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German court sentences Metin Aydın to four and a half years in prison
Metin Aydın

Germany, which consistently co-operates with Turkey, has reached another judgment that will hurt the feelings of the Kurds. Kurdish politician Metin Aydın, charged with being a director of Komalen Ciwan, has been handed a 4 and a half year prison sentence.

Metin Aydın was arrested in Switzerland in 2011 on the grounds that he was wanted in Germany and extradited the following year. Metin Aydın’s trial, which commenced in August at the Stuttgart High Court, has concluded, with Aydın being found guilty of ‚membership of a foreign terrorist organisation‘. In the judgment it was claimed 36-year-old Aydın was a leader of Komalen Ciwan who recruited for the PKK from 2008 until he was taken into custody in 2012.

Aydın: ‚I‘m happy because I have struggled for my people‘

Metin Aydın said in court that he was happy as he had been able to do something for his people, adding that he could not be tried for his struggle. He added that while in Kurdistan his village had been burnt down by troops ad that he had been arrested and tortured.

Judge claims: ‚this case is not political‘

The judge in the Stuttgart court said that it was difficult to reach a verdict, saying that it was necessary to think hard regarding countries such as Turkey where human rights violations were a part of daily life. The judge then claimed that the case against Aydın was ‚not a political trial of dissidents under surveillance on account of their political views‘. The judge added that ‚membership of a terrorist organisation‘ was an offence in Germany.

Metin Aydın was arrested in Switzerland on 20 June 2011 at the request of the German authorities. The reason given was Germany including the PKK within the scope of article 129, known as the ‚anti-terror‘ law. He was held in solitary confinement in Switzerland for 16 months solely on the grounds that ‚extradition procedures are being carried out‘. Aydın went on hunger strike for 54 days in protest at his extradition, almost dying as a result. German police accepted Metin Aydın shackled to his bed in November 2012 after a journey that lasted several hours.

Metin Aydın, who has lived in Europe for several years, had an elder brother who previously died in the ranks of the freedom struggle in Kurdistan.


Question in parliament about murder of 11 year-old Fatma Erkan
11 year-old Fatma Erkan

Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Group Chair İdris Baluken has put down a question in the Turkish Parliament regarding 11 year-old Fatma Erkan, who was shot dead by soldiers 19 years ago and recorded as a ‚terrorist‘. Baluken asked a question to the Prime Minister as to whether there had been an investigation opened into the incident.

Fatma Erkan was shot dead along with 2 other people, alleged to be PKK guerrillas, in the Midyat district of Mardin province in 1995.

In the question asked by İdris Baluken Turkish PM Tayyip Erdoğan was reminded that according to human rights organisations more than 500 children had died as a result of attacks by state forces.

The question stated: „With her father’s application to the Human Rights Association we have learned 19 years later that 11 year-old Fatma Erkan was the last child to be extra-judicially murdered. Although Fatma Erkan, who was shot dead in the village of Çalpınar (Sitê) in the Midyat district of Mardin on 14 October 1995 together with 2 people said to be PKK members, was recorded by her murderers as a ‚terrorist‘, in the photographs taken that day and the autopsy reports of the Midyat prosecutor Atilla Cengiz everything is clear. In the report Fatma Erkan’s body is described thus: ‚an intact corpse of a young girl,1 metre 30 centimetres in height, 45 kilos, 13-14 years old, with brown hair, brown eyes, brown eyes, a virgin, wearing a light brown shirt, white knickers, with pink tracksuit bottoms and a multi-coloured skirt. She was barefoot with plastic shoes alongside the body.‘ It is clear that she was a child wearing plastic shoes who was killed.“

Baluken asked:

-Has any investigation been opened regarding personnel involved in the killing of Fatma Erkan? If so, what is the outcome?

-If no investigation has been opened, are you considering opening one?

-What information does your ministry have regarding the Fatma Erkan incident?

What is the description of the duties of the personnel involved in the killing of Fatma Erkan? How many people participated in this?


