KCK offers condolences to the people of Soma

The KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council has issued a message of condolence following the mine disaster at Soma.

The KCK described the disaster as murder, saying: „As the Kurdish Freedom Movement and the Kurdish people we are with you and share your pain.“

The KCK statement continued: „Turkey is now in the situation of a country with cheap labour and no work safety. It has the character of a 21st century version of the historical slavery systems that existed in Sumeria and Egypt.“

Underlining that the death of hundreds of mineworkers is not an accident, but murder, KCK said „In Turkey the important thing is not safety in the workplace, but production at lower cost. It is not just a matter of cheap labour, but of aiming to get rich quick through achieving maximum profit. this exploitation is evident in all workplaces in Turkey, not just in the mines.“

KCK pointed out that „These murders are the product of industrialisation, which is the greatest threat to humanity. The only way to prevent such massacres is to move to a communal economic system based on eco-industry.“

The KCK statement ended with a call to the peoples of Turkey to join a joint struggle for radical democracy based on democratic confederalism in order to create an economic and social life in which communal democratic eco-industry is dominant.


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