Police continue to use excessive force against demonstrators for Berkin


Istanbul police made no warning before attacking thousands soon after the funeral of 15 year old Berkin Elvan whose death, caused by a tear gas canister fired at him by riot police, has made tens of thousands of people throughout the country pour out into the streets since yesterday. Berkin died early Tuesday morning after remaining in a coma for 269 days since he was shot while on the way to buy bread for his family during Gezi Park protests in June of 2013.

People were out to both protest against the unpunished use of excessive force by police forces protected by the government, and to bid farewell to the young boy who weighed only 16 kilos when he died. Berkin is now the 8th person to have been killed in the Gezi protests.

Demonstrators carried bread and banners which read „Berkin Elvan is immortal“ and „Murderer Erdoğan“, also calling on the government to resign.

Police in Ankara and İzmir had already started to brutalize demonstrators as the funeral took place at Feriköy Cemetery in the afternoon.

Istanbul police started to do the same soon after the funeral at the cemetery ended, denying masses permission to march to Taksim Square where a farewell ceremony with candles and carnations had been scheduled for the evening.

Police attack, and clashes it led to, began in the Osmanbey district and spread to Taksim as people didn‘t leave areas and insisted on marching to the square.

Violent police crackdown continues on Istiklal Avenue now. The chief of police announces that access to the square will not be allowed.

Demonstrators in Mersin, Dersim, Adana and Eskişehir have also been attacked violently by police forces in the evening. Clashes and police attacks continue in many provinces.


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