Angebliches Erdogan-Telefonat: „Sohn, bring alles Geld weg, was im Haus ist!“

Quelle: Der Spiegel

Das Originalvideo/ Türkisch

Türkisches Militär verletzt den Waffenstillstand

Die Volksverteidigungskräfte (HPG) erklärten, dass es seit der letzten Woche zu großen Truppenbewegungen des türkischen Militärs nahe der Grenzstadt Şirnex (Şırnak) komme und das von Zeit zu Zeit die Militärkräfte das Feuer auf Gebiete eröffne, die von den Guerillakräften der HPG kontrolliert werden. Aus diesem Grund kam es zu einigen bewaffneten Auseinandersetzungen. „All das kommt einer Verletzung des seit knapp einem Jahr anhaltenden Waffenstillstands gleich“, so die HPG.

Seit dem 15. Februar setze das türkische Militär auch verstärkt Drohnen und Kobra-Helikopter in den Gebieten ein. „Im Schutze der Luftwaffe bewegen sich die türkischen Militärs in Richtung des Haftanin-Gebietes, wo sie mit dem Bau neuer Straßen und Militärkasernen begonnen haben”, erklärt die HPG. Im Zuge dessen kam es zwischen am 20. und 21.Februar zu Auseinandersetzungen zwischen der HPG und dem Militär, bei denen das Militär die Gebiete auch bombardiert hat.

Die HPG gab an, dass sie mit allen Mitteln versuchen werde, Auseinandersetzungen aus dem Weg zu gehen und den Waffenstillstand aufrechtzuerhalten. Allerdings werde man bei Angriffen auf die von der HPG kontrollierten Gebiete sich selbst verteidigen.


Aufstand im Gefängnis von Amed

Im E-Typ-Gefängnis von Amed (Diyarbakir) haben die Gefangenen aufgrund einer geplanten Verlegung einen Aufstand gegen die Gefängnisleitung begonnen. Eine Vielzahl von gepanzerten Militärfahrzeugen und Krankenwagen haben sich infolge dessen in das Gefängnis begeben. Auch außerhalb des Gefängnisses hört man die Gefangenen derzeit Parolen rufen.

Die Anwälte des Vereins TUHAD-FED wurden unterdessen nicht zu den Gefangenen gelassen. Sie warten vor den Gefängnistoren auf neue Nachrichten aus dem Gefängnis.


MIT number in Ömer Güney’s telephone
Ömer Güney

It has emerged that one of the numbers registered in the phone belonging to Paris massacre suspect Ömer Güney is that of the MIT (Turkish Intelligence) Erzurum Regional Office.
Anti-Terror investigating magistrate Jeanne Duye, who is in charge of the investigation, and assistant magistrates Christophe Teisser and Laurence Levert sent an ‚international rogatory letter‘ to the Turkish authorities requesting information regarding the telephone conversations Ömer Güney had with persons in Turkey.
In the document, published by ANF, the French magistrates asked the Turkish authorities to identify numbers called by Güney between 29 November 2012 and 25 December 2012, when he last went to Turkey.
The Karşı newspaper used the service for identifying unknown numbers, 118 80, to enquire the owner of numbers beginning 0442 cited in the document. The answer received was „National Intelligence Organisation attached to the Department of Security.“

Numbers awaiting explanation

The document published by ANF on 2 February 2013 under the heading „Whose numbers are these Ömer Güney was in contact with?“ consists of 2 parts. In the first part the following numbers called by
Güney between 29 November and 21 December 2012 are of particular interest: 00 90 538 27 45 849 and 00 90 538 27 56 302. The latter number was the one most called by the suspect.
Also in the document is a reference to certain numbers that „may have been within the borders of France between 30 August 2012 and 20 January 2013″. The Turkish authorities are asked whether the Turkish secret service know these numbers. .
Who is ‚former colleague‘ Ruhi Semen who Güney met in Ankara?
One name is mentioned regarding telephone conversations. Ruhi Semen, who is described as Güney’s ‚former work colleague‘ in Germany. Güney is said to have met with Semen in Ankara on 19 December 2012. Semen is said to have used a German telephone. The identity of the owner of number 905076097050 is requested and details of conversations made between 18 and 21 December 2012 are asked for.

BDP could not get an answer

In the second part of the document there are questions regarding Ömer Güney’s relationship with certain of his relatives. Following the publication of the document by ANF the BDP Deputy President Beştaş applied to the Public Prosecutor’s office in Ankara to request information regarding these telephone calls. She has yet to receive a reply.


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