26 Al-Qaeda members killed in Tal Abyad

Fierce clashes took place between YPG and the al-Nusra front near the village of Kur Hiso, located seven kilometers west of Tal Abyad, on Sunday night, said local sources reporting on the ongoing conflict in Syria’s Kurdish region since 16 July.

26 members of the al-Qaeda affiliated armed groups were killed and many others were taken captive by YPG (People’s Defense Units) fighters in Tal Abyad of Reef al-Raqqa.

YPG fighters seized heavy weapons of the al-Nusra front’s militants, also destroying many military vehicles of the armed group.

YPG took the village after fierce clashes in the area, setting up control points between three villages in the region, also surrounding the Sikeryat village.

ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham) and al-Nusra front attempted to expel Kurds from Tal Abyad after surrounding the Kurdish People’s House in the city on 18 July. The negotiations between Arab and Kurdish representatives and armed groups remained inconclusive.

Two days later, the gang groups started to shell the Kurdish neighborhoods in the region and took hundreds of Kurdish civilians captive.

Fighters from the Kurdish front Jabhat al-Akrad, which has 40 battalions active in the regions of Bab and Aleppo, responded to the attacks of the al-Qaeda affiliated gang groups in Tal Abyad region. The Kurdish front detained Abu Mus‘ab, the Emir (leader) of the ISIS, whom they later released in exchange for the Kurdish civilians kidnapped by the al-Nusra front.

35 members of the gang groups were killed and dozens of others were wounded in clashes from 20 to 21 July.


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