Police killed two people in Yüksekova [ GEVER ] / Northern Kurdistan


Thousands staged a march in Hakkari’s Yüksekova district on Friday evening to protest against the ongoing attacks on the cemetery of eight HPG (People’s Defense Forces) guerrillas in the Orman neighborhood. Among the demonstrators were also BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) executives, mayors, activists of Peace Mothers Initiative, MEYADER, TUHAD-FED, KURDÎ-DER and Gever Culture and Art Centre.

People marched to the cemetery where they planted PKK (Kurdistan Workers‘ Party) and KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) flags that have recently been removed from the cemetery, allegedly by police officers.

Following a statement by YDG-H (Movement of Patriot and Revolutionary Youth) activists, demonstrators marched to Oslo Hotel outside which MEYADER Yüksekova executive made a statement on behalf of the mass, reacting to the attacks on guerrilla cemeteries.

Police attacked the mass without any warning, using rubber bullets and intense tear gas, and pressure water. Clashes erupted as youths responded to the police attack.

Two people, Reşit İşbilir (35) and Veysel İşbilir (34), were killed as police opened fire on demonstrators. Two men are said to be industrial workers.

Witnesses speaking to DIHA (Dicle News Agency) said Reşit İşbilir was hit by two bullets, one on the heart and the other on the right hand.

People rushed to Yüksekova state hospital after bodies were taken there. Special operation teams surrounded the hospital with armored vehicles and blocked the relatives of the casualties. Police teams also threw tear gas canisters into the hospital, and broke the windows and doors with their guns.


Tension rose as police attempted to detain BDP Yüksekova district chair Nail Durmaz. Police attacked people as they reacted to the intervention on Durmaz, and attacked them with tear gas after they entered the hospital.

Tension remains high in the hospital. Public prosecutor has reportedly come to the hospital for autopsy.

BDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş has taken his way to Yüksekova.

The governor of Hakkari has released a statement in which two men were accused of going into combat with police with heavy weapons. The statement by the office of governor claimed that police officers had to engage in combat with protestors who attacked them with long barreled weapons and explosives.



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