Protest against „wall of shame“
Kurds in Nusaybin once again came out to protest against „wall of shame“

Executives and members of the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) staged a demonstration against the ‚wall of shame‘ currently being built between Mardin’s Nusaybin district and the Qamishlo city in West Kurdistan.

The demo was joined by a large number of civilians and politicians including BDP Mardin deputy Erol Dora, DTK (Democratic Society Congress) permanent council member Osman Özçelik, mayors of Mardin’s Kızıltepe and Nusaybin districts, city council members and BDP and HDP (People’s Democratic Party) Mardin executives.

Demonstrators marched to the border, the area where the ‚wall of shame‘ is being built, where they held a press conference amid heavy police presence.

Speaking here, BDP Mardin provincial chair Reşat Kaymaz evaluated the construction of the wall as a step sabotaging the ‚resolution and dialogue process‘, and called on the AKP government to end this policy.

Kaymaz underlined that the Kurdish people wanted no walls nor borders in any of the four parts of Kurdistan.

Kaymaz called on the people of Nusaybin to stand against the wall and called for mass participation in the mass demo against the wall to take place on 20 October.

Speaking after, BDP deputy Erol Dora called for the immediate suspension of the wall construction, and warned that such policies and practices would harm the resolution process supported by the peoples in the country.


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