Redhack hits police website
The website of the police headquarter in Ankara has been hacked by Redhack

The website of the police headquarter in Ankara has been hacked by Redhack in the organization of ‚AntiSec‘ formation. Panicked after the attack,the police shut down all their servers, writes the Redhack site, but they could not prevent Redhack from getting the files.

Explaining who they are the hackers write in their website: „The members of the RedHack consists of existing members who are either visible or not, ex-members that are always there to help us if needed, hundreds of supporters always take their ranks beside us and obviously our working class and self-sacrificing people who deserves to be supported“.

As the files are in Turkish, they have started to be published on which is the Turkish website of Redhack.

Bianet provides translation of some of the messages:

* The female teacher called … does not let tens of thousands of civil servants sleep at this hour of the day by continuing the preparation of the … action. On Google, facebook, Twitter, inci and sour dictionary, she disturbs [other people] and even Minister Melih Gökçek.

* I am sorry to see that no legal action has been initiated about this individual by the police or the prosecution even though information about this person was passed on several months ago. Just two days ago, this individual again insulted and cursed the PRIME MINISTER of the Turkish Republic and the RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY on Twitter. I request you to inform me that you will do what is necessary.

* Atatürk has been called gay in recent times because of the following situation. The statues of Atatürk generally found on squares in the country are depicted without genitals. The determination of the sex is done by approval of doctors in the Turkish Republic and in the world by looking at the genitals. It was seen that Atatürk statues do not feature genitals and it has come as far as calling him gay or queer. In my opinion, all people who are known to have caused this situation and who approved these genderless statues all around the country should be tried on the grounds of insult of Atatürk according to the Constitution and the law…

* Looking at statistics from the past, attacks of traitors from terrorist organizations on police stations are usually being done in the early evening hours. It seems they start moving in the afternoon after 15.00 hrs towards police stations. In my opinion, all kinds of movements around police stations should be watched carefully in the late afternoon and in the evening. I think that our police and military should be equipped with NIGHT VISION systems and mobile forces should additionally be reinforced around police stations.

* In internet forums on animal rights I read that the Çankaya (Ankara) Municipality building is going to be attacked with stones.


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