Chemical weapons allegedly used in bombing in Damascus

Dozens have been killed or wounded in the bombing Syrian military carried out in Damascus region last night.

According to the reports of western media grounded on London-centered Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Syrian military’s attacks have intensified in the eastern and western Guta regions in Damascus as of last night. The aerial attacks have reportedly taken the life of dozens of people, also leaving many wounded. According to the Observatory, the operation has mainly targeted the Madhamiyat al Sham town in the southwestern part of Damascus.

The Coordination of People’s Committees have on the other hand reported hundreds of casualties caused by the attacks, with the report however remaining unconfirmed by other sources. According to the Coordination, the majority of the casualties is made up by civilians who have allegedly been killed with poisonous gases in eastern Guta region. Videos of the attack have been published on the web as well.

The Observatory for Human Rights has called on the international commission to investigate the alleged use of chemical weapons in last night’s attack, while Syrian authorities have however denied the allegations.



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