting under the trees while the workers of the Batman municipality and members of the people’s assemblies prepare food for them. The health personnel of the municipality also reached the scene to check the health of the people.

Giving information about their work for the Yezidi people, DBP Batman branch co-chair Serdar Atalay said they don’t see the war victims as guests or refugees, adding that they will build a communal life step by step with and for the Yezidi people.

“We have solved the shelter and the security problems of our people who have been victimized in war, and came to Batman from Sinjar fleeing the cruelty of the barbaric ISIS gangs. Those people who were living in the villages in South Kurdistan also have been accommodated here in the villages and now are trying to adapt to their new places. We are also preparing a tent city with a capacity of 2 thousand capacity in Qorixe village” said Atalay, adding that they would continue their work to meet the needs of the Yezidi people.


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