Dersim stops to salute Sakine
Sakine Cansız has been laid to rest in her native Dersim

Tens of thousands joined the funeral of Sakine Cansız in Dersim today. Mayor of Dersim, Edibe Şahin made a speech in Kurdish. „Welcome to your earth comrade Sakine. – she said – we know you were a woman who loved peace. Today in Dersim is winter, but you are the sun of this city“.

After the huge funeral ceremony in Diyarbakir joined by hundreds of thousands of people Sakine Cansız, Fidan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez arrived in their hometowns last night.

Sakine Cansız arrived in Dersim, where her coffin was met by a huge crowd chanting slogans like „Kurdistan will be the grave of fascism“.

Everything is set for the funeral ceremony today.

Last night a convoy of hundreds of car accompanied Sakine Cansız to Dersim. In Elazıg the number of vehicles increased to thousand. The convoy was then met on the Seyitli Bridge of Dersim by thousands of people.



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