American passports found at Al Nusra’s headquarters

Attention-grabbing details about the armed groups attacking Rojava are revealed by the documents People’s Defense Units (YPG) seized two days ago after raiding the headquarters of the Islamic state of Iraq and Biladi Sham groups, including Al Qaeda affiliated Al Nusra Front.

The documents YPG seized have once again revealed the fact that the Al Qaeda affiliated armed groups attacking against YPG in Rojava are acting with the support of foreign powers, that of Turkey in particular.

The documents seized include a number of identity cards and passports as well, including those of American, Egyptian, Tunisian and Bahraini citizens.

One of the passwords found here belongs to a citizen of the U.S. which declared the Al Nusra Front as a terrorist organization. The American citizen is seen to have crossed into Syria from Turkey.

One id card YPG seized here belongs to a member of the Syrian Intelligence Unit, Cemil Şahin.

According to the report by ANHA news agency, the passports and id cards found here belong to;

- Emir Faruk İbrahim, from the American state of Pennsylvania, who crossed into Turkey through Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport

- Faruk Zeki İbrahim, originally from Egypt and was born in the U.S.

-Abdulrehman Adel Hasan Hamad from Bahrain

-Cemal Ali Riad Alaaddin from Egyptian capital Cairo who crossed into Turkey through Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport. He is seen to have been to Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq and Libya using the same passport

-Ridha Hüseyin Mansori from Tunisia who went to Libya on 25 February 2013 and arrived at Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport within the same day

-Faruk Zeki İbrahim, originally from Egypt and was born in the U.S.

The other documents YPG seized include the sketches of military headquarters in Serêkaniyê, Tiltemir and Hesekê.


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