Question in parliament about murder of 11 year-old Fatma Erkan
11 year-old Fatma Erkan

Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Group Chair İdris Baluken has put down a question in the Turkish Parliament regarding 11 year-old Fatma Erkan, who was shot dead by soldiers 19 years ago and recorded as a ‚terrorist‘. Baluken asked a question to the Prime Minister as to whether there had been an investigation opened into the incident.

Fatma Erkan was shot dead along with 2 other people, alleged to be PKK guerrillas, in the Midyat district of Mardin province in 1995.

In the question asked by İdris Baluken Turkish PM Tayyip Erdoğan was reminded that according to human rights organisations more than 500 children had died as a result of attacks by state forces.

The question stated: „With her father’s application to the Human Rights Association we have learned 19 years later that 11 year-old Fatma Erkan was the last child to be extra-judicially murdered. Although Fatma Erkan, who was shot dead in the village of Çalpınar (Sitê) in the Midyat district of Mardin on 14 October 1995 together with 2 people said to be PKK members, was recorded by her murderers as a ‚terrorist‘, in the photographs taken that day and the autopsy reports of the Midyat prosecutor Atilla Cengiz everything is clear. In the report Fatma Erkan’s body is described thus: ‚an intact corpse of a young girl,1 metre 30 centimetres in height, 45 kilos, 13-14 years old, with brown hair, brown eyes, brown eyes, a virgin, wearing a light brown shirt, white knickers, with pink tracksuit bottoms and a multi-coloured skirt. She was barefoot with plastic shoes alongside the body.‘ It is clear that she was a child wearing plastic shoes who was killed.“

Baluken asked:

-Has any investigation been opened regarding personnel involved in the killing of Fatma Erkan? If so, what is the outcome?

-If no investigation has been opened, are you considering opening one?

-What information does your ministry have regarding the Fatma Erkan incident?

What is the description of the duties of the personnel involved in the killing of Fatma Erkan? How many people participated in this?


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