Report: International POW-Day 2012

From Paris to Sydney: World-wide support for Republican POWs Irish Republicans and
their supporters all over the world held the second annual International Day of
Action for Irish Republican Prisoners of War on October 27. Pickets were
organised 12 countries on 3 continents such as New York, Sydney, Rome, London,
Manchester, Toronto, Paris, Glasgow, New Jersey, Hamburg, Colorado, Darmstadt,
Dusseldorf, Vienna, Marburg, Utrecht or Goteborg. The International POW-Day 2012 was organised by
the International Committee ‘Support the POWs!’. A statement issued on behalf
of the International POW-Day demanded the immediate release of Martin Corey,
Marian Price and Michael Campbell and called for an end of strip-searches and
internment. The statement was signed by the Republican Sinn Féin International
Bureau, Republican Sinn Féin in Scotland, Cumann na Saoırse Náısıúnta (USA), the Gaughan/Stagg Cumann (England, Wales),
the Irish Republican Prisoners’ Solidarity Group London, Irish Republican
Solidarity Darmstadt (Germany), James Connolly Association (Australia), Liberation
Irlande (France), Maghaberry Awareness Group Colorado (USA), Maghaberry
Awareness Group Hamburg (Germany) and Odio de Clase (Spain). Statements by the republican prisoners in
Maghaberry and by republican prisoners in Portlaoise were received by the
Committee ‘Support the POWs!’. The republican prisoners in Maghaberry jail sent
greetings to the Committee ‘Support the POWs!’ saying: “The
support we have received from those across the world makes us more determined
and resolute, we are indeed grateful for such support, and ask for your continued
support and activism on our behalf. We applaud those of you who take to the
streets all over the world in protest at the detention of true Republicans.”
The statement from the republican prisoners in Maghaberry is available from:
The letter from Portlaoise is available here: As part of the International Day of Action for
Irish Republican POWs, the Sydney branch of the James Connolly Association
Australia held an event in solidarity with our imprisoned comrades on Saturday
afternoon at Waverley, Sydney. A wreath was laid at the Irish Martyrs Monument
and the statements by the republican prisoners in Portlaoise and Maghaberry
were read out. Prior to the closing of proceedings, a local Irish-Australian
historian gave a detailed account of the history of deportations of Irish
Republican prisoners to Australia during the eras of the United Irishmen and
the Fenians. Republican Sinn Féin Scotland organised an
event in Port Glasgow to raise awareness of the on-going plight of the
prisoners in Maghaberry. Activists distributed leaflets in the area. Irish
republicans also held a successful picket outside Celtic Park and a protest
demanding an end to the media black-out of the plight of Irish POWs outside BBC
Alba. The Irish Prisoners’ Solidarity Group held a
picket outside the Ministry of Justice in London. In Manchester Irish
republican held a protest outside the central train station. Some pictures and
the leaflet distributed in Manchester can be found on the website of the
Gaughan/Stagg-Cumann: In Germany protests and stalls were held in
various cities. Activists of Republican Sinn Féin organised a stall in Marburg
and distributed leaflets and information on Éire Nua and Saol Nua in central
Marburg and outside the bookshop Roter Stern (Red Star). In Hamburg members of
the Maghaberry Awareness Group distributed leaflets in various shopping malls
and on the airport. They also reported that a vigil was held outside the
Lithuanian Consulate demanding the immediate release of Michael Campbell. In Dusseldorf
activists of the Support the Irish POWs Group Wuppertal organised a protest and
distributed leaflets outside the English General Consulate. In Darmstadt the
Irish Republican Solidarity Group organised two stalls in the city centre.
Furthermore the nation-wide network in support of political prisoners Rote Hilfe
(Red Aid) issued a press release in support of the International POW-Day. H.
Lange of the national leadership of the Rote Hilfe said the network supports
the Irish republican POWs and calls for an end of selective internment and
solitaire confinement. The press release can be found on the website of the
Rote Hilfe: In the Austrian capitol Vienna members of
Republican Sinn Féin distributed leaflets in support of the Irish POWs.
Leaflets were also distributed by activists of Republican Sinn Féin in the
Dutch town Utrecht and in two Swedish towns, among these Goteborg. The night
before October 27 activists in Utrecht sprayed some graffiti in parts of
Utrecht, one in Wijk bij Duurstede, calling for the support of Irish republican
prisoners. In Rome a picket was organised by Republican
Sinn Féin in Italy. RSF members Massimiliano Vitelli reported that the picket
in Piazza di spagna was well attended and even groups of Irish tourists joined
the picket singing Irish protest songs. A full report can be read on the
website The-Five-Demands: In Paris a group of comrades of the French
group Liberation Irlande placed a plaque on the base of the replica of the
Statute of Liberty which read: ‘Solidarity with the Irish republican prisoners,
Paris, 27.10.2012’. Later that day they organised a picket outside the Irish
Culture Centre on Rue des Irlandais. Reports and pictures are available from
the website of Liberation Irlande: In North America pickets were held in Colorado
by the Maghaberry Awareness Group Colorado and in Toronto a group of Anti Colonialist Working Group members
and supporters braved the rain and held an info picket outside of the English
consulate. Members of
the National Irish Freedom Committee distributed leaflets in central New
Jersey. In New York
City a meeting was jointly
sponsored by the Free Marian Price Campaign, US, the Free Gerry McGough
Campaign and the Release Martin Corey Campaign, US. A full report will be carried
on: Republican Sinn Féin also held pickets in
support of the POWs in Lurgan, Co. Armagh, Dublin and a stall in Galway. At the POW picket in Lurgan Cáit
Trainor who is an Ard Chomhairle member of Republican Sinn Féin from Armagh,
was arrested and taken to Lurgan barracks. From there she was taken to Hydebank
jail in Belfast to serve a two-week sentence imposed in March this year at
Craigavon courthouse. Cait who is Chairperson of the Release Martin Corey
Campaign was fined for ‘participating in and organising’ a march through Lurgan
in January 2011 in support of Martin Corey who is interned without trial in
Maghaberry jail, Co Antrim, since his licence was revoked by the British secretary
of state in 2010. Cáit refused to pay the fine of £700 imposed on her and so
today was arrested after once again highlighting the plight of the POWs
interned without charge or trial, and also by remand, in Maghaberry jail. For
more information visit: Dieter Blumenfeld, spokesperson of the
Committee ‘Support the POWs!’ and International PRO of Republican Sinn Féin said:
“More than 30 years after the H-Block Hunger strikes ended, Irish prisoners are
once again forced to protest for their rights. Some of these men are on
dirty-protest for more than a year. Injustice in Ireland is growing. Marian
Price and Martin Corey are both interned for more than a year and an Irishman
held in a Lithuanian jail is denied his basic human rights. We commend all Irish
republicans, their supporters and political activists who helped to make the
International Day of Action for Irish POWs a tremendous success.” “The important tool to be successful in the
fight for the rights of Irish POWs is international pressure on the governments
of the Irish Free State, England and Lithuania. The second international day
was a day Irish republicans all over the world put their strengths together and
showed that Irish republicanism is alive and growing after years of hardship.
The International POW-Day was the most powerful show of strength of Irish
republicanism on an international level in decades. The Republican Movement and
the Republican POWs can build from this international support and we are more
determined than ever to support our comrades.” The International Committee ‘Support the POWs!’
will decide in the coming weeks about future protests for Irish POWs. The
e-mail address of the committee is: . For more information, visit: – – – – – – – – -
International Coordination Committee
‚Support the POWs!‘
For the support of the Irish Republican Prisoners held in Irish, English and Lithuanian jails…
tel: 0043 556 18 68

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