Racist groups hunt Kurds in Fethiye

Tension remains high in the Fethiye district of Muğla province where racist groups organising through social media attacked the HDP’s (Peoples‘ Democratic Party) district building prior to its opening ceremony on Sunday. Attacks of nationalist groups against Kurds continued throughout the night.

Around 200 people gathered in the Salı Pazarı (Tuesday Market) square in Fethiye before the opening of the HDP’s district office, and marched to the building where some among them removed the signboard of the HDP and replaced it with a Turkish flag with the help of a fire truck.

The racist group was joined by more and more people in the evening when a large number of nationalists gathered once again and chanted slogans against Kurds, and in favor of Atatürk. Many people came from the surrounding cities to support the assailant group in attacking the HDP office and Kurds in the district.

The groups started to make a call in the evening calling for a lynching campaign against Kurdish citizens in the district.

Police intervened the nationalist groups as they grew in number, with hundreds of racists coming from the surrounding cities, and attacked several places belonging to Kurds. The racist groups opened a Turkish flag and sang the turkish national anthem. Clashes between police and nationalist groups lasted till late night.

Small groups of nationalists are also claimed to be looking for the Kurds whose name they have on a list they compiled after ascertaining the Kurdish citizens in the district. „We have the names of addresses of the Kurds. We will expel them from here“, the nationalist groups have reportedly said.

The owner and customers of a patisserie hardly survived an attack of the groups by escaping from the area. The owner of the patisserie, a man from Mardin, was also threatened by the groups who said him that; „We will loot your workplace and kill you unless you leave this place in half an hour.“ The groups later dispersed around and called for the lynching of Kurds, vowing to send Kurds away from the district.

Towards the night, nationalists started to wait in front of some houses belonging to Kurds, including that of HDP Seydikemer co-mayoral candidate Adem Yılmaz who reportedly left his house with his family and on hearing about the attacks against Kurds. Many supporters of the HDP are reported to have left the district for having no safety of life.

16 people have been reported detained following night-long clashes with police forces that tried to prevent groups coming from other cities to support nationalist groups.



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