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Man wounded in Yüksekova [ GEVER ] dies

25 years old Bemal Tokçu has died on Wednesday after he was severely wounded by a bullet fired which hit him on the head during the crackdown police staged on people in Gever, Hakkari’s Yüksekova district last Saturday. Police brutally attacked thousands who were joining the funeral of Reşit İşbilir (35) and Veysel İşbilir (34) who were shot dead by Turkish police during a demo in the district on 6 December.

Tokçu stayed in intensive care unit at Van Yüzüncü Yıl University Hospital since 7 December.

Following an autopsy at the hospital, Tokçu will be laid to rest in Yüksekova or in the village of Adaklı (Alakana) where he was born.

With Topçu’s death, the number of people killed by police in Yüksekova rose to three.


12.12.2013 GEVER

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Police attacked demo in Diyarbakır

Police have attacked demonstrators in Diyarbakır who were protesting the killing of two civilians in Hakkari’s Yüksekova districton Friday. The demonstration was organized in response to the killing by riot police of two local workers – Mehmet Reşit İşbilir and his nephew Veysel İşbilir – in the district of Yükseova (Gever) in the province of Hakkari (Colemêrg) during protests two days against the desecration of a guerilla cemetery.

Protesters gathered in front of the Diyarbakir (Amed) Branch Headquarters of the BDP and began to march toward Koşuyolu Park. After meetings between BDP officials and police commanders, the blockade of of armored vehicles were lifted and the march was allowed to proceed. In the course of the march YPG-H, KCK and PKK flags were unfurled, and a large banner reading “The people of Amed will hold the murders in Gever to account.”

Police stopped marchers a second time in Bayındırlık Avenue, where BDP co-President Gültan Kışanak made a short speech in which she accused the authorities of exploiting the event to spread false stories and to provoke a reaction among Kurds, saying “The powers that be are attempting to cover up this murder by claiming that this obvious event was a provocation. Two civilians who were exercising their democratic rights lost their lives and the murders were the police. The government must hand over those police who were so quick to use their weapons to the proper authorities. If the government wants to stop these provocations they must condemn these two murders, state that they are unacceptable and hand over those who carried out these murders to justice.”

Kışanak went on to point out how in the past 11 years of AKP rule approximately 150 people have lost their lives in police attacks on demonstrations, saying “They say that demonstrators are using weapons. This is an insult to reason. If demonstrations had used weapons it would have turned into a lake of blood. If a provocation is being sought after, the attack by those desecrating cemeteries was an attack in its own right. We have been warning the AKP for seven months. To bring together those cementarites which until now have been located in various rural areas in one space in those most democratic of rights and you will respect this. This was a provocation in its own right. The subject of cemeteries is a sensitive one. If you attack the values of people you will not be able keep this country in any state of order. You will hand over the police and JİTEM elements who are the cause of these deaths for trial. From now on let us all react to these events.”

Kışanak later addressed the government directly, saying “We are here today using our right to demonstrate. Those who are making no effort to find the murders have sent an unimaginable force here. We are trying to organize our people. Be aware of the danger that is now present everywhere. I am also addressing the government. If there is an ounce of sincerity in them let them bring these events to light and let them bring out the naked truth around JİTEM. Speak and come out into the open. Enough already for two long you have tread on top of the Kurds. Enough already we will not surrender to these blackened faces and we will not leave this place to them. Come out onto the streets! Shout! March! Hold them to account!”

After Kişanak spoke tension mounted as police did not allow the march to go ahead. Then police attacked protesters with tear gas and water cannons. Youth within the crowd responded with rocks and homemade fireworks. As clashes continued on the main avenue and on side streets, police forcibly arrested many. At least 10 people were injured and 4 police were lightly injured by the homemade fireworks.

Local houses suffered damage and residents – including the elderly and children – were exposed to gas. Police fired gas canisters into multiple homes as the clashes spread throughout the district of Bağlar. Police latter blocked over major intersections with armored vehicles throughout Bağlar and Yenişehir as a precautionary measure.



Polizeiterror in Gever – zwei Tote

In Gever (Yüksekova) im Kreis Colemêrg (Hakkari) in Nordkurdistan (Türkei) griff die Polizei am 6.12. eine Kundgebung des Vereins der Angehörigen von Getöteten und Verschwundenen (MEYA-DER) an. Bei den darauf folgenden Auseinandersetzungen erschossen Polizeispezialeinheiten zwei Personen. Das Krankenhaus, in dem sich die Getöteten befanden, wurde anschließend zum Ziel eines Polizeiangriffs, Spezialeinheiten schlugen mit Gewehrkolben Scheiben ein und warfen Gasgranaten in das Krankenhaus in dem sich die Angehörigen der Getöteten versammelt hatten.

