Women, men and men’s „justice“

A woman gets beaten by three police officers in a police station in Izmir, but she is ‚guilty‘

A woman gets beaten by three police officers in a police station in Izmir, on the Aegean coast.

The video is there, coming from the CCTV of the police station. A daily paper, Vatan, publish the video. Journalist Kemal Göktaş explains why the woman was in the police station in these terms: Fevziye Cengiz was at a music hall with her husband and other family members in July when police raided the place for an identification check. Cengiz’s husband reportedly went to their car parked nearby to fetch her ID card.

As Cengiz said she was trying to explain that her husband was bringing her ID from the car, one of the officers allegedly hit her from behind.

Police officers allegedly continued the beating all the way to the police station, Cengiz said.

Once at the station, Cengiz said the policemen beat and sexually harassed her. An officer in police uniform closed the station’s curtains to prevent anyone outside from witnessing the incident.

Security camera recordings were brought to the prosecutor’s office after she made a complaint.

Torture and harassment plain and simple. Not quite so. In a vicious attempt to turn events to their favour, the policemen who allegedly beat Cengiz filed a complaint against her, claiming she swore at them as they invited her to the police station.

„She pushed me,” one of the policemen said, while another said Cengiz „scratched“ his arm.

The end of the story ?

In few words: 6.5 years for Cengiz, 1.5 for policemen

The woman from victim became assailant in the particular biased justice still around in Turkey like in so many countries, both in Europe, America, Middle East.

The policemen face 1.5 years in prison on charges of „causing injury with excessive force,” while Cengiz faces up to 6.5 years in jail on the grounds that she “injured” and “insulted” the police officers.

This of Cengiz is a terrible story. It hurts twice because on top of being harassed and tortured the woman is hit even harder by a „justice“ which in fact seems more interested in making the interests of male rather than punishing a male attack on a woman. More, a „uniformed“ (for the state rhetoric the defenders of law) male attack on a woman.


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