Guerrillas to begin withdrawal today

The beginning of the withdrawal of Kurdish guerrillas from Turkish soil today is being accompanied by a lot of talks. It is especially the AKP government which appears to be not at ease. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan went at lenght on Tuesday to explain (or trying to do so) that the withdrawal was nothing special. That today marked no special occasion. He knows this is not the case. And his uneasiness comes precisely from that. The reality is the PKK, once again, took the initiative and imposed an acceleration to what could not be called a process as such, but something like „a change in the scenario“.
It was Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan who indicated the withdrawal of the guerrillas as one of the steps to be taken in order to provoke this change in the scenario. The guerrillas, debating about it, decided to dare. And it is because they dare to imagine a different future that today they are withdrawing. On its part the government has not the same imagination and vision and therefore it is not at ease with what is going on. Because obviously the guerrillas‘ step must be met by another step, from the government side.

The BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) stated that they will hold „the government responsible for any military operation“. And indeed this would be the case: the government would bear full responsibility should the guerrillas been attacked. This indeed is a very important test of the genuinity of the government towards the whole process. The guerrillas have therefore shown once again their committment to pace by taking a decision which could put their life at risk. Yet they do believe peace is possible. And to make it happened they dared.


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