A mother who never found her son


Cemil Kırbayır disappeared under MP detention in 1980. Her mother, Berfo Kırbayır, never stopped searching for her son. She died at 105, her life forever marked by the loss of her son.

Berfo Kırbayır’s funeral will be held in Istanbul and her body will be sent to Kars province for burial, Kırbayır’s family members said.


„Like opinions have no geographies, so do people who have lost under police detention. We see similar cases in Argentina, Chile and other countries. Hundreds of mothers were deprived from crying in front of their sons‘ graves. But we will continue where our Berfo Mother left the struggle,“ Mikail Kirbayir told bianet.

A statement from Kirbayir family confirmed that her death cause was related to the complications following her cancer surgery.

„She dedicated her life to the search of her lost son’s relics. She was even uttering her son’s name before her death. Lately, she has even attended 1980 Coup Case trial. There she condemned the retired generals who organized the military coup. She symbolized the search for justice,“ the statement said.

Berfo Kırbayır will be remembered in Galatasaray square on Saturday by the other Saturday’s Mother. She sat with the mothers week after week asking for justice for all of the disappeared people.

Cemil Kırbayır, a left-wing activist, was detained by MPs in September 1980 in Kars province and allegedly tortured to death in October 1980.

The Kırbayır case remained un-prosecuted for decades.

In February 2011, General Attorney’s Office in Kars province launched an investigation, which has yet to turn into a judicial prosecution.

In January, Turkey’s Social Democracy Foundation announced that it would give its annual award on human rights, democracy, peace and solidarity award to Berfo Kırbayır.



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