Police attack Karana family waiting for sons‘ bodies

Thousands of people have gathered at Nusaybin border gate to accompany the Karana family who have just arrived at the border gate after receiving the body of actor Mehmet Karana.

YPG (People’s Defense Units) fighter Ömer Karana and his brother Mehmet Karana lost their life in the suicide attack carried out by al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra Front in Tirbesbiyê on Saturday.

Police attacked the mass waiting at the border gate when they reacted to the governor’s instruction for the delivery of Mehmet’s body to Nusaybin state hospital for autopsy.

Police use intense tear gas and pressure water against the people who are responding to the attack with stones.

Mehmet Karana, actor at Cizre Municipality’s Mem û Zin Culture and Art Centre, was on a visit to his brother fighting in YPG ranks, when the suicide attack was carried out.

Karana family arrived in Tirbesbiyê on Sunday for the delivery of their children to their hometown, Şırnak’s Cizre district where all shops remain closed today before the funeral ceremony for the brothers.




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