Statement from Continuity IRA POWs, Roe 3, Maghaberry jail, Co

After a long period of deliberation, it has been decided that we the
Continuity Irish Republican Army POWs will suspend our current phase
of protest from Monday November 26, 2012 in order to give the prison
regime another opportunity to acknowledge and implement the agreement
all parties signed up to in August 2010.
As Republicans we undertook the agreement in good faith and
committed to honour it, and as Republicans, at no time did we break
our word. After a period of six months it became increasingly clear
that in the tradition of Perfidious Albion the British Government had
reneged on their word to implement that solution and so we resumed our
Now after 18 months of this second phase of protest, we believe that
we have shown the prison regime our resolve and determination to
oppose conditions not befitting Republican Prisoners of War. We also
believe we can afford them the opportunity at this juncture to
implement the agreement.
It is our hope that with this magnanimous gesture the prison regime
will now honour their word. As Republicans we will not shirk our
responsibility and we believe that it is now necessary for us to take
this lead in bringing the agreement to its conclusion.
Like our Comrades on Roe 4, we assert that the resolving of this
conflict lies squarely at the feet of David Ford and the British
Government, despite Ford’s assertion to the contrary.
Failure on the part of the British Government to implement the
August 2010 Agreement in full, will result in a reemergence of
conflict in the Jail
To all who have supported us up to this point, we ask for your
continued support. We salute all people across the world who have
worked on our behalf. We thank our families and our friends and
CAHAIR who have given us unswerving support and assistance.
Signed O/C Maghaberry Prison

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