Conflict at the 33th anniversary of Maraş Genocide

24 December is the 33th anniversary of Maraş Genocide which began on 19 December and lasted till 24 December of 1978. 111 people lost their lives and more than thousand people were wounded during the genocide which was organized by the counterguerrilla movement against Alevis and strengthened the process to 12 September 1980 military coup.

Thousands of people gathered in Narlı district of Maraş today to join the protest demonstration organized by Alevi Bektaşi Federation. Soon after the beginning of the march to Maraş city center, protestors of the genocide were attacked by gendarmeries. Gas bombs were used during the gendarmerie attack and many people were reported taken into custody. Clashes between demonstrators and gendarmeries still continue.

Although the Governorship of Maraş denied permission for the protest meeting, thousands took to the streets today from many cities. While the convoys of protestors were stopped on Antep-Maraş way, clashes broke out here when the mass insisted on breaking the gendarmerie blockade. The attack with gas bombs and sticks came soon afterwards. Gendarmeries took many people into custody to disperse demonstrators who set up a barricade against the attack.

On the other hand, the convoys from Istanbul and other five cities were also stopped close to Maraş by special operation police teams who blockaded the way with scorpion type vehicles and panzers.

While tension continues in the area, people reacted to the blockade, saying; “You have made us suffer for many years now. You don’t even let us remember those people.”



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