HPG guerrilla wounded in clashes at Meskan died

Muhammed Hoşan (Sidar Kobanê)

Military activity and tension continues to increase in North Kurdistan due to the ongoing construction of military bases. Clashes were reported from the Meskan mountain in Hakkari on 13 May.

In a statement about 13 May’s clashes, People’s Defense Forces Press Office HPG-BIM had reported that two soldiers of the Turkish army were killed and one other was wounded in clashes on 13 May. The statement also said one guerrilla had been wounded in the clashes in the area.

HPG-BIM said in a written statement released on Friday that the guerrilla wounded in the mentioned clashes has lost his life later.

HPG-BIM gave the following details about the identity of the guerrilla martyrized at Meskan mountain;

Name: Muhammed Hoşan

Code Name: Sidar Kobanê

Place of Birth: Kobanê

Parent’s name: Rehber-Hüseyin


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