YPG seizes French ambulance in Serêkaniyê

People’s Defense Units (YPG) forces have seized a French ambulance in the West Kurdistan city of Serêkaniyê on Tuesday. The ambulance, carrying a French plate, „CP-253-DE“ and some documents written in French, is believed to be carrying military equipments from Turkey to the armed gang groups in the Syrian Kurdish city Serêkaniyê.

Clashes between West Kurdistan YPG forces and Turkey-backed armed groups continue in some places of the city as YPG continues to fight to clear the city of gangs.

Several days ago, YPG revealed that the Turkish state has been sending ambulances, loaded with arms and other military equipment, into Serêkaniyê in support of the armed groups that have been attacking the Kurdish people here for months now and leading to a conflict environment in the Kurdish city.

The ambulance YPG forces seized on Tuesday is also believed to have been brought into the Kurdish city via Turkish borders. YPG sources remarked that the gangs tried hard not to give the ambulance which -it added- was to be used to carry the goods the gangs plunder in the Kurdish city.

In a statement on recent clashes in the region, YPG executives said they will strengthen their fight against the Turkey-backed gang groups, and that they will enhance the struggle to ensure self-governance in the city.



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