Karayılan: A new period will begin

„Within a few days we will make a statement regarding the new process which will start as of February“, said KCK executive

Murat Karayılan, member of the Presidency council of the KCK (Kurdish Communities Union) remarked that they had taken significant decisions in their most recent meeting regarding the struggle of the coming period and added that “within a few days we will make a statement regarding the new process which will start as of February.”

Answering ANF’s questions, Karayılan pointed out that some people acted as agent and collaborated with the state and added that “Our people are aware of these persons who target the revolutionaries of the resisting Kurdistan. Agency activities in Kurdistan cannot obtain a result.”

Karayılan said the followings; “Before the attitude Öcalan displayed on January 19 by refusing to meet his brother, we had held an executive meeting where the struggle of the coming year and a significant framework were materialized. We will announce the details in several days but for now I can say that a new process will be launched in February against the International Conspiracy and for the freedom of Leader Apo. In other words, the Kurdish people will no more accept Öcalan’s imprisonment in this way in Imralı prison.

Both our movement and the Kurdish people are aware of the fact that the Turkish Republic which has so far executed and murdered the leaders of all rebels is now implementing destruction and execution system against Öcalan and it has extended this implementation over a period of time. Relying on international powers and the International Conspiracy circle, the AKP government cannot expose such an implementation on the leader of the Kurdish people who represents the political will of 3,5 million Kurds.”


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