Die Proteste hatten sich gegen die seit zwei Monaten andauernde systematische Schändung eines Friedhofs, auf dem Guerillakämpfer_innen liegen, durch Sicherheitskräfte gerichtet. An Demonstration hatten viele tausend Menschen aus der Kleinstadt Gever, unter ihnen der Bürgermeister Ercan Bora (BDP) und verschiedene zivilgesellschaftliche Vereine, wie die Friedensmütter, teilgenommen. Gegenüber dem Friedhof wurden Fahnen von PKK und KCK aufgestellt. Viele hinterließen Blumen und riefen Parolen wie „Türkei – fass unsere Märtyrer nicht nochmal an“. Die Demonstrant_innen kehrten wieder friedlich ins Stadtzentrum zurück, wo die Abschlusskundgebung ohne Vorwarnung von der türkischen Polizei mit Gasgranaten und Wasserwerfern angegriffen wurde. Die Jugendlichen antworteten auf den Angriff mit Feuerwerkskörpern und Molotowcocktails. Die Polizei eröffnete das Feuer und tötete dabei Reşit İşbilir (35) und seinen Neffen Veysel İşbilir (34).

Nach Aussagen des Kreisvorsitzenden der BDP Rahmi Kurt waren die Leichen von den Polizisten über den Korridor des Krankenhaus am Boden entlang geschleift worden.

Als bekannt wurde, dass zwei Menschen getötet worden waren, zogen viele zur Leichenhalle im Krankenhaus von Gever. Spezialeinheiten hatten das Krankenhaus mit Panzern blockiert und selbst die engsten Verwandten sollten daran gehindert werden, das Krankenhaus zu betreten. Dabei setzte die Polizei Tränengasgranaten ein, die ins Krankenhaus gefeuert wurden und insbesondere die Menschen im Krankenhaus und die Kranken beeinträchtigten. Spezialeinheiten schlugen mit Gewehrkolben die Scheiben des Krankenhauses ein, um dort einzudringen.



Police killed two people in Yüksekova [ GEVER ] / Northern Kurdistan

Thousands staged a march in Hakkari’s Yüksekova district on Friday evening to protest against the ongoing attacks on the cemetery of eight HPG (People’s Defense Forces) guerrillas in the Orman neighborhood. Among the demonstrators were also BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) executives, mayors, activists of Peace Mothers Initiative, MEYADER, TUHAD-FED, KURDÎ-DER and Gever Culture and Art Centre.

People marched to the cemetery where they planted PKK (Kurdistan Workers‘ Party) and KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) flags that have recently been removed from the cemetery, allegedly by police officers.

Following a statement by YDG-H (Movement of Patriot and Revolutionary Youth) activists, demonstrators marched to Oslo Hotel outside which MEYADER Yüksekova executive made a statement on behalf of the mass, reacting to the attacks on guerrilla cemeteries.

Police attacked the mass without any warning, using rubber bullets and intense tear gas, and pressure water. Clashes erupted as youths responded to the police attack.

Two people, Reşit İşbilir (35) and Veysel İşbilir (34), were killed as police opened fire on demonstrators. Two men are said to be industrial workers.

Witnesses speaking to DIHA (Dicle News Agency) said Reşit İşbilir was hit by two bullets, one on the heart and the other on the right hand.

People rushed to Yüksekova state hospital after bodies were taken there. Special operation teams surrounded the hospital with armored vehicles and blocked the relatives of the casualties. Police teams also threw tear gas canisters into the hospital, and broke the windows and doors with their guns.

Tension rose as police attempted to detain BDP Yüksekova district chair Nail Durmaz. Police attacked people as they reacted to the intervention on Durmaz, and attacked them with tear gas after they entered the hospital.

Tension remains high in the hospital. Public prosecutor has reportedly come to the hospital for autopsy.

BDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş has taken his way to Yüksekova.

The governor of Hakkari has released a statement in which two men were accused of going into combat with police with heavy weapons. The statement by the office of governor claimed that police officers had to engage in combat with protestors who attacked them with long barreled weapons and explosives.